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  1. Playername before test: Kazya (didn't change) ID: 101608 Tag before: None player description before: None avatar before (description): None And I'm mp5 instead of mp4 somehow o_0
  2. Storyline and description will be coming in a few days, I'm in the midst of writing it up. (FYI, to the friends comment, I only met storm two days ago, lol). And p.s. to anyone who's a part of this- if you could PM me either here or in-game (my character is pretty much always at Wind's Sanctuary if I'm idle or not online, Kazya's the name) with your character bio/background/copy of your papers it'd be extremely helpful.
  3. And if I'm not actively attacking I'm also usually at Wind's. (Save for this exact moment where I'm stranded just outside of Loreroot because I ran out of AP)
  4. I think it's a good idea... I'll lend any help I can give.
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