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  1. Alright I guess its time to part with my Dark (Darkling) creature. As far as I am aware it is the rarest creature out there. Yes rarer than snowman for sure! This dark is one of the 2 first darks that were available for players. It is the higher ID version of the 2 that were given out during the festivals of pain. It should have the 3rd oldest ID for darks (SS having oldest one and other pain festival dark being second oldest one). I am not interested in anything besides snowmen (expect that amulet seig has) I never once considered selling or trading the dark and am surprised that I do no
  2. finally! the only mainland that is completely open and gets exploited and pillaged like no other finally gets its most sacred shrine closed to at least preserve a little sense of Marind Bell not being a complete prostitude. (sorry for the word choice but sweettalking stuff wont help). so Marind Bell doesnt even deserve a single location where not everybody can go? Angiens Shrine used to be closed for years since, it just recently got opened. be happy that it even got opened unlike multiple locations in ANY other land.
  3. [quote name='Sharazhad' timestamp='1305967833' post='84782'] [i][color="#2e8b57"]Can we forget the festival of pain? Where poor Metalbunny had an Axe to his head for no apparent reason? [/color][/i] [/quote] Oh yes! Sharazhad thank you. With his constant gifts and bribe attempts he already managed to almost disguise his desire to kill as a joke. He even managed to deceive me, oh dear god, I had completely overlooked that he even tried to murder a defenseless person in cold blood! This is excellent proof of his insatiable bloodthirstiness. I am shocked, almost speechless now, I don’t believ
  4. I want to raise your attention to an injustice that seems to have been left alone for too long and now grew enough to finally turn into a demon. That demon is no other than Muratus del Mur. He even has the nerve to call himself demon now. We have to stop continuing to nourish such devils! This is a desperate public cry for help to gather enough evidence for a nice jail time for said delinquent. We cannot tolerate any more corruption for the sake of our future. I ask everybody in MD to help me shed light on all his committed crimes so that the MD council will be made aware of the fact that it
  5. WTB angiens with kelletha token. additional token are fine as well message me any why u want for the trade
  6. 10 gold 10 silver for swordsman with only claw2
  7. angien 2 and 3 20silver coins in total
  8. mutated joker 2 gc 5sc
  9. mutated joker 1gold 10silver
  10. guess i will answer quickly how the grading was done: all feedback from every mod got collected and then the whole thing got sent to each mod. each mod read all the feedback and based on the feedback made their choice for the winners. winning team: it was basically rate ur opponent. only feedback from the opposite team counted. 4 top solvers: pretty simple. mods decided that each team should have 2 best solvers. obviously based on who solved the most quests, made the most effort, etc. 8 elected people: 8 people who send the best, precise, useful feedback. mur will announce the re
  11. [u][b]Winning team is team Merry Devilers[/b][/u] 4 mods voted for team devilers and 2 voted for team bunnies based on the feedback they got from all participants. Edit: For this only the feedback from the opposite team counted. so bunny feedback for devilers quests counts but bunny feedback for bunny quests didnt. also feedback from people who werent in any team didnt count as well. from that each mod got his/her own score. basically exactly what mur said at the beginning of the year in a forum post about the birthday. [u][b]4 best solver:[/b][/u] Nimrodel and Burns of team Merry Devi
  12. i never see Arctic at all however. and Paracelsus is always idle. is any of the other mods in contact with them?
  13. dont think its needed but i will reply anyway. i am one of the contest mods
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