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  1. "The remains of a once flourishing town, Marind Bell's real name was forgotten, and its current name is given after Marind, the protector of these lands. Its power lies in deep mysteries and powerful protective magic developed in time to withstand Necrovion's constant attacks. This land was once peaceful but is now tainted by the fury of war and hatred against darkness." To fully understand this introduction inscribed at the Gates of Marind Bell, we must first consider some of the special places within the land… · Marind's Roundabout, a fountain holding sp
  2. all old rpcs had their spell docs revealed on forums. and i think the new ones should as well because some of them have spell docs from retired rpcs. it wouldnt be nice if a player does a lot of work for a spell doc he already has just because some rpcs feel like which doc they have should be secret. its not fair to old rpcs whose papers are posted on the forums and especially not to spell doc collectors that might reviece a doc they already have
  3. gold is pretty limited in my point of view. u cant make alts to buy it for credits since it needs huge amounts of xp that even exceeds mp4s xp cap. and only 2 gold coins are rather easly accessible in the shop the other 3 take a lot of credits. and shop resets are really limited. silver has no value in my point of view nothing stops ppl from making a new account sending it a gift of 5 credits and then buying metal orbs with the bonus silver coin.
  4. woah dont get me wrong i never attacked the market place i just stated my opinion on the value of silver and gold coins. and that i dont get how people tag them as being worth this much or this much.
  5. i really dont get how u guys put values on these coins. i didnt keep on reading the silver coin thread because it was just to unrealistic. but let me get this straigh 15 worthless silver coins that are nothing but a small little bonus added to a useful statboosts should be worth a real MDShop item, a gold coin? dunno where the mp4 xp cap is right now but i guess no mp4 can ever buy it and mp6 have a really hard time getting it since its really hard to get honor. it has huge requirements and is at the end of the shop and not at he very beginning like the BONUS silver coins that come with the
  6. i am no fan of bragging so all i will do is offer my help, strenght and knowledge. i would be greatly interested in a new adventure. i bring high motivation with me and isnt motivation the key to success xD?
  7. no udgard i checked that. it doesnt boost ur own attack skills as well. and even if then there is still the question why the creature boost doesnt work as well
  8. ok here now an overview about all the normal crits in the game that u can buy in the crit shops. as i said before the dark archer gets a 100% attack boost. same goes for the loreroot archer. knator gets 100% attack boost too. now it gets interesting the aramor still does normal damage. no boost at all. and the damage from the grasan doesnt really make sense. it does 152 damage to the other grasan that cant be no matter if he got -50% or + 50% anyway see for urself [color="#0000FF"]The grasan attack type is haotic damage. This means that he can make a damage between 20% (if I am not mis
  9. all my units seem to be boosted anyway. i unloaded all my equipment and have my slider bar at 0% i attack with 6 dark archer II which have 70 att i fight a single grasan on somebody with no equipment and slider bar on 0 as well. my archers do 138 damage... now the grasan has 2 def. so normal damage would be 140 but they have only 70 att so in conclusion they all get 100% attack boost no matter what i use. even if its just 6 archers with no influences at all i noticed the same on other creatures this was just the easiest example.
  10. no it is something that melts right away if it comes into water. ice can stay in water for thousand of years
  11. I was born in the water yet i am afraid of it. if i am in the water i will melt. what am i?
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