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  1. The story of Dyster Messer and Jaqueline Repierson, murderers both. He a the Hitler of his time, her Jack the Ripper. All she wanted was for him to watch her and smile as she killed in his name. All he wanted was for redemption for them both. It started with blood it ends with blood, their love only truly materialising upon their deaths after she slices both their throats. (Stupid synopsis is stupid -.- I'm going to include a snippet, there is gore, forgive me, it is the very first paragraph and I never get those right) (Gore) - Snippet - Jaqueline.docx
  2. Nimrodel, Divine A gift to us mere mortals Has beautiful feet
  3. The auction is over and the winner is Phantom Orchid with a hidden bid
  4. Secrets are dangerous yes, that is what intigues me about them. A secret that big would probably win you the auction plus some, but I will take your advice and be carefull as to what secrets I will accept. So please specify if it is a will get us both banned or not, I like and support this game to much to risk that for me or anyone else.
  5. I am going to be auctioning stones, I currently have 15 stones and will continue to collect during the period of time during the auction. The auction will run for two weeks starting September 3 at 00:00 server time. Basically you can bid anything you want but I will only accept certain creatures if you wish to offer them in the bid. I am not putting a price on these stones but by the end of the 2 weeks I should have an extra 14-27 stones (due to me being away for 3 days). If you bid for 42 stones but I don't have 42 I will subtract the normal price for each stone per stone you don't get from
  6. Actually *dst* I offered to show you today and if you didn't want to see it then why do you want to see it now? I offered twice and twice you refused
  7. I offered to show *dst* my story today but she refused saying that she didn't care, she also tried to force Innocence to show it after stating that my story was owned by MD. She then went on to quote [quote]All code, design, artworks and content on Magicduel, with the exception of links, images, texts hosted on third parties, are fully owned by Magicduel Adventure LLC and/or individualy by its shareholders.[/quote] As my story was a text hosted by a third party the story is therefore not owned by MD.
  8. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1310299753' post='87517'] Wow... it just gets better and better. So basicly once the competition has died down, and as its current prince memory stones are being sold for 2 Gold, They will band together in a guild and hike the prices up even more? I guess this is a way of taking coins from the foolhardy. [/quote] You haven't asked me for my price's yet. PM me if you wish to know them as i don't want my competitor finding out my prices
  9. *wonders if you can stick memories in the memory stones*

    1. Phantom Orchid

      Phantom Orchid

      *wonders if one can remember their dreams with memory stones* Hm, that gives me an idea...

    2. Muratus del Mur

      Muratus del Mur

      acousticremains spell stored in a stone, combined with instant cast and itemstorage..yeah, eventually it might become possible

  10. This competition is only during the experimental stage, if the memory stones are successful then Mur said he would turn it into a guild (unless i wasn't paying attention while he was speaking to me). But it will only be turned into a guild if it is successful
  11. Ok thank you that helps slightly it just means i have to gather for one person at a time to the amount that they want
  12. I was trying to get a memory stone enchanted but when I gave it to the enchanter it took all the stones that I had and gave them to the person, would it be possible to be able to split the resources so that we are only giving one away at a time otherwise we will be giving away every stone we have to a single person even if they want a couple. I heard that other resources are having the same problem, so I'm sure they would also like the same thing to happen.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfYHOmmWAYw&feature=related i think this is a good song
  14. [quote name='Sharazhad' timestamp='1296130584' post='78085'] [color="#2e8b57"][i]No Aranna, its not called, Squishy, its Sludge. I would appreciate it, if you did not rename it. Again you cant's just declare something and then suddenly it is that. If you have some in a jar, what are you doing with it? Performing experiments? observing it? What have you noticed about it? Again, please dont post your conclusions without actually Rping it in game first. [/i][/color] [/quote] i said CANT we not it is now called squishy. it was just a sugestion
  15. but cant we call it squishy? its still whatever the hell it is but name it squishy so so far its squishy the black sludge
  16. being the first to post on this topic i would like to put forward the motion that the sludge be called squishy as the sludge has a tendancy to be alive
  17. I am willing to help out if you'll except
  18. sharpened the best i can. probably not as acurate as a hand carved arrow but it should get the job done
  19. Nice German shepard you have mur

  20. Nice German shepard you have mur

  21. to me it looks likes someone is sending out waves that are stopping something else from getting through. Hey mur after your done doing this can you keep putting these puzzles up if you can please.
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