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  1. The story of Dyster Messer and Jaqueline Repierson, murderers both. He a the Hitler of his time, her Jack the Ripper. All she wanted was for him to watch her and smile as she killed in his name. All he wanted was for redemption for them both. It started with blood it ends with blood, their love only truly materialising upon their deaths after she slices both their throats. (Stupid synopsis is stupid -.- I'm going to include a snippet, there is gore, forgive me, it is the very first paragraph and I never get those right) (Gore) - Snippet - Jaqueline.docx
  2. Nimrodel, Divine A gift to us mere mortals Has beautiful feet
  3. *wonders if you can stick memories in the memory stones*

    1. Phantom Orchid

      Phantom Orchid

      *wonders if one can remember their dreams with memory stones* Hm, that gives me an idea...

    2. Muratus del Mur

      Muratus del Mur

      acousticremains spell stored in a stone, combined with instant cast and itemstorage..yeah, eventually it might become possible

  4. Greetings! *nods, then smiles*

  5. Happy birthday little one :)

  6. ooohh First one here! :D *leaves a bag of strawberries*

  7. Nice German shepard you have mur

  8. Nice German shepard you have mur

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