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  1. MD was a wonderful adventure with wonderful people. Thanks to everyone whom I enjoyed time with -- you know who you are; I won't forget the good times. Thanks to the people who invested time in it, made it what it is, keep it running... Thanks Mur! Keep up the good work. But my time here is done. Take good care, everyone.
  2. From the shadows we rise...

  3. Welcome to MagicDuel, Wolfmist.... enjoy your stay; don't forget to take your time...
  4. Happy birthday. May this year bring you good fortune and happiness.
  5. No sir, cannot say that I have. Rather, I am silently gathering my strength.... beware the awakening!

  6. Happy Birthday Z May this year be better than the last..
  7. I like this idea and would support it as the creator saw fit.
  8. Oh hell no. At the rate I'm going, I can give you wins in the year 2011.

  9. I would like to request that Sandal's words are recorded so others, like myself, who cannot make the event won't miss out on what he has to share. Thank you!
  10. Seeing as Magic Duel is an online roleplaying game, I think it's important that people roleplay. An online game without roleplaying is simply mechanics without flavour. It would be battles only, there would be no adventure log, no quests, and every room would be filled with chat about the weather, work, common gossip, and the like. Does this sound extremely boring to anyone else? After I explored the mechanics of the game and the fighting for my first five months or so on the game, I gave away and sacrificed all of my creatures. I took a big step towards embracing the game on another le
  11. For those of us who can't make the 2100 time, (damn you work, damn you to hell) will there be a log for this?
  12. 23 - a good number. I hope it's a good year for you.

  13. [quote name='Metal Bunny' date='27 July 2009 - 03:39 PM' timestamp='1248723580' post='38056'] I object to this monstrosity out of a big fat reason. How do you come close to roleplaying a villain otherwise? Sure there are other ways, but if it fits the role and it makes you hated, then by all means. Let it be. Ban and especially permanent bans should only be for things that threaten everything or seriously cross the rules of the realm. Such as theft of any kind, spamming, continues advertising, exploiting bugs, hacking, etc etc. So, hell no. [/quote] [quote name='(Zl-eye-f)-nea' date
  14. My theory on Peace's Transformation: The Traveler was in the graveyard with the Shade Sentinel. The Shade Sentinel did not see the Traveler, but the Traveler saw the Shade Sentinel. They merged forms, and became an orb. A byproduct of this was the Shade Sentinel dropped, or left behind, a white cube. The orb became white and drifted towards Deathmarrow, and has been there for over five weeks. Its low vibration had been more or less been ignored for some time. Peace sacrificed herself, as noted above. She drank the vial of poison, which was filtered through the blood of Khalazdad th
  15. With the Sentinels standing their vigilant guard over their Leader, a change began to be a apparent in Peace. Her corpse was undergoing a strange metamorphosis. It was changing, ever so slowly before their eyes. Those paying their respects looked on in complete awe at the sight of the transformation. Whispers began to drift in the air, thoughts of what her fate was to become. Was Peace becoming a half-shade like her Father, or something else?
  16. [quote name='Talos Salvitore' post='34159' date='Jun 20 2009, 11:59 PM']I agree with Grido whole-heartedly, however my question lies in the reasoning at the core rather than the surface.[/quote] From personal experience in digging deep to find answers about myself, I have discovered that 'reasoning at the core' is an oxymoron. All reasons are surface-level. They have to be, in my opinion. I will state why I say this in personal tense: I'm a human and my body encases my mind. As such, my mind is always influenced by my body. My moods are created by the state of my body. I cannot esca
  17. [quote name='Willem RedBeard' post='31620' date='May 19 2009, 11:40 PM']You know, now that I'm not playing MD, I'm actually reading the lfg comic (it was pointed out to me over a month ago, but I never read more than the first one)... it's really, really funny. "That was unquestionably evil, right?" "Also amusing."[/quote] Offtopic LFG Comic is how I found MD. Yay. Ontopic By thinking about what I'll do next in game. Living it in my head before doing it in the realm.
  18. So now the stat-farmers will have to invest as much time and energy into reversing their severe imbalance to get back on top of their game and continue getting improvements. It's very easy to go idle for six hours with many rituals set up. It's so easy to do that so you get +stats quickly. Maybe it's not so easy to get your balance back, not so easy to maintain a balance, so maybe a part of the problem here is now the stat-farmers have some hard work ahead of them to maintain the gains they have achieved. Boo hoo. The big picture is that MP5 fighting was broken. Every new MP5 had to yi
  19. I encountered the very same problem when I first graduated to MP4. It was extremely frustrating and I felt like I would never get ahead with all of the pounding my creatures took. But eventually I found a way to start getting the wins I desperately needed. Assuming you have no credits, I will give advice based off the allowable maximums. You have 16 creatures -- you only need 6 in a good ritual to get wins. So choose your best 6 that you want to get wins with. Some may be maxed out, and I think in the beginning they should be. What you want to do is make a 'killer' ritual, one that do
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