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  1. From the shadows we rise...

  2. No sir, cannot say that I have. Rather, I am silently gathering my strength.... beware the awakening!

  3. Oh hell no. At the rate I'm going, I can give you wins in the year 2011.

  4. 23 - a good number. I hope it's a good year for you.

  5. Liquid Sunlight Alone on the rocks, transfixed and wondering, I stand The loving sun sends its warmth across the land, Lending every shade a golden hue. The firmament comforts me with its majestic blue. As I peer about and scan within A clear reflection mesmerizes my internal vision. Like a newborn child’s first sight I sense The glory of a hidden world, sweeter than any incense. Currents of euphoria flow and ebb, With me, the willing victim, caught in the web. My soul, put to ease by these feelings, so strong, Is lulled into peace by the earth's silent song. A brief sensati
  6. [quote name='Yami no Sakura' post='28447' date='Apr 7 2009, 06:24 PM']Okay...let's bring this baby back from the dead. >D [spoiler]So...where do the Shades fit into this? Well, one of the things we learned from the Shade Balance story is that the Shade have no individuality. They're like drops of water in an ocean, to use that analogy. They are incapable of having unique experiences and memories. Therefore, they cannot form their own cubes, and they cannot further their own set of Principles (even if they could possess some). As for the color/shape changing that happe
  7. Yes, the Leafs do suck. Yes, the Habs are better. Yes, the Canadians ARE TAKING OVER MD. We Canuckians are the *future!!* Aren't I agreeable?!

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