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  1. MD was a wonderful adventure with wonderful people. Thanks to everyone whom I enjoyed time with -- you know who you are; I won't forget the good times. Thanks to the people who invested time in it, made it what it is, keep it running... Thanks Mur! Keep up the good work. But my time here is done. Take good care, everyone.
  2. From the shadows we rise...

  3. Welcome to MagicDuel, Wolfmist.... enjoy your stay; don't forget to take your time...
  4. Happy birthday. May this year bring you good fortune and happiness.
  5. No sir, cannot say that I have. Rather, I am silently gathering my strength.... beware the awakening!

  6. Happy Birthday Z May this year be better than the last..
  7. I like this idea and would support it as the creator saw fit.
  8. Oh hell no. At the rate I'm going, I can give you wins in the year 2011.

  9. I would like to request that Sandal's words are recorded so others, like myself, who cannot make the event won't miss out on what he has to share. Thank you!
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