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  1. Shall we all peer into the things that connect us at the very heart? Explore the repeating motifs that make us human, make us all human, and make humans of us all? Fire dims the eyes to the night, and the night dims the eyes to the fire. We seek balance, but even that balance has it's price. One may stand at the edges and peer into both sides, but peer too deep from that grey middle and you will find yourself just as blind as if you'd wandered into the depths. So let us make our choices then, and decided which truth we hold dearest. Shall we ply the shadows? Seek out the things th
  2. It's irksome to not have access to things i've written.

  3. [color=#1C2837][size=2]"- no forcing someone to next mp, its true some want to stay at mp3 as a role and holding the ability to move them is dengerous"[/size][/color] [color=#1C2837][size=2] [/size][/color] [color=#1C2837][size=2]Just because something is dangerous, doesn't mean it isn't the best decision to make. Just requires more forethought, and places a heavier weight of decision. Honestly, just looking at this whole situation, it seems ...singular..i guess that's the word i'm looking for. Any case like this that crops up will most likely need to be handled on a case-case basis. Any of
  4. The opposite of lost to me is centered. Sometimes i'll feel diffused, there are parts of me everywhere, and I don't know how to reclaim them. Other times i'll feel hurt, and unwilling to pull the covers off of my head in the morning. And still other times, i'll see no way out of the current situation, and feel suffocated. It allboils down to just..not knowing which way to go, or perhaps having no control at all over the direction. Adrift at sea, in the middle of a tall wood, in the eye of a storm. Ultimately, I have to find my center, collect my thoughts and self, and once again assert myse
  5. What's up man? How've you been? Just came back myself.
  6. [quote name='(Zl-eye-f)-nea' timestamp='1283006936' post='67225'] [color="#0000FF"] - community force whether by a king, an individual or a committee - [/color] If you want to do this, then you will as a consequence (even with thanatopic's idea which is pretty cool) also change what the MP levels mean and what the game means as far as I'm concerned. Although it does already seem to be going in this direction. [color="#0000FF"] [/color][/quote] What do you mean by this? Which direction would that be? And how would this do that? I'm curious, not attacking.
  7. Find a suitable character, and add it to their role. Hell, you could have more than one of them if they each of them had different styles of fitting it into their role. Like I said earlier, enlightenment does not always come gently. Sometimes your mind get's blown, and you move forward whether you'd like it or not. It would have to be someone you can trust, and the power itself would have to be one you could remove if it was being abused. There are a lot of roles I could imagine that would do this. And that's how I would do it..because it's interesting.
  8. [quote name='zeTsu grass' timestamp='1282926436' post='67174'] oh my.. i noticed your posts are somehow selfish.. and one-sided.. . they all say he's "not an mp3" mp3.. and they keep airing senseless ideas.. feb has done no wrong.. and still you insist he has done something wrong.. he has attained great knowledge at mp3.. so what? it's never your choice to decide for feb. in fact, he helps mp3s, as he had said. where's the sin in that? [/quote] I'm pretty sure So far i'm the only one said pretty much what you're quoting, so i'll be the one to reply. No, never said he did anything w
  9. [quote name='The Phoenix' timestamp='1282924185' post='67167'] [b][size="2"], if this topic created to forcing him advance then use other reasonable thing, yes yes..i understand what u "mean" inside this but.. This is not fair[/size][/b] [/quote] No, it most definitely is not fair. But he is clearly not an 'mp3'. His grossly vain and very public display of his prowess proves that. He suggests that his status as 'mp3' is what makes his accomplishments have merit. "Feb vs the MP5 giants". I am merely suggesting that his label accurately express what he is. His strength, resources, and most
  10. I have no complaints against the mentioned party: not of a personal nature, a professional nature, or of any nature other than general distaste. These are not reasons, in my opinion that a person should be punished, simply because I do not agree with how they chose to conduct their lives. I do, however believe, that this should not be allowed to continue. As an mp3, he is posing as one of the uninitiated, when his demonstrable knowledge affirms the complete opposite. One cannot be other than who they are. Therefore, my voice is cast with forcing upon him the growth he so staunchly resists. I d
  11. I wanna burn the night up with you, til theres nothing left but memories.

  12. So yeah..i'm sorry, all of you who auto, and god-mode, look like fools with your text-fighting. Let me give you some resources on how to do it correctly. This will be several posts, so it's not just a giant wall of text. All of these documents are being pasted from an old ChatRP I used to do, and I claim no credit in their creation. As Posted from Red Tide Inc. TYPE 1: [left][font="Tahoma"][color="#FF0000"]Style One - Type One[/color][/font][/left] [font="Verdana"][color="red"]Style One is a Type based on vivid narratives from the players to drive the story, creating Combat written a
  13. I don't know romanian, but I know poetry. If you were to let me pick your brain a while, i could write an...adaptation I suppose. It wouldn't be a translation per se, more of an interpretation. I've actually already written one if you were curious.
  14. Why is that? With Rpcs gone, theres no one to hand them out; how then will knowledge, information, and truth be propagated? (I missed the no way of doing so; but the second half of my question still applies)
  15. So, seeing as there are no longer rpcs, what are the rules regarding the distribution of Spell-Docs. I have a few, and I'd like to hand them out as Quest Docs, but if that's not kosher I wont. Also..i'd like to get some more spell-docs. So..WHat's the word?
  16. Myth is just as powerful a tool as reason. And just as flawed. Approach all with a sense of wonder of what has been made, but never think that anything is beyond understanding.

    1. Magnus X

      Magnus X

      some things are beyond understanding imo. besides, mystery is that which makes things special :)

    2. Thanatopic


      That may or may not be true, but to accept that point of view is death of self. There are things which I do not currently understand, or even do not wish to understand...but There is nothing in this world that is beyond my ability to understand

  17. ( The essay was left folded on an empty desk; the broad windows seeming to cast all points and rays of lights to the small parchment with it's coal handwriting. Drift had left his mark at the bottom. It had arrived by mountain eagle, clutched in the birds beak and left to rest on the desk.. for the man had been absent for days from the mainland of the Realm, considering, contemplating, mayhaps creating while he walked the mountaintops of Golemus) THese few days among the mountains have given me much time to think. I have hunted for food once more, and survived only by my wits and strength o
  18. This world, as all other worlds, exists in relation that which surrounds it. It has it's knights, and it's champions. It's rulers, it's gods, and it's shapers. Temporal at best, these are the forces which give name to that which exists here. Before all of these, before The Cross Templars flew their flags, before the chief Deity of this realm sought to put to life what passed through his mind, there was the Maker. His ways are barely comprehensible, in fact often attributed to other devices. His existence is in question, and often outright denined; but still there is the maker. Every thing e
  19. I suppose it won't be unlocked then?

    1. Curiose


      Forum moderators are busy people. If you want help doing something, you should ask them directly.

  20. Post Removed by Poster: My apologies, I was unaware. I yield to the next highest bidder.
  21. My old Introduction Topic is locked. "It is the Mystery that endures" in the Lore root New players forums. I'd like to add to it if someone could unlock it.

  22. Ten Credits ( assuming you mean MDshop Credits, and assuming you can tell me how one may transfer them)
  23. That's correct, but it effectively counter the attack from the bear. That's just an example of a highly clever defensive form.
  24. How is it anyone's business what has gone one behind closed doors between two engaged ina joint venture? Honestly, Kragel has every right to be indignant. He has every right to question your private apology when he was attacked in a public manner twice. And honestly, your glib remark regarding permission stinks of scrambling to save face. This has gotten out of hand, and Kragel is right regarding slander. It is within his rights to demand reparations for the harm done to his reputation as a Tradesman. This is probably a low-scale offense to be brought before our newly created court, but t
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