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  1. Shall we all peer into the things that connect us at the very heart? Explore the repeating motifs that make us human, make us all human, and make humans of us all? Fire dims the eyes to the night, and the night dims the eyes to the fire. We seek balance, but even that balance has it's price. One may stand at the edges and peer into both sides, but peer too deep from that grey middle and you will find yourself just as blind as if you'd wandered into the depths. So let us make our choices then, and decided which truth we hold dearest. Shall we ply the shadows? Seek out the things th
  2. It's irksome to not have access to things i've written.

  3. I wanna burn the night up with you, til theres nothing left but memories.

  4. youve piqued my interest with your story :) you have very keen observation and can articulate pretty well. two thumbs up mate!

  5. Myth is just as powerful a tool as reason. And just as flawed. Approach all with a sense of wonder of what has been made, but never think that anything is beyond understanding.

    1. Magnus X

      Magnus X

      some things are beyond understanding imo. besides, mystery is that which makes things special :)

    2. Thanatopic


      That may or may not be true, but to accept that point of view is death of self. There are things which I do not currently understand, or even do not wish to understand...but There is nothing in this world that is beyond my ability to understand

  6. I suppose it won't be unlocked then?

    1. Curiose


      Forum moderators are busy people. If you want help doing something, you should ask them directly.

  7. My old Introduction Topic is locked. "It is the Mystery that endures" in the Lore root New players forums. I'd like to add to it if someone could unlock it.

  8. [u]An as of yet Untitled Work of Poetry[/u] I want a woman who smells like the storm. No, I want a woman who surrounds me like a storm. A woman who can light up the darkness of my night. A woman who can strike the tinder of my heart, and set it, like a wildfire, ablaze. A woman who can fill the raucous silence of my mind with the peal of her name. A woman who can fall against my skin, at once cool and refreshing. Give me Love, the unremitting love the Sky gives the Earth, And I will soak you up like the Ground does the Rain.
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