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  1. Shall we all peer into the things that connect us at the very heart? Explore the repeating motifs that make us human, make us all human, and make humans of us all? Fire dims the eyes to the night, and the night dims the eyes to the fire. We seek balance, but even that balance has it's price. One may stand at the edges and peer into both sides, but peer too deep from that grey middle and you will find yourself just as blind as if you'd wandered into the depths. So let us make our choices then, and decided which truth we hold dearest. Shall we ply the shadows? Seek out the things th
  2. It's irksome to not have access to things i've written.

  3. I wanna burn the night up with you, til theres nothing left but memories.

  4. youve piqued my interest with your story :) you have very keen observation and can articulate pretty well. two thumbs up mate!

  5. Myth is just as powerful a tool as reason. And just as flawed. Approach all with a sense of wonder of what has been made, but never think that anything is beyond understanding.

    1. Magnus X

      Magnus X

      some things are beyond understanding imo. besides, mystery is that which makes things special :)

    2. Thanatopic


      That may or may not be true, but to accept that point of view is death of self. There are things which I do not currently understand, or even do not wish to understand...but There is nothing in this world that is beyond my ability to understand

  6. This world, as all other worlds, exists in relation that which surrounds it. It has it's knights, and it's champions. It's rulers, it's gods, and it's shapers. Temporal at best, these are the forces which give name to that which exists here. Before all of these, before The Cross Templars flew their flags, before the chief Deity of this realm sought to put to life what passed through his mind, there was the Maker. His ways are barely comprehensible, in fact often attributed to other devices. His existence is in question, and often outright denined; but still there is the maker. Every thing e
  7. I suppose it won't be unlocked then?

    1. Curiose


      Forum moderators are busy people. If you want help doing something, you should ask them directly.

  8. My old Introduction Topic is locked. "It is the Mystery that endures" in the Lore root New players forums. I'd like to add to it if someone could unlock it.

  9. That's correct, but it effectively counter the attack from the bear. That's just an example of a highly clever defensive form.
  10. How is it anyone's business what has gone one behind closed doors between two engaged ina joint venture? Honestly, Kragel has every right to be indignant. He has every right to question your private apology when he was attacked in a public manner twice. And honestly, your glib remark regarding permission stinks of scrambling to save face. This has gotten out of hand, and Kragel is right regarding slander. It is within his rights to demand reparations for the harm done to his reputation as a Tradesman. This is probably a low-scale offense to be brought before our newly created court, but t
  11. I understand what you're asking, how exactly does the 'battleground' affect the game itself. I'm sorry to say though that it is difficult to explain. It all has to do with the oneness. This entire thing is a roleplaying endeavor, so the effects would have to be roleplayed out. I'll try to answer though. It's more of a psychological advantage than anything, like home field advantage in advantage in a sport. When Dream of the Endless challenged the Demon for his lost helm, the Demon chose a night-club in the depths of hell. It put Dream in an unfamiliar situation, in the end though Dream ende
  12. Timeless Shot. Who am I? More importantly, who are you? Where does the beginning become the end? With the strength of my desire I name thee. What is it that makes a man who he is? When does one decide what the future portends? In this exact moment, I strike thee. Why do you fight? I have made your death true. How do you stop what never began? At the price of my life, I claim thee. I tried very hard to make this one fit the context of the spell in form, not only in content. The three stanzas are indicative of the three components listed in the the first level of the spell. Initi
  13. [i]OOC[/i] [i]I don't think that this particular forum is the absolute correct place for this topic, I do feel however that it is the closest. I didn't invent this idea, I am however implementing it because it is a game I enjoy. Hope you feel the same. [/i] The Oldest Game The name is deceiving, for this is more than just a game. When all the worlds, and all the planes were but formless mist, this is how Powers claimed their superiority. How can that without a shape, without a form, test their strength against one another. The obvious answer is with influence, how we mere mortals are
  14. The carrot on a stick is the only method that proves effective in changing the hearts and minds of people. Offer something people want in, in exchange for the thing you want. Personally I find that fact disappointing ,but whatever, that's a different discussion. So , offer up weekly bracket tournaments. One may only enter if their profile is balanced, each MPlevel has it's own bracket. Winner gets a spell-doc, silver coins, gold coins, well aged creatures, or a neat little RP item. This would serve your cause in a two major ways. One, it will encourage people to be balanced, since it has a
  15. Group Scattering. I am the rock against the river, and I am the stone against the Storm. Wind and flood, break against me and find themselves alone. The one against the many, The solace of the rock, the Silence of the stone; Gnash your teeth, Bare your steel, But each of you, stand alone.
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