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    I like MagicDuel and Life.<br />People call me silly, but they just haven't listened enough.<br />Those who have call me crazy.<br />I may be shy at first, but when I get to know people that ends... Quickly.<br /><br />PERSHNIPPLE
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    Blind God
  1. Blind God Male I guess my time limit would be one day for one coin Not sure how im useful, im just amazing, so i dont help much except to add some awesomeness
  2. WOW Well I guess the topic is over than LoL
  3. Fine, rule out my outrageous prizes then. I like awiiya's ideas a lot. Also I think it would be easiest to do illusions w/alliance teams and a dream that updates with an overhead view each time your team makes a move.
  4. It's a long, dumb story.
  5. A bit far west but a definate possibility. (saint paul is my town)
  6. I guesses, now that I read it again the rewards are a bit high. It's another decision whether to have set creatures and equal stats or to play like I suggested. Time for another poll.... Also the time thing, I like my idea but I completely see what you are saying, as that would end up taking about 3 days for the game.
  7. SO IT WAS YOU I WAS TALKING ABOUT THIS WITH!!! :lol: :lol: It was a combined idea process, I lead it a lot further than: "We should have a game where you play chess in MD." And I think the point of some of the peices is to be weaker than others, so they can sit there during the game and provide a strategic defence.
  8. [quote]Hmm...you know that this applies only to alliance members, right? Cause only in alliances you can attack players whatever their mp.[/quote] Well maybe we could have alliances set up that the 16 players would be added to during the games. This way they would also not be able to cheat and attack their own team members. [quote]Also few can attack mp6...so maybe we should rule them out (yesss...i really want that villain of the year award so I am acting like one).[/quote] It's a choice to become mp6, and many players have no intention of doing so. In this way there would be plenty (at
  9. I was speaking with -MYSTERY PEOPLE HERE- a couple weeks ago and I decided I should post this on the forum. Game Idea: Chess Game Location: Either in the fields of No Man's Land or in a humongous set room of the Marind Bell Wind Sanctuary. Basic Info: You have 32 people play the game on a bit of map that is 64 peices big (65 if you want an entry room) Player Arangement: 16mp4's would play and be pawns; each having the same characteristics of the pawns. 12 mp5's would play and be the knights, rooks, and bishops. Also 4 mp6's would play and be the King and Queens. How to Play Basics
  10. Bored it's too many Qs not to many Qs. Lol, I'm bored so I'm just going to tell you; there is nothing else to do...
  11. Isn't there already an apprentice? Anyways: PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. I would like very much to help in the dojo. I love to teach and to keep the community moving foward. Also I really like how the dojo helped me as a new player and would really like to help others the same way. (though I do already hang out at the marind dojo a lot..) :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  13. I think there may be a legion of gods. Though they stay hidden for now. Their time is coming.
  14. [quote name='wynken vanaril' post='18444' date='Oct 14 2008, 06:26 PM']Also, another point that's interesting to mention but has nothing to do with the paranormal is that statistically it's impossible that our planet is the only one with life. Our solar system has 1 out of 9 planets (8 now poor pluto) with life, and astronomers have witnessed what they believe to be hundreds of planets throughout the clearly visible solar systems that surround our own. If the 11% within our solar system holds true, then even if only 100 more planets exist at least 11 of them have life on them.[/quote] The
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