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  1. I was wondering if this game was still around and active. Just thought I would say hello to anyone who remembers UP!
  2. Who loves to fight? Who hates skilldamage?

  3. now that's some unbelievable power. :P ... not many people commenting here,

  4. So much...power! It's Unbelieveable! heh, hiya, fellow draco-spear fan.

  5. yeah eh good a pool and i know by experince*winks*

  6. Very nice! I like the improvements.

  7. our trees will come back... some day :))

  8. Thank you for creating this world for us all to enjoy. Keep up the hard work. I am interested to see where this ends up going.

  9. Its nice to see a new face! I am sure I will see you around. Then when you get to mp5, I can smack you around a little. Welcome to MD.
  10. How is that profile now maam? A little more to your liking?

  11. Our poor trees, so neglected now. How they used to love getting smashed.

  12. If you are half as tough as you are in MD, I would be more worried about you instead of that spider. That much strength and brains is a deadly combo.

  13. Shoe addict! Quit teasing me with empty promises of filling my belly! 30 shrimp....barely a snack.

  14. *stamps* Ok, now I did. Now go eat 30 shrimp!

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