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  1. [size=3]I read this thread with some interest... And I tried to resist adding to it, as it has been inactive for months, but I couldn't help myself. You missed one of the basic principles involved when you gather people together. Or even take one person on their own. I am speaking, of course, of Murphy's Law - the Principle of Perversity. That things happen, usually at the most inconvenient time, to derail all the most carefully well-laid plans. That not everything that happens is sensible, or logical, or even reasonable. That no matter what precautions you take, you cannot guard agai
  2. [quote name='MRnegative6' post='20513' date='Nov 21 2008, 07:42 PM']I just leave my account idle lol...id take the food. Cant play MD without something in your stomach:P[/quote] Yeah, maybe so... But were you in the middle of a deep character discussion with Tarquinus? Man - can he role play! Mainnalle D'Ashkera
  3. Well - in my case it's: You know you've been on MD too much when you refuse to go get fish and chips for your family for dinner because You can't leave your account for the 10 minutes it would take ... Although I do think Rex won. Mainnalle D'Ashkera.
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