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  1. Lovely artwork, can see you must have put a lot of work in it( or you're devine) Can't whait to see it mature!
  2. [quote name='Udgard' date='26 January 2010 - 04:22 PM' timestamp='1264522922' post='53433'] I've never seen Kemp broke the rules before. You sure it's not because your previous rit was damaged from the 1st atk? There seems to be a large difference between the amount of VE you lost on the two attacks. [/quote] you are right, second might be true broken rits, there where more creatures so that could have caused it. so No b lame on him^^ Thanks for pointing out;)
  3. IN X Lightsage 1000 818 0 26-01-2010 15:04:07 replay IN X Kempiniukas 10600 1826 5 26-01-2010 15:27:25 replay Both players violated the GGG rules today when I was idleing. to bad for them I could still trace 'em:P
  4. And all is well, thank you:)

    How about you, my friend?

  5. Hope all is well my friend:)

  6. Thanks Nava, you where the only one to know:P(or the only one who cared to send me a message:():P

  7. You will get far with your motivation, if needed of any answers on your questions, or riddles. send me a message, I mostly dwell at the capitol of marind Bell.

  8. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/6093-post-delivery-service-in-md/ and eve better idea, a post office, check it out
  9. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/6084-a-huuuge-md-chatbox/ not for the game, but for all of us! a huge chatbox (with sections?) which we can use to chit chat all the time, without spamming the forum or being on certain places in the game(and exspecially for everyone switching mp level who can't roam free!)
  10. Orlando Gardiner


    Yay! A pimped grasan:D
  11. [quote name='Redd' date='16 December 2009 - 01:47 PM' timestamp='1260971267' post='50416'] 6 months for the first WP? That'll defy the purpose of encouraging new players. As Mur said, the first WP is important, and I agree. I think Observer's idea is good. One WP for newbies(between 2 and three months) another for his first year, then the regular interval of receiving WPs for the second year(every 6 months), and so on.. How can you measure loyalty by that scenario? I can just log in for one day each year and receive a WP? Or what if a veteran
  12. Perhaps a rule for the rpc's for every 100 awarded 5 grade(valued to be a really good quest) a wishpoint for themself., like this their stimulated to make more an better guest(not their not making any now, their already hard enough:P) and to award a lot of players. Buuuut this is totaly not the subject here, so I'm goign to be silence again:P but is there anything going to be decided? ps: another point: what about 1 wishpoint a year? and than given at christmas or something? this way only active people deserve it, but you wont have to be online for a whole year..
  13. Tought we where talking about equipment all the time.., or did you wanted to add a sword to a creature? because that would be lame, and you would have to change all the avatars..
  14. When hearing everyone and think of it more clearly, I think there is no such thing as a good abuse-proof way of doing this. so it's either life with it or don't award the wishpoints. I mean, we can let mur do a lot of extra work by checking everything manually, but that would just be sick and annoying. he's trying to do something nice, we shoulden't punish him for that.. if there is no way Mur doesen't have to do much extra work, and no way to make it abuse-proof, than we should perhaps see of this plan, and do it the old fashion way..
  15. [quote name='Pipstickz' date='09 December 2009 - 02:07 AM' timestamp='1260324446' post='49476'] Rings? We already have tokens. They give enough of a bonus. [/quote] Tokens are bound to a creature, rings are bound to your personal stats. thereby there is already a spot for rings, (spot 9 and 10) So that gives me the idea Mur was already thinking of inplanting such idea..
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