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  1. if you start reading all the lore there is just one thing i can say, don't take it to easily as the truth, seek further for their meaning and their concept. that way you will find your way to any of the other writer's guild.
  2. hello People, perhaps a view have noticed that I haven't really been around for a long time now, and want to make it a bit more official now. Not sure when i'm going to return, it's just that I have so less time, and so much to do. I hope to return here with the full community and growing, but I fear otherwise. To you all, you made me experience something unbelieveable. and allas, let us not yet part with this feeling:)
  3. Perhaps a seperated list for the gold and silver? that way you can keep track of both, but mur woulden't have to change the whole concept of the coins.
  4. More time, and we will even have less fighting to do in MD, not a good oppertunity. Now only alliance members have that, so there is a small percentage of players which you can't attack so often, that's acceptable.
  5. [quote name='Udgard' date='13 March 2010 - 03:22 AM' timestamp='1268450533' post='56310'] Okay, let's look at this again. Talking about discrimination? Let's use a simple real world example. Suppose you want to get a job, of course there will be discrimination based on your [u]skills[/u]; those who have the skills more suitable for the job will undeniably get an advantage and be more likely to get hired. That's no discrimination: that's the law of nature, [u]survival of the fittest[/u] (in that field). But when you are excluding people for their ethnicity, for example, that is [u]discrimi
  6. Some of these are indeed strange, you can recieve wp's for mentoring?
  7. I think tokens should become more rare. Completly tokened creatures (exspecially drachorn's) have became face roll creatures, no matter what you do, you win anyway. I feel like making the tokens more rare, let's say that all sort of creatures have a certain amount of tokens they can have, like 2 or 3, which should not be acuired easily. It now costs only md credits, let it cost huge amount of vitality, honour, silver or age. let's say that you can buy a token only one every 20 days, this reduces the amount of tokens hugely, and if tokens also grow stronger over time, so let's say a good
  8. whauw, happy birthday! Shoulden't be suprised, even mur's gain age so now an then:P
  9. There should be a solution to the 'no winner part, about this game. Everyone enters the game by sending you a silver, and sending you a message, the first one to send you a message recieved the number 1, the second number 2, and so on. when using the random number generator you only enter the numbers for how many people attend. This way there will always be a winner, more chance of winning and more people attending..
  10. none has won the discussion. Discussion is not about 'winning, but about sharing toughts and learn what other people think about it, or to get a compromise between two parties.
  11. Should be no mans land if I may be so free, the market belongs to no one, not to us(marind bell) nor anyone else. And for it's location, can't there be a new building added, a new place to go to, which really looks like an auction house?
  12. A gold coin for anyone who can find me within an hour ^^ *leave msg in chatbox there;)*
  13. All this topic can do is making sure mur knows there is a problem he has to fix.., and frankly enough I think he already knows.. Give him time, this is a hard problem, just as a few others, give him time to fix it and quit bugging him .. [color="#4169E1"]And your post is just spam. Yes, Mur knows about the issue since few of us pointed it out long time ago. I personally bug him a lot about it. The point of this topic is also to brainstorm and find ideas about stuff not merely point out a problem. Or at least this is how I see it. So, please stay on topic. dst[/color]
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