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    Peace got a reaction from Nava in The Necrovion Sentinels College of Darkness   
    A world is supported by four things ... the learning of the wise, the justice of the great, the prayers of the righteous and the valor of the brave. But all of these are as nothing ... without a ruler who knows the art of ruling. We make that the science of our tradition.

    Fear and rejoice:

    I am Peace, Grand Mistress of the Necrovion Sentinels, and I bring you everlasting peace, death or balance in between.

    Our school is run by myself and my Brother, Marvolo.

    We are the flail, not the hand that wields it. We bring difficult lessons, dark lessons. We seek those who can learn them well - but we will tell you when your time has come.

    Here are the Masters - they will teach you:


    I research the Arts of Darkness and share them with the Worthy.

    These are the Arts and lessons prepared for those who are ready.

    - Assassination
    - War
    - Poison
    - Vendetta
    - Mutation
    - Exploitation
    - Loyalty
    - Manipulation
    - Fear
    - Shade Balance
    - Nature of the Living
    - Nature of Shades
    - Imagination

    Call us evil if you will - our means are indeed bloody and violent. Or call us dark if you like - certainly we prefer mystery and shadowy places.

    But in the end we are Death, a force of nature without which you cannot live, a counterpoint to the creative forces that flow within you. [b]Do NOT ask to join me.[/b] Only those who are proven hard will be asked in.

    Strength, dedication, brutality.
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    Peace reacted to Nimrodel in Never have I ever   
    Never have I ever talked to awiiya.
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    Peace reacted to Dragual in Never have I ever   
    Never have I ever sang praise to the sun!
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    Peace reacted to Intrigue in Never have I ever   
    never have I ever... danced with the priests around the bonfire in Necrovion
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    Peace reacted to Sasha Lilias in Never have I ever   
    So here's a fun little one I thought we could try.
    The rules are pretty simple:
    People post something that they've never done, for example "Never have I ever, sacrificed a creature." (poor example, I know), everyone that has done that +reps that post (those that either haven't or just dislike the question can down rep still! Don't worry! :P).
    Questions should really be MD based but hey...any questions are welcome! So if you've ever wanted to know something juicy about someone...now's your chance to ask!
    Try and keep the questions light hearted, joking, a little risqué (but still appropriate) or just down right bizzare!
    Remember to try and have some fun!
    To start things off:
    Never have I ever: Kissed a goat!
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    Peace reacted to VertuHonagan in Never have I ever   
    Never have I ever walked into Golemus Golemicarcum through the front gates.
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    Peace reacted to Assira the Black in Never have I ever   
    Never have I ever told the truth.
    On a more serious note:
    Never have I ever solved the broken gazebo puzzle.
    (ooc: based off of Assira's character in md :P)
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    Peace reacted to Muratus del Mur in Lactating Grasan   
    Might be an alternative to cow milk.. ME WANT THAT COW!!

    AWESOME name anyway and grose idea..i love it :)))))
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    Peace reacted to Ary Endleg in Lactating Grasan   
    :wacko: I wouldn't drink that.
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    Peace reacted to (Zl-eye-f)-nea in MD based Jokes   
    If easily offended, I suggest you skip this....
    A Tainted Angien, a tormented soul and an unholy priest are standing at the gates of heaven, waiting to be judged before god. Angel Michael appears at the gates and says "Alright then, God has decreed a blessing upon you all, that I shall cast final judgement on whether you deserve a place in heaven or whether you go to hell." They all nod in agreement.

    Michael says "Tainted Angien, you took original sin and flipped it in reverse, which we don't like here. However, you also gave a spirit of light to the darkness, which we like here very much. So on consideration, you're in." The Tainted Angien smiled thankfully and floated through the gates.

    Michael turned to the tormented soul "You have lived in hell already, your whole life, you are granted a place." The tormented soul contorted himself trying to thank the Angel, and floated through the gates.

    Michael finally turned to the priest "As for you...you spent your life lording it over everyone and knowingly spreading unholy rumours, burning books and teaching lies, wreaking darkness everywhere...
    you're definitely in."
    A tailor visited willows shop..
    Said the tailor "I'm looking for fabric of all different colours!"
    Said the shop man "I'm afraid I only stock greyscale"
    "You don't stock colour?! That's insane! How am I to create tones and styles?"
     "Ack, don't worry, we have plenty of shades here!"
    New Player "I wish I had some sunglasses!"
    Demi-God *Drops player in Necrovion*
    What's the difference between a dead fish and a Drachorn? One's scaly and smells like rotting flesh, the other's a dead fish.
    How many Players does it take to screw in a light bulb? One to attempt to screw the light bulb in, while the other fifty fight over who got to do it.
    How many Necrovions does it take to screw in a light bulb? Joke.
    How many Archivists does it take to screw in a light bulb? Just one... plus the seven writing the details of what happened.
    ed: and due to popular demand from my set of jokes I can't post because they will offend too many people....(I have pre-warned Grido)
    How did Jonn lose his eye? Grido's telescope got too close.
    ed2, for same reason: Why are they called Golemites? Because if they ever made a decision they'd be called Goledids.
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    Peace reacted to Assira the Black in MD based Jokes   
    Joke 1)A grasan walks up to a drachorn and sees the drachorn eating something. So the grasan asks, "Do you have any meat left?" Between bites the drachorn replies, "Nothing... Remains."

    Joke 2) A man walks into a bar and takes a seat at the counter. The bartender asks the man what he wants to drink and the guy responds, "What is the strongest sh** that you have?" The bartender nods and pours the man a drink. The man grabs up the drink and tosses it's contents down his throat. Eyes watering and gagging soon follow. After catching his breath he asks, " What is this sh**?" The bartender responds, "The best drink for such a mouth, Grasan Ferment."

    This is what I have thought of so far. Anyone is welcome to post jokes, comment on jokes, and make suggestions on how to make them better.
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    Peace reacted to Assira the Black in An act of Kindness - Voting   
    I think that holding these reward ceremonies for kindness... taints the kind acts. Because there is no set value to a kind act, it is subjective. What you consider a shining act, may be different than what another thinks. Plus as seen with Change's nominations kind acts are not limited to one person. And by voting or rewarding the best act of kindness... kind of down plays the act of kindness that someone did whether they were nominated or not.

    I think it is different to acknowldege the contributions of someone versus regular rewarding people for acts of kindness.

    So rather than making this a comparison of kind acts, why not look at each case individually and see why a person should be acknowledged. A decision that you make based off of an investigation into a person's submission. So even if you are handed a long list of nominations... look at each of the nominations individually from different peoples points of view. And leave it open for people to post at any time. That way you can acknowledge and reward someone after seeing as much of a full picture that you can. It can still follow a similar timeline as stated above. Just changing the comparison of the kind acts and you will most likely be able to see if the rewarding is the motivation for the kind act through the investigations.

    It means more work for you since it would not be based off of votes of people. It requires investigating and seeing the kindness entirely.

    I hope that I have explained this well enough.
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    Peace reacted to (Zl-eye-f)-nea in mp6   
    Ability to divide all personal skills and stats equally among worshipers in the same location as you are. Yours go the opposite. Amount of time it lasts depends on the protectors max VE stat. Knock on effect of delayed regen across all areas over 24 hour period for the protector.
    Worshipers cannot be attacked whilst in location of protector, but protector has negative stats and can be attacked - long lasting spell, enough time to get somewhere safe.
    Swap your life for your dead worshiper, applicable within ** minutes of death, and under the same location restraints as kill items.
    Use heat to reverse spell effects back on the caster. Cost of spell deflection assigned to individual spells based on severity. Cannot be used for life/death or LHO specific spells. Causes stat damage if heat hits 0 at any point. Limited casts based on number of worshipers.
    Ability to protect one named worshiper from any and all attacks, which are received directly by the protector instead. Spell also causes death if attacked by more than ** people within a ** minute period, or more than ** attacks within ** minutes.
    AP boost, protector sent to random labyrinth location
    Drop worshipers creature VE to 0, protectors VE also goes to 0
    Ability to tamper with dream skill used on worshipers, swapping themselves with the caster and the caster with the subject
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    Peace reacted to (Zl-eye-f)-nea in mp6   
    I vote yes. Its not an easy thing to do, it deserves a fitting bit of awesomeness. Either the ones who deserve it get cool skills, or yes it will tempt people and that will cause conflict and therefore energy.
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    Peace reacted to rikstar in less powerful items, but with md flavor   
    Player name: Rikstar ID: 132384   General - 8 Glass jar - A jar made of glass that can hold many small objects. Grey pencil - This pencil looks like it hasn't been used. The grey is almost white. Dusty Lens - This lens was made out of a glass jar, it looks a bit dusty and it has a small crack in it. Rainbow Marble - A marble that has all the colors of the rainbow in it. Bent Nail - A steel nail that is bent in the middle and has some rust on it. Pocket Watch - A small golden pocket watch with a sun painted on the back. It shows the time, which day it is and the air pressure. Walking Stick - A long walking stick that is made from birch wood. It has a sharp tip and is finely sanded. Bird sculpture - A small sculpture that looks like a bird. It is made out of some red/ brown stone.   NML - 1 Old Parchment - A parchhment that came from the Paper Cabin. It's edges are burned and it has some scribbles on it.   MB - 1 Decorated Candle - a candle that came from the Sage's Keep and was used for prayers.   LR - 1 Flowery pendant - A pendant made of flowers that were found in Loreroot.   GG - 2 Used Rope - a rope that was used for climbing the Golemus Golemicarum mountains. It almost falls apart. Drift Wood - Some drift wood that could have been from a ship. It was found on the shores of Golemus Golemicarum.   NC - 2 Old book - A book that is used at the Way of Cleansing. It has a symbol on it that represent the principle entropy. Creepy doll - a doll with a creepy smile on it's face. It's dusty and it has some cuts in it.   MDA - 1 Bonsai tree - A bonsai tree that is perfectly trimmed with scissors. It used to stand on one of the many desks in the Magic Duel Archives.   UG - 1 Granite stone - A granite stone that is oddly shaped like a pyramid. It came from the deep cavers of the Underground.   The East - 1 Bag of Spices - A small leather bag that is filled with a combination of spices. The spices came from the kitchens in the East.   Some are items are general and others are more land specific.     Mur: mostly OK, so far the most nicely flavored item list, good work
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    Peace reacted to dst in less powerful items, but with md flavor   
    First 10:
    Broom - A mundane object that can hide unknown powers if used wiseley. Or it can be a simple cleaning broom for every day chors.
    Musical Box - A box hiding a ballerina. When the box is opened a soft music is played and the balelrina starts dancing.
    Flower Pot - A simple pot which can be used by any gardner to plant flowers or herbs.
    Embroided Handkerchief - A handkerchief lost by a fine lady. Full of buggers.
    Stuffed Lemure - A strange animal lost by a hasty traveller. It is redish and has a long fluffy tail.
    Broken China Plate - This white with blue flowers china plate is made of finest porcelain. An ugly crack spoils its beauty.
    Platypuss Drawing - The drawing was found in the archives long after one of the first MD coders left. It is believed he left in search of the mystic animal.
    Horn of a Cow - Piece of the famouse MD cow. It is said that if you get the rest you'll manage to asamble it.
    Glass of Spoiled Milk - A glass with milk left too much in the sun. It emanates some aweful stench comparable to the one of a grassan.
    Hazel Rod - A rod plucked from a long lost hazel. It can be used by children as a sword.
    Second 10:
    Kitteh Claw - Claw of a kitty found in one of  Loreroot's trees. It must have used the tree as a sctraching post.
    Kaleidoscope - A small child's toy enjoyed by adults as well. Looking through its tiny window a new and colourful world is revealed to the
                           unsuspecting eye.
    Bread Crumbles - They can be used to chase away hunger or to blind an enemy or to help you find the way back provided that you don't go
                            through a birds populated area.
    Firefly Jar - Someone trapped some fireflies in a jar and used it as a lamp. Be careful when opening the jar! The fireflies might escape.
    Cherry Jam - Find a loaf of bread and a spoon and enjoy this deliciouse treat.
    Empty Nut Shells - Found one day on the beach, it is believed they were brough here by the waves. Their color has changed due to the water
                               and now they look like odd stones.
    Tiny Brass Ring - A modest jewelry with a strange, almost fading writing on it: From A to Z with.....
    Turtle Shell Hair Comb - A brown and white comb made out of a turtle shell. It can be used to untagle even the most strongheaded...fur.
    Crystal Bell - Its sound resembles of an angel voice. Unless you are sleeping while it rings.
    Message in a Bottle - One day the bottle was brought on the shores by the nervouse waves. The finder still hasn't read the message. 
    Third 10:
    Glass Bauble - A bauble stolen from the Christmas Tree by a mean...tiny man.
    Small Violets Bouquet - A bunch of purple, nice smelling flowers gathered by a bored knight on his way back to his lady.
    Grassan's Footprint - Once a grassan stepped into a pile of mud. The mud took the shape of the grassan's foot and formed this "nature's curiosity".
    Knator Dung - Smelly pile of excrements. Because knators are humans too!
    Hair Pin - A bland, normal, mundane hair pin. Unless...
    Sesame Seeds - Always present in everyone's kitchens they give flavor and savor to lots of dishes. Be careful, they can become addictive.
    Twisted Candle Holder - Used to be a candle holder until someone used it to break coconuts.
    Small Wooden Pyramid - A pyramid made of cedar by a young poor boy and sold to an unknown traveler.
    One sock  - The other got lost. Please help this one find its sibling.
    Honey Lollipop - Made out of the finest honey, this lollipop is guaranteed to make you pay a visit to the dentist.
    most are perfect, i will review individual descriptions when adding them
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    Peace reacted to Ary Endleg in Locate spell restriction removal for LHO   
    Locate spell has restriction where it wouldn't allow you to locate certain "powerful" characters. LHOs are part of that restrictions. Honestly I don't understand why is it so. LHOs are normal players who volunteer to help out those in need with basic stuff regarding the game, as such they should be easier to find/reach. That's why such restriction makes no sense and should be removed.
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    Peace reacted to Ary Endleg in MP3 Erolin heat checker and MUCH more   
    I saw the need and I took the initiative. Since MP3s have the erolin device disabled and some wonder how much heat they have, so I made a clicky where you can check it.
    Hidden orb bushy at GoE has that script. You can check how much erolin heat you have in there.

    Edit by Chew: Edited out last part of post because of a bug publicly posted. Now im going to have to go waste time fixing it
    Edit by Ary:
    Clicky has been improved. In addition to heat checking you can also check CTC, ITC, active avatars of players and number of your visits in scenes as long as you know their coords.
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    Peace reacted to No one in mp6   
    An MP6 should be able to chose to share a portion of its stats (fighting stats & ve, not VP) with the worshiper. If the worshiper is being attacked , the extra stats and VE will be taken into account. If he is attacking .. only the extra VE will be used.
    This way, the Protector (MP6) will feel the extent of its deed and the worshiper will feel the influence of his protector directly.
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    Peace got a reaction from Kyphis the Bard in mp6   
    Our community has grown less in comparison to what it was 4 years ago. Currently we can hold only two active protectors barely. If the population stays as it is more or less then yes, I see why not? It could actually give the ones who are working on that position more things to do, more people to help?
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    Peace got a reaction from No one in mp6   
    Our community has grown less in comparison to what it was 4 years ago. Currently we can hold only two active protectors barely. If the population stays as it is more or less then yes, I see why not? It could actually give the ones who are working on that position more things to do, more people to help?
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    Peace got a reaction from Sunfire in mp6   
    Our community has grown less in comparison to what it was 4 years ago. Currently we can hold only two active protectors barely. If the population stays as it is more or less then yes, I see why not? It could actually give the ones who are working on that position more things to do, more people to help?
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    Peace got a reaction from Myth in mp6   
    Our community has grown less in comparison to what it was 4 years ago. Currently we can hold only two active protectors barely. If the population stays as it is more or less then yes, I see why not? It could actually give the ones who are working on that position more things to do, more people to help?
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    Peace got a reaction from lashtal in mp6   
    Our community has grown less in comparison to what it was 4 years ago. Currently we can hold only two active protectors barely. If the population stays as it is more or less then yes, I see why not? It could actually give the ones who are working on that position more things to do, more people to help?
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    Peace reacted to lashtal in Extreme Magicduel   
    I have gathered 666 bones for myself and about a year ago another 666 bunch for the Shade Sentinel.
    Hard when there are 2 locations where you can harvest them and one is restricted... *nudges nudges*
    Do I win anything?  :D
    Edit: I can provide screenshots.
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