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  1. I miss you... Contact me whenever you can.

  2. Alejandro... rawrr...

  3. How dare you say such a thing?

  4. *pokes you back and runs away giggling*

  5. Salad-bar! I have missed you!

  6. You missy, made me smile.

  7. Remember where I come from... ;)

  8. Welcome to this side of the realm.

  9. As long as Chewy is on vacation, I can poke as much as I like!

  10. *drops by Tic Tac's profile and pokes him to death* No armor in here! ^.^

  11. What is better than a relaxing footbath along with a foot massage whilst relaxing on the computer?

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    2. Prince Marvolo

      Prince Marvolo

      Cookies and inspiration

    3. dst


      Sleeep!!!12 h of uninterrupted sleep!!

    4. Ravenstrider


      Having hot sex with asian schoolgirl triplets, with one of them dedicated to massaging your feet? :)

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  12. Hello and welcome to the other side of MD.

  13. My laptop has crushed, I have very limited internet access and I will be gone until the end of the month on a business charter. I'll miss you all!!!

    1. Grido


      miss you tooooo!!!

    2. Curiose


      See you Peacey-Pieee! I hope you enjoy your time.

    3. Lorenzo


      crushed?? is it okay????

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  14. I miss you...

  15. The path of excess leads to the tower of wisdom...

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