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  1. What is better than a relaxing footbath along with a foot massage whilst relaxing on the computer?

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    2. Prince Marvolo

      Prince Marvolo

      Cookies and inspiration

    3. dst


      Sleeep!!!12 h of uninterrupted sleep!!

    4. Ravenstrider


      Having hot sex with asian schoolgirl triplets, with one of them dedicated to massaging your feet? :)

  2. My laptop has crushed, I have very limited internet access and I will be gone until the end of the month on a business charter. I'll miss you all!!!

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    2. Grido


      miss you tooooo!!!

    3. Curiose


      See you Peacey-Pieee! I hope you enjoy your time.

    4. Lorenzo


      crushed?? is it okay????

  3. I proudly accept my place in the Hall of Fame of those who speak up their minds, whatever that is, and being yelled at! xD You gotta love the forum!

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    2. Pipstickz


      You can't be famous if everybody else is too.

    3. Grido


      @Vic, Curi posted twice with a 12h gap, that's what the reference to 12hours was.

    4. Lord Jaguar

      Lord Jaguar

      *applauds this new addition to the Hall of Fame* Congrats! lol
      Gotta love it....

  4. It's been a long time since I stalked you. So... *stalks* P.S. Miss you!

    1. (Zl-eye-f)-nea


      hmm...I appear to be getting stalked...I do believe this calls for some knit graffitti to be put on the eternal bong. This may take some time.... :D

  5. Welcome to this side of the world. :)

    1. Mysticeti


      I'm just reading this message... Sorry it took me so long to answer... Thank you for your warm welcome... I think I'll stick around this time. :)

  6. *hugs her Tree Guardian, squeezes him tight and runs away giggling*

  7. Stop pressing buttons, Mur.

  8. *pokes you back and runs away giggling*

  9. You... confuse me, us... Yet we love you for it. Countdown, Mister! 3 months...beware :P

  10. Traces, many faces, lost in the maze of time. Blinded by the darkness, that's the start of seven lives...

  11. Since Grido does not allow us to flirt in the paper cabin, I will do from here! (lol)

  12. Rawr! And raaaaaaaaaawrrr! 'Nough said.

  13. The puppy is alive! Come here you... I have some nice bones for you...

  14. Stalking me, aren't you?

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