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  1. *drops by Tic Tac's profile and pokes him to death* No armor in here! ^.^

  2. *hugs her Tree Guardian, squeezes him tight and runs away giggling*

  3. *pokes with the excuse that you is a stalker* :P

  4. *pokes you back and runs away giggling*

  5. *waves back and leaves you a black rose*

  6. Alejandro... rawrr...

  7. And now, my steed you are...

  8. As long as Chewy is on vacation, I can poke as much as I like!

  9. Fix me... if you can...

  10. Greetings and welcome!

  11. Greetings, Spartan. Μολών λαβέ. :)

  12. Hello and welcome to the other side of MD.

  13. Hello and welcome!

  14. Hello and welcome.

  15. Hello and welcome.

  16. Hello and welcome.

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