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  1. This is me, Mur and Akasha! o.O I miss those times!!!
  2. As for the Shades at the Stone of Twisted Souls, yes, it counts them too.
  3. Bump. A few months later and I received my reward as well. Maybe this will remind others who have forgotten to collect theirs.
  4. Our community has grown less in comparison to what it was 4 years ago. Currently we can hold only two active protectors barely. If the population stays as it is more or less then yes, I see why not? It could actually give the ones who are working on that position more things to do, more people to help?
  5. This takes us back tin 2008 and maybe until 2010. This is how the fights in Willow's Shop used to be, allied mp3 would challenge mp5 people and the results would stun you. But the again, I do not recall we had the level requirements for the creatures. How about tokens? Included?
  6. Regarding the matter of pass papers and myself I would like to make some clarifications. At the time I made the statement of charging those papers it was the time they were first implemented in the land (not talking about the individual ones we received 2-3 years ago). They may have been a couple people back from that time who were actually charged for pass papers but ever since (and other citizens and non can verify this) I do not believe anyone has been charged to rent any item from Necrovion. From what I have seen nowadays people trade items for items or other services, to some we
  7. Thank you all so much for your wishes! <3
  8. As requested from the announcement, bumped.
  9. First of all, I would like to apologise for my lack of activity. It is true that the previous year I wasn't very active due to RL issues and the fact that I spend most of 2013 dead. But just because you didn't see me in game, that does not mean that I wasn't there. I chose to sit inside Necrovion, I was consulting with Azull whenever it was possible for me and interact with my citizens as often as I could. I appreciate the fact of including me to this Mur and I feel honored, and I am sorry for those who think I shouldn't be part of it. Back on topic now. My apologies for choosing Intrigue
  10. I guess I could make a start. I think Intrigue could be granted the title of 'Vigilant Guardian'. Her activity is always around Bob/Tree, her roleplaying in connected to it. And she has been basically there for him for as long as I can remember. A friend, a guardian, a protector. Recently she presented a Tree related quest for her spell doc as well, a very fitting one.
  11. I am between 1 and 2. The first does resemble more MD style indeed. I would like to see land related certificates of sorts, let's say color of theme related or something e.g. green for Loreroot with a tree on its background perhaps. Or the coat of arms if there are any made already.
  12. I recently came across this poem in my MD files. It was filed on the 5th of September 2011 but the creation date is uncertain. I would like to add it in my personal papers along with the rest I was given and give credit to whoever made it. ~~ Distant points shine in a black expanse Whispering wind over plains of dust Singing songs of peace and clarity Through the empty parts of my shadowed heart Echoing dimly my lonely sorrow flies Over sand-filled dunes, grit in its wings "When will you return...?" it sings softly Searching desperately for moisture Enough to produce a single tear
  13. My case is over, Council granted me my item yesterday morning. My sincere thanks.
  14. Lost but not forgotten. My apologies, Chewett, I should have given this to you sooner. Key issues: Purchased WP access of Loreroot's back Entrance and Oak Tower. Both lost. Do not even show in my spend wishpoint's list either. Obtained access to Champion's Challenge out of nowhere. Lost access to Berserker's Charge, originally given during my first kingship, was allowed to keep it by Mur after my resignation, lost it a little later again during the second kingship and was replaced with the Champion's Challenge access.
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