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  1. small note.

    He promised to give the $$ and reindrachorn by tuesday and he still didn't give.
    When i asked for the REINDRACHORN he said here is the ctc take it and deal is over. I take the ctc to see its my OWN gg drachorn i gave him before. Now he is telling me i took the drachorn (which i thought was the reindrachorn since thats what i asked for) so the deal is off.
    All i want to say is please don't trade with him he is a lier.

    And the best part of it all is that in dst topic he created more than 2 places he keeps repeating he only speaks the truth omg lol...

    Don't be cheated by him and don't even trade if he is giving the goods first for that is like he has won scamming others.

  2. [quote name='Fenrir Greycloth' date='14 January 2010 - 01:49 AM' timestamp='1263413993' post='52683']
    Would you like the email from Paypal saying they could not accept the transfer?

    Death, you are speaking with emotions, not common sense. I was not lying, I was trying to get you the money, but you would not wait. So you made this topic.

    ohh really, then why were you just now before i was making this topic i warned you, and you were trying your best to change the subject by asking how i got the drachorn and all.

    and you just before said SERVERAL tokens but there is only ONE.

    and this is from you in pms
    [quote]So, I found out what the issue was. My bank didn't process the paypal withdrawal because of "unusual activity." (I had recently become a gold subscriber, and a couple hours later I made another payment(for you) and the bank canceled it.
    I have already sent the 45$ to your account again. You should get it by Monday/Tuesday.
    If you don't get it by then, you can have my Reindrach and the money. [/quote]

    i asked you for the reindrachorn like how many times.. 3 or 4.. still you didn't give it to me.. now when we look at above quote doesn't it show you were lieing the whole time ?

  3. lol so according to fenrir if he apologies everything is ok... i can't believe he was given mod access, good thing he was demoted. If he genuinely wasn't able to do the trade then ok i understand, but what pisses me off is that he tried lieing and lieing and lieing some more to me to cover everything up...

    guys don't trade with him... hope i can be a listen to all.

    EDIT: all my posts need to be approved first so don't worry if i dont reply fast, and its 1:30am now going to sleep.

  4. what about the 3 promises you made me saying you will give your reindrachorn to cover my losses.. want me to post the pm here?
    and guys this is the tokens he has put on my drachorn
    [claw1] Claw I
    and he says he has put SEVERAL tokens

    EDIT: i am petty sure this is my same gg drachorn, for the one i gave him also had a claw I.

  5. I made a deal with Fenrir to trade my double aged gg drachorn for $40 credits in my account. I told him to give me the $$ first but he said no he has invested $75 in the game now and it will be stupid of him to scam me. So i trusted him and he said I give the drachorn and he will give me the credits. But AFTER giving him the gg drachorn only he states that he needs mur to transfer his credits to me... which he ACCIDENTALLY forgot to tell me before hand.

    but i trusted him and wait and waited and waited... christmas time passed and i wasn't able to buy the redrachorn also, since he didn't pay in time. So he promised me saying he will get me the credits now and he checked with paypal the $$ from his bank has gone and he will give his reindrachorn to me since i missed mine for he didn't pay in time. Its been 3 weeks and still no ctc or $$ on my account. Now he is telling me to take the gg drachorn back and he doesn't need it (it was double aged). So please don't give him the mod position back and please from now on don't trade with him even, if he gives the goods first. For if you trade with him that means he has won scamming me.

    PS: now he saying he has financial problems and can't keep up the deal.. (before he said that paypal said they sent the $$) this shows he has been lieing from the start. He is also slowly trying to change the subject of escaping without giving his reindrachorn. So please don't ever trade with him.

    EDIT: he gave me a ctc now saying after this trade over.. so i thought thats the reindrachorn and took it to see its my gg drachorn with most of its age gone.. wait a loser this fenrir is. Please don't trade with him.

  6. i voted on forum mods since there will be more than one person for it so we don't have to depend on one guy to see if he is online or not. if its just one guy taking care of this then what he decides is offensive and is not is the final decision, but if the forum mods are in charge then we can ask all forum mods to see if they think its offensive and get a better decision.

  7. i know its too late but wanted to know... what others left about making tokens a percentage of what stats we have. since every1 stat grinds.. every1 might like it. its something like the armour but with more percentage.

  8. hehe i always wanted to open this topic but it seems i was too late :o since mur has 4k every1's principle. what my idea was to make tokens a percentage of our stats.. since all of us are just stat grinders won't every1 be happy ? its something like how Armour works now. but abit more percentage.

    don't worry i don't want to try implement this, i just wanted to know if people liked the idea.

  9. thats because a log in your battle log lasts for only 12 or 24 hours.. so you might have gotten attacked and without viewing that battle log you might have logged off. but when you logged in again after 12 hours or so (not sure of the time) the battle log would be deleted and your battle log shows that you have a new battle log but in truth it was deleted long time back thats why you get that error. its common and nothing to worry about.

  10. can't the archer just get his normal damage and weaken defence and add the new drain ability to that list. so people can just choose what ever ability they want their archer to do?

    [color=purple]Just found. It's quite annoying when you're under mod preview so your posts dont show up isnt it? - Grido[/color]

  11. when chad uploads his drawings here in the forum (the market section) when i click on those photos it gets SO BIG that it doesn't just fit the screen but it is bigger than the screen so i need to scroll down and to the side to look for the close button to close that drawing. if no one is getting what i mean, its cool no worries.

    i like flexible since when it fits our screen size we can see the picture in detail, if its static then sometimes it turns out to be too small and we can't see the clear details of the picture.

  12. yes i have been here for almost a year. and i didn't know posting alot meant spam. like you say spam means off topic but my warning was given because i made 7 posts in 5 minutes.. i am really sure all of those seven posts were on topic for i was very careful not to say anything stupid or unrelated due to chewett telling me to be careful. so i am sure all those 7 posts were on topic :D

  13. even i have a widescreen but this flexible thing you saying doesnt work properly because the image size gets so big.. that i will have to scroll the page down to see the full picture and to see the close button.
    can't you make it so that the picture fits exactly to our screen we have?

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