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  1. i know its too late but wanted to know... what others left about making tokens a percentage of what stats we have. since every1 stat grinds.. every1 might like it. its something like the armour but with more percentage.

  2. yes i have been here for almost a year. and i didn't know posting alot meant spam. like you say spam means off topic but my warning was given because i made 7 posts in 5 minutes.. i am really sure all of those seven posts were on topic for i was very careful not to say anything stupid or unrelated due to chewett telling me to be careful. so i am sure all those 7 posts were on topic :D

  3. holy cow.. how did you guys get the VE to such high places?????

    heads contest won 1st place = 10k VE
    solved tiles in MDA puzzle = 5k VE
    bought VE perm with credits = 6300 and this is only if you have full luck.

    Still it doesnt add up to how you guys can get to 50k ve and this guy above says he got 70k ve right


  4. well.. i thought grasan can only attack when there are 2 or more creatures on the enemy side.. ^_^
    what must i do to get this knowledge from your hands to mine ^_^

    PS: i knw this doesnt come there, but i want to clarify sumthing. some people are saying the more wins u have the more stats it gives when scarificing some say its exp. but what i want to knw is when u say stats is it the attack and defence stats ^_^

    hehe after posting this only i got a idea how ur grasan was so strong. i can take a guess if you want. just to get confirmation for if my guess is correct you might not want others to see it. and he was the one who attacked u first right

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