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  1. dst/chettwet approve my post.. and fenrir is a scammer don't trade with him

  2. nice drawing you got there... why not try for the artist group.

  3. can you check your pm plz...

  4. ok mate.. like u asked in many of ur posts i have negative rep them.. but why do yo uwant us to negative rep your posts ??

  5. sorry to disturbe you.. but can you read ur pm in forums.. the last two me and m friend sent its urgent plz. thanks

  6. LOL they took your bikini pic to keep it for them selves :P haha omg i laughed so much i almost cried.. bad mods.. they need to learn to share :P

  7. LOL sorry for the mistake... if i knew you were mur's wife i wouldn't have suggested smuggling you to the vacation spot you wanted to go and get u married to a girl... :P hehe my bad :D plz dont tell mur

  8. hehe.. yeah death note rocks :D so does naruto

  9. Guys and guls no pressure, you don't have to leave a comment or rate me. i will be happy if you enjoyed yourself while you were viewing my profile.

  10. haha.. hope i can have a happy life.. and rated you 5 star. just because u sound kind and mostly because you read manga and watch anime :P

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