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  1. dst/chettwet approve my post.. and fenrir is a scammer don't trade with him

  2. Death Bell


    wow sooo much snow
  3. Death Bell


    is it me or does akasha seem to be scared of something ?
  4. Death Bell


    borise (blue t-shirt) he looks totally high from the start hehe
  5. Death Bell


    hehe at last dst is smiling
  6. Death Bell


    is it me or are there ALOT of bottles on the table
  7. Death Bell

    New ideas

    i know its too late but wanted to know... what others left about making tokens a percentage of what stats we have. since every1 stat grinds.. every1 might like it. its something like the armour but with more percentage.
  8. yes i have been here for almost a year. and i didn't know posting alot meant spam. like you say spam means off topic but my warning was given because i made 7 posts in 5 minutes.. i am really sure all of those seven posts were on topic for i was very careful not to say anything stupid or unrelated due to chewett telling me to be careful. so i am sure all those 7 posts were on topic
  9. at last my aim of been the first at something has been achieved lol (dam i was so close to getting 666 posts ) but i am so happy i got a rusty haha EDIT: could you also reset my rep points to zero?
  10. omg nice peace we can customize our page like that? or you just photo shopped it hehe EDIT: edited the last bit since i think its spoiler not sure... why take chances
  11. you can just choose all messages and say read later...
  12. nice drawing you got there... why not try for the artist group.

  13. Death Bell


    wow where is this? looks like a nice area.
  14. [quote name='ladytwin' date='06 November 2009 - 11:32 PM' timestamp='1257530540' post='46803'] when you are mailing others in rl and wirte *is smiling* in the mail ore * waves* [/quote] Omg i sometimes do that
  15. can you check your pm plz...

  16. hmm i never trained a scout or knator.. knator still at maxed does only multi. and scout is the highest single creature damager hope this is no spoiler
  17. ok mate.. like u asked in many of ur posts i have negative rep them.. but why do yo uwant us to negative rep your posts ??

  18. hmmm now why do i like this picture
  19. sorry to disturbe you.. but can you read ur pm in forums.. the last two me and m friend sent its urgent plz. thanks

  20. haha bunny u seriously do look like that fat guy in south park we should have known our metal bunny is made from china (no offense included)
  21. Cut it down, Cut it down... people chant with me.. cut it, cut it...
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