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  1. Playername before test: Mijal Tav (currently fine) ID: 97097 Tag: I had none before the test, but now I'm still tagged as a healer Description: I had none before, but now have Wodin's Guard desc. Avatar: I had none before the test, but had the option to pick one for free. Now I have the Wodin's Guard illusion avatar, and the MD shop says it costs me $1 to change (this bit also posted in bug thread)
  2. Typo: +5000 Vit description The description for this illusion says "increases maximum vitality by 2000", even though the title says 5000. As previously noted, the max vitality-increasing illusions currently have no actual effect.
  3. Bug: Avatar purchase Before the test, I had purchased the right to an avatar in the MD shop, but had not yet picked one. This meant that I had the opportunity to pick one up for free whenever I wanted (I've been waiting for more to come out). I then did a Wodin's Guard illusion. Now that illusion is over, but my profile still shows as a guard. So when I took a look in the MD shop, it claimed I already had an avatar (showing the expired illusion avatar), and that changing to the one remaining avatar (that violin-playing girl) would cost $1. Note that I don't want to
  4. Bug: Self-spelling While illusioned as a Wodin's Guard and a Healer, I was able to cast the heal spell on myself with my normal name, but the vitality just disappeared instead of returning to me. [color="#0000FF"]Heal is not ment to be used on yourself anyway. You use it to give vitality from yourself to the other.. OTHER Mur[/color] Yes, but it goes a little further. Further testing indicates that when a player is under an illusion, and you cast the heal spell on them using their normal name, the spell happens and you lose the vitality, but the other doesn't get it.
  5. [quote name='dst' post='20423' date='Nov 20 2008, 03:51 AM']One of those bugs posted before is not a bug: when you are in an illusion you lose all your creatures. That's the beauty If you choose illusions...no more creatures for you. So be careful what you choose. [/quote] Good, because I was having this problem as well and it scared me to death. On the illusion creatures, the lifestealer team, I got [spoiler]a water daimon I and an elemental egg.[/spoiler] I think that's probably a bug because [spoiler]the elemental egg can't fight, and the illusion description specifies an elemental
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