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  1. Not sure if this was a bug per se, but advancing story mode teleported me to Marind Bell. I was able to get back into the testing area, thankfully, after a bit of effort and sacrificing stored heat. Bugs I've encountered so far at MP2: 1. Lorerootian Archer illusions show up as scouts with a starting vitality boost. 2. Elemental support starts as an egg, and needs age to upgrade. 3. Increase max vitality/value does not appear to work. 4. Most spells don't seem to work. I get error messages with the 'Bob' spell. Chase Wodin, however, does work - it got me back. More as I find them.
  2. The answer first posited makes a tempting choice, but the analogy breaks down on the last point. The destruction aspect seems strained, if not broken. I would put forward a guess of iron: it can hold the lenses of the glasses that help one see, and iron nails might be used to blind. Iron is invaluable in constructing castles, from the tools used to bars, doors, and reinforcement. Iron swords might then be used by the invading army that ransacks that very castle.
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