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  1. [quote name='Passant the Weak' timestamp='1307120224' post='85680']
    I voted yes but actually what i would like is being able to work on my rituals and check them at any time... even when I am in the Tribunal with no opponent that I could attack around me !

    I suppose it has been proposed already, but was too lazy to check the forum. ;)
    Yes, I like that.

  2. [quote name='cryxus' post='23977' date='Jan 19 2009, 02:15 PM']i'll be very forward, i don't like this idea, but if it were to be implemented i would like to see it geared in a different manner.

    I would like to see this type of system implemented in a very different manner, and make it only available at dojos and sanctuaries, so that those who roleplay in a sanctuary dont need to leave in order to get a fight that is mutually agreed upon, and to do away with dojo offenders entirely.

    Just a thought.

    I don't exactly under stand your point about dealing with dojo offenders but I basically agree. I should have elaborated more. I think the best places for this are ware the alliance info is such as in Winds Sanctuary.

  3. I request the ability to block or refuse attacks, by adding a button to accept or refuse attacks. I think if this is a reality the need for dojos will be resolved and game play will be improved. Players then will not group at; The Marble Dal Park, Winds Sanctuary, and Willow's Shop.

    Also if Thar where more non-players like the Swords-man players mite start to adventurer more.

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