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  1. Should we make a protector/mentors total number of adepts visible to all players?
  2. If a mentor does not mention their adepts those debts should be lost, maybe by the chosen mentor should be forgotten. By this I mean that a minimum amount of conversation from a mentor to an adepts needs to be maintained for the adepts to be kept.
  3. ...Also allow adepts to vote on their mentors and mentoring ability.
  4. If the number of the adepts player may have is limited to 30 then more players will have the opportunity to reach and MP6. so, I recommend this change me made. Also, if all adepts are reset every few months it will allow for a far vote for who is the best mentor in Magic Duel.
  5. some players use too many enhanced creatures and he gives them such an advantage that players that don't invest money in the game can't win fights. so, I think they should be limited to one or two per ritual.
  6. It seems to be a futile endeavor to wait for monsters to be regenerated by giving vitality manually. So, I suggest giving them their own vitality regeneration rate in the same way as every player's profile has.
  7. All other equipment pieces display in the various slots of the Current Equipment display extract for the Royal Gauntlets that can be purchased at Wind's sanctuary. ..
  8. there seems to be a bug that makes moving out of the Gates of Marind Bell seen difficult.
  9. When standing on Golems Golemicarum side of the Gate of Ages I can't travel to the right or cross the bridge back to no man's land.
  10. Ron Noesis

    Rename Ritual

    [quote name='Passant the Weak' timestamp='1307120224' post='85680'] I voted yes but actually what i would like is being able to work on my rituals and check them at any time... even when I am in the Tribunal with no opponent that I could attack around me ! I suppose it has been proposed already, but was too lazy to check the forum. [/quote] Yes, I like that.
  11. I believe strongly that the game needs and will benefit from having more nonplayer games characters (NPCs) to fight in game. Also, adding VE regeneration for all Monsters, even if it's very low, In my opinion, will help sped game play.
  12. Ron Noesis

    New ideas

    Give all creachers VP regeneration. I think it well be better if creachers regeneration VP themselves. Even if it's a slow rate of regeneration.
  13. [quote name='cryxus' post='23977' date='Jan 19 2009, 02:15 PM']i'll be very forward, i don't like this idea, but if it were to be implemented i would like to see it geared in a different manner. I would like to see this type of system implemented in a very different manner, and make it only available at dojos and sanctuaries, so that those who roleplay in a sanctuary dont need to leave in order to get a fight that is mutually agreed upon, and to do away with dojo offenders entirely. Just a thought. ~Cryxus~[/quote] I don't exactly under stand your point about dealing with dojo offenders but I basically agree. I should have elaborated more. I think the best places for this are ware the alliance info is such as in Winds Sanctuary.
  14. I request the ability to block or refuse attacks, by adding a button to accept or refuse attacks. I think if this is a reality the need for dojos will be resolved and game play will be improved. Players then will not group at; The Marble Dal Park, Winds Sanctuary, and Willow's Shop. Also if Thar where more non-players like the Swords-man players mite start to adventurer more.
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