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  1. one of my favorites, miss him dearly, i do hope he decides to come back around

  2. This minor loophole involves two MDShop bought features. [spoiler]When the only messages you have in your inbox are ones hidden by this feature, the game thinks you have no messages available and accidentally locks you out of your own inbox saying you don't have any new messages- leaving you with no way to access the cloud and the messages inside, nor any way to access outgoing messages from that other feature either.[/spoiler]
  3. Speaking of which; NG1, G3 would put some pressure on him if you ask me.
  4. [quote name='Liberty4life' post='20899' date='Nov 25 2008, 03:26 PM']eh what about mp2s using pillars and getting out [/quote] That'll be great right up until everyone begins doing it and it becomes public knowledge, and that puzzle loses it's mystery forever.
  5. Well... I guess I like the personal feel of setting each one myself, but I also like the way you think. o_O
  6. I wasn't referring to just the Gazebo ya know. There's 3 or 4 others there that serve no purpose from what I can tell.
  7. Get a G15. You can program a mouse click macro into it, set a left click for every 30 seconds and leave it on. Alternatively, listen to music and "click" to the beat.
  8. It is the captain that honors me. :drinks:
  9. To reveal all my machinations at the moment would be to destroy them. What I do know is that this /must/ happen, for many reasons. Cryxus is a grand captain and he will do this job well. The dissolving of the MRs has left a vacuum that must be filled, and Cryxus is set to explore the horizons with those that will follow him. It must be shown that no disbanding can kill the spirit of those that remain. If I can be a seat in this alliance, it may suit better to do so than to lay low much longer. I have friends here, after all. If you'd have me, Cryxy taicho.
  10. Very sweet and wise. Great journalist. :)

  11. Voted No: it'd be too harsh on anyone that hasn't trained a bunch of creatures or been around sacrificing them forever. I also voted for a set of creatures to pick from there if it did go through. I was ok at chess. Not a grandmaster, but good enough to be in the tournament. I would not exactly be ok with any of my pieces failing to do their job, many strategies in chess are reliant on one piece holding the line and if by chance that piece decides to lose the surprise attack that compromised your defenses I think the game would end in fire. But that's just me.
  12. You know, there's an entire LHO vote system in place. Maybe RPCs could be given something similar for anyone that ISN'T an RPC. The players don't even have to know about it. An RPC can just silently tag someone that that think is doing a good or bad job. Votes can be silently reset and tallied every now and then. I don't know how you'd reward people without giving it away completely though, maybe there doesn't even have to be a reward for it other than recognition among some of the higher powers there.
  13. I need the exact opposite. I need an automatic preset ritual maker. I run around at the moment with 6 (of 9) lovely young elementals that form a buffer for any rituals I actually care about. Thing is, every time one gets whacked, I get to rebind it's ritual. This is lessened in MP4, because of retreating, but it'd be nice to have.
  14. Best RPC: Khalazdad For his performance during the opening of Necrovion. Least convincing alt: Lib01. I mean Lib02. Lib03? Lib04... Lib05... I'm going to have to go with that army of sequentially numbered "Libs", Liberty Best PWR: MRD Best Backstory: Granos Best Personal Papers: Envy of Endurance Oh yeah. I didn't forget about you. Most Valued protector: Khalazdad Outstanding MD Service award: Renavoid For helping me help MD advertise. Rookie of the year: DarkPriestess22, then. It was originally Cryxus but he went over the days limit for this. >< Best techie
  15. *Votes New* *Checks everything* Might as well go wild with it. Location, though? Mm. That's a tricky one. I mean, the archives obviously fit well, but they're humongous enough as it is. Maybe one of those broken puzzles nearby could lead to the school itself. After all, it'd seem like a fitting enough "test."
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