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  1. one of my favorites, miss him dearly, i do hope he decides to come back around

  2. Very sweet and wise. Great journalist. :)

  3. Soltis

    Adventure Log 1.1

    No biggie. It's often hard to tell tone through text. Leads to a lot of big ones in my experience.
  4. "Insane regeneration" from the healer's tome cannot be cast successfully. "My life to yours" from the healer's tome has a few targeting bugs: -It can be cast upon anyone you have the name of from anywhere... but only at certain times, which we also can't identify. -It /must/ be using the playername list version of a target's name if they are using an illusion. Attempting to cast it on an original account name when the target is in a name changed illusion will cause the spell to fire, the target to not gain any effects, and the caster to lose the compone
  5. [quote name='Glaistig' post='8631' date='May 22 2008, 05:21 PM']...However, part of the purpose of the (broken gazebo) puzzle was to evaluate how hard it was...[/quote] 100/10?
  6. Soltis

    Adventure Log 1.1

    [quote name='Ren' post='20393' date='Nov 19 2008, 10:44 PM']Anyways, you don't have to be such an extremely hardcore roleplayer that you won't acknowledge something unless someone tells you about it in character...and if you want to be, why are you here talking about this at all? It's against your character to meta-game...[/quote] I'm here to tell you what I feel about your log. [quote name='Ren' post='20393' date='Nov 19 2008, 10:44 PM']You shouldn't take everything I say (or anyone..) so seriously and literally. Sure, to a character, Marind's Bell might be
  7. Soltis

    Adventure Log 1.1

    [quote name='Ren' post='20343' date='Nov 19 2008, 01:30 PM']... Don't think of the AL as a changelog. Think of it as...rumors that you hear when you're sitting in a common room, enjoying your tea or coffee or water or beer. ...[/quote] It's near impossible to relate in-character what happens in the adventure log though, because if it isn't about something that's happening in a secluded area it's something that information of would sound very strange indeed. And if it is something that's easily common knowledge, I'm still almost reluctant to suddenly know
  8. Soltis

    Adventure Log 1.1

    [quote name='Calyx of Isis' post='15286' date='Aug 30 2008, 09:31 AM']Funny how people choose only one even when more than one is permitted![/quote] You'd be surprised how many people are simply unaware that the check-boxes mean you can select more than one and radio buttons are one only. Should say so in the poll somewhere, it hasn't quite become all around knowledge. -Sporadic -All 5 -2 I can explain my first and third choices rather quickly- I don't know /why/ I'm reading the log at all. It hasn't affected me in-game in the slightest, I haven't been
  9. Eh... sorry about the unintentional derailment. Was just wondering about that since it seemed relevant. Don't even know if it's actually "on" yet or whatnot.
  10. Also be sure to label and blackline anything major that could be considered a spoiler- heck, most of this entire test could be considered so, so tread carefully. Clicking the bottom, magic sidebar button (Where it lists links for outer, inner, and illusion magic) and then the illusion link returns an error that says I must be MP2 or MP7. Now MP7 I get, but is MP2 even possible?
  11. Quirky, Funny, Odd, Likes eggs ... But Very intelligent...


    Too Intelligent..

  12. -You keep an offline version of every RPC quest and riddle you see in preparation for that theoretical rainy day.
  13. "Other users have left no comments for Soltis."

    Really? Well I shall be the first then, won't I?

  14. I know only of past lives and that my connection to the world is tumultuous at best. So perhaps.
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