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  1. Amoran - such as who? I noticed you didn't nominate anyone for the roleplay awards. If you think that someone deserves to win, why don't you nominate them? Or... do you speak of yourself? Do you feel as if you've been skipped over because of Zleiphneir? I mean these two questions literally, not as a snide attack. Awi
  2. [quote name='Curiose' timestamp='1323222940' post='97378'] The only way that people seem to even listen on this game is by yelling at them. It just seems fitting to insult those back who have insulted me. But sure. I apologize. Not like it matters, eh? [/quote] It matters, thank you. Awi
  3. Curiose - calm it down. "Have you even once thought that, hey, maybe ths is wrong to actually insult people when they request something, or insult their quest, or generally, be a douchebag to everyone in MD." There's no reason to be hostile to ZenTao, her post was entirely reasonable, and though it may come from a different perspective, your own abusive response is uncalled for. I'll be direct with you, since that seems to be the style you most employ: I'm tired of seeing such tactless rampages. There's no excuse to meet poor behavior with equally poor behavior. Frankly I would like to s
  4. I think Rendril and Muratus del Mur are ineligible for nominations - or have things changed? Adventuring - Beautification - Blackthorn Spellcaster - Shadowseeker Champion Fighter - Eon Elite Evil Villain - Jester Fossil - Innocence (Such high %) Golden Protector - Burns Helper of the Year - Kyphis Most Addicted - Chewett Outstanding Service - Seigheart (picking up the ashes...) Pre-eminent Roleplayer - Prime Quest - Maebius Rookie of the Year - [b]Can someone compile a list of eligible people?[/b] Top Techie - Chewett Awi
  5. [quote] Remove; Best Quote (Shadowseeker) Most Influential (Chewett, Nimrodel) Superlative Orator (Shadowseeker, Chewett, Nimrodel) [/quote] [list] [*]Agree that Best Quote should be removed. Historically, Yami kept a list of funny quotes, and we voted on excerpts from that, but in her absence it's not worth it to keep around. [*]Disagree that Influential should be removed. It offers a bench mark, in my opinion, and is necessarily subjective. Every award ceremony needs a incredibly broad category, and this is it. (Best Movie of the Year, Best Book, Best Song, etc.) [*]Agree Super
  6. Comments: 1. I think that the organizers should not be able to be voted for. It seems to have caused some uncertainties in the past - and certainly since we see precisely who people vote for, there may be some influence to vote towards the people who see whether or not you're being loyal. This, to me, causes a skew in the votes away from the actual winners. I, as an organizer last year and a hopeful organizer for this year, think that we/they should be disqualified from winning. 2. I think the uniform number per category should be 4 or 5. Why? If it's any more than 4 or 5, I think t
  7. [b]COST FOR BUBBLES:[/b] -The first bubble is free of charge. Pass by or send me a message, and I will either give you an ITC, or if you idle at the way, I'll pass it directly to you. -The next bubbles require that you complete a quest of my choosing. These could be hard, or easy, or medium. But they'll most likely be bizarre and odd and creative, so be prepared. [b]ARCHIVE OF PAST QUESTS[/b] [spoiler] 1. What is Eon's favorite color (given to anybody): Completed 11/18/11 Proof: [url="http://storenow.net/my/?f=3440"]http://storenow.net/my/?f=3440[/url] 2. Draw a scene of yo
  8. Eno was a typo in Passant's post. Eon is his name in both the forum and in game. Awi
  9. Why not have this work the opposite way? A spell that allows someone to attack in Sanctuaries? Awi
  10. One of the challenges of the day: Amuse provided me with a 2 million capacity jar of heat. I think it would be fun to fill it by 8:00 server time. Let's get going. IF YOU WANT TO HELP: Most likely the heat gathering will be taking place in MB because of the viscosity. Go there and look for someone with a 2000k unstable heat jar. If you can't find someone, message me and I'll try and locate the person who has it. A second challenge of the day: The watering can, too, needs to be filled. Come by and I'll give it to you to add words. A third challenge of the day: Materials must be
  11. A followup: The ritual will begin at 8:00 server time on Day 316. I understand this is a somewhat liminal time - in between for most people - but hopefully you all can make it. If you can't, but would like to assist: visit me anytime and ask to add something to the watering can. Besides that, I will be majorly active on Day 316 if all goes according to plan. So stop by. Awi
  12. [quote name='Firsanthalas' timestamp='1320247258' post='95139'] Actually, from my point of view apologising IS showing and taking responsibility for your mistakes. Simply saying nothing gives the impression that you either don't care, don't acknowledge or are too cowardly to admit the mistake in the first place. And you never apologised or admitted you were in error. I'd have taken an admission as at least a grudging apology. Where I am coming from that is a complete lack of respect. As for comments about my posting things. If you bother to look you will see that I have managed to get a HU
  13. UPDATE: Curiouse, upon leaving MD, gave away the aramor that was originally a reward for this quest. She had forgotten that the aramor was mine and reserved for the quest. SO currently this quest has no reward... In that light, I'm going to end it. The word was altruism. No one wins the quest, but Hedge ends up with the aramor (Curiose gave it to him). Awi
  14. I think that the reason that dst (although her name hasn't come up exactly, it's obvious who we're all talking about) and others have been able to continue to act as they do is that they simply [i]use less words.[/i] So I would encourage you to imitate them, Firs, and others who feel as he does. Simply wagging a finger at people in general is about as productive as raking through muck. There are so many actions that you could be taking rather than stating opinions on a forum, no matter how true or accurate those opinions may be. If you believe so strongly in this harassment, why is cre
  15. Hello MD, Nearly a year ago, on Day 316 of last year, I rooted myself into the ground and became as you know me now, a tree. In celebration of the first anniversary of that date, on this next Day 316 I will be hosting a smallish celebration. Any and all are welcome. I'm viewing this less of a celebration of myself... and more an excuse to gather people together to have some fun and plant a seed (in all ways) or two. There are no conventional prizes to award, at least that I'm aware of, but if you'd like, stop by during the day, and join in. As per usual, there will be: Stories P
  16. The reason this doesn't, and hasn't, held true is that there is a separation between Community good and Individual good. In the example you gave, since Bob and Eon drew exclusively from their own gardens, Community good and Individual good were the same. Eon clearly lost, because he did not choose the way to best maximize Individual good. Let's fight statistics with statistics. One garden. Two pickers. Whoever has the most herbs wins. Day 1: Eon arrives at the garden first and picks 23. Bob picks none, thinking there will be more tomorrow. Day 2: Eon, due to timezones or activity
  17. Please, do more quests. This one was well-executed, integrated, and ideologically sound. That's rare. Awi
  18. As an aside, random capitalization doesn't do anything to emphasize your argument. Clear, rational reasoning does that. Awi
  19. dst. duh. Awi PS dst bribed me to nominate her. She really wants to win.
  20. The same error. Now that IS strange. Does every item I code have that? Awi
  21. No - I don't. If anyone wants to come by and test some things, you can find me in game. Awi
  22. It's only some people that get the error. I don't get it, Kets and Amber do. Awi
  23. The following prints onto the page at the bottom of my item the Watering can "ERROR: undefined editing state #err:01167771. ID 1875 u:95773. L:" Ideas? Awi
  24. I know, I've used that wish twice now. But to me the subtitle and the user-submitted info go together. If one should be editable, then so should the other. Besides, we have RPC items already to edit constantly and announce on. Awi
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