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  1. From my point of view, there's no way for us to directly overthrow the Council - there's no game mechanic, no weapon we can kill them with etc. etc. etc. But we can make it very clear that we disapprove of their actions and would like a change. And if that change doesn't take place, a Council without the support of its game base is as good as dead. I myself don't really have the power to say, "Now the Council is gone." And poof. They would be. But I do think that if we banded together and made our opinions well known and organized, and that is what I plan to do shortly, and made i
  2. tl;dr I want a meeting with Council to discuss things. They must choose a time within a week. If you've been reading the forums you've probably noticed a number of things, the most of which is that I and a few others have been critical of the Councils decisions. Though others may not have been so direct, I myself have claimed that the Council is running out of time. Time until... what? Until they lose our (my) support completely. What does that mean? That means that their authority, though secure in mechanical ways, will lack popular support. What does that look like? I woul
  3. The clock is ticking Council. You know, even though ours aren't official or in an announcement, we keep trust points for YOU too. And you're running just about empty. Awi
  4. My first instinct towards all this mess is - adapt, gather together, brainstorm, do it yourself, work around it. But that only works up to a point. And I'm thinking this may be that point. [i][u][b]COUNCIL[/b][/u][/i] I'm tired of your silence. Do something or wait for the consequences, it's your choice. Just because Mur appointed you doesn't mean we can't overthrow you. By the time you get around to things, they're no longer important. If you can't commit the time to your job, then step down. And I don't use bold/underline/caps lightly. I'm angry. Awi
  5. Infinite bubbles to those who promise to use the Wiiya to revive. Awi
  6. Not to be critical, but the scale looks odd to me. Look at the front of the toolshed on the map. It's width is probably, what, 6 feet? Well if you do a scale check, then that means that the current road as it exists is 12 feet. That's HUGE. The current drawing shows the road as 3 feet at best. That means that the scale is off by a factor of 4. The paths need to be a LOT smaller on the map. Awi
  7. BFH - to make this discussion more concrete, which filters would you like to relax? Story mode? It might be the case that story mode should be rewritten or changed. It's... tangential to the point of absurdity at the moment. It could eve be rewritten with real MD history. Is that a project the council would be interested in? Awi
  8. This may be a radical idea, but perhaps the fact that mps are so strict is a bad thing. What if you could move up and down in Mps (mostly between mp3 and mp5) freely? What if you could go back down from mp4, just like mp6 and mp5 are a constant balance? And the mps could factor in recent activity (logging in), fighting/winning, heat, stats, etc. In truth there are mp5s don't deserve to be mp5s given their recent battle history. Also I would like to see some of the other mps open up (mp2, namely... mp1 should remain as is, for I haven't seen another mp1-esque player). I think mp2 co
  9. In terms of balance: With a two team system it's natural to give each team the same task, because then they compete against each other. With a three team system I would imagine it's more natural to give each team a separate task. Awi
  10. Time 00:00 is a bit hard to wrap our head's around - For those of you in the United States, it's Sunday afternoon. For those of you in Europe, it's Sunday night. For those of you in Romania, it's 12:00 am, i.e. midnight. Awi
  11. Official... from who? Awi
  12. For the most part, this is obsolete because the wiki is a better source of information. http://magicduel.wikia.com/wiki/List_Of_Alliances Awi
  13. Just going to say - I think it'd be a great idea for a player to be in control of resurrections. The items are great and all, but there should be a harder, questier way. Maybe somewhat like the birthday. Death is fun. And since I don't ever move and am sitting on top of a huge mound of Wiiya, which is gaseous identity anyways, I'd be more than willing to be a signpost for those poor dead folk. Awi
  14. Yes - it is a sanctuary Awi
  15. I'm still, as I ever was, game. These bones have a few more rattles left, eh? And I can host for you Curiose, as usual. Welcome back. I missed you. Awi
  16. awiiya

    Forum Colors?

    I noticed that too. Awi
  17. Perfection. Now to figure out... how to do alpha backgrounds. And to get credits to upload it. Awi
  18. And that's how Sage waved goodbye not for a minute, an hour, a day, or a week. But rather two weeks. Awi
  19. I could see a blind polling type thing maybe being used for the repping, but as it stands it's blind both before a vote and after a reload which must be more bug than feature Awi
  20. Once you rep something, the reps for that post appear - but I think this is purposeful. maybe. Awi
  21. Yes, I think so. [attachment=3692:SmallWeaver.png] But, Kyphis, would you mind coloring in the sticks? Perhaps with a wood grain if you're feeling fancy? Awi As an aside: I do not care much for whether people see the up close details of the image. They are, after all, looking at it as it hangs in my branches. If they would like to see it up close, they'd have to ask me. And I'd gladly oblige. For me, what is hidden exists as long as I know it does. And that's what matters to me.
  22. It's perfect. How to ever pay you? Awi
  23. Bravo: 8 = 2^3, thus combining two very good numbers. I look forward to it. Awi
  24. If it must be odd - base it on powers of three. Awi
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