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  1. If you want to go with a bad pun: Two Week Eyes Get it... It's once every two weeks... and it gives us a weak vision of MD... ahaha... I crack myself up. Awi
  2. I have heard rumors that a mysterious Traveler has wandered into the land. The only information I have gathered so far is a vague description: He has no face and no name and some can't even understand its shape. We also know that he entered the land of MD... So the following are theories: 1. He came as many others, through Golemus or teleported to the Paper Cabin. 2. He came from a bordering country, from the south, east, or north. As he stepped, coming from the sea is unlikely. My impression is that the second is correct, for the rumor said that he was tired, and although telepo
  3. awiiya

    Come Together

    Southern California for me. Seems I am pretty far from the rest of you.
  4. Great job Gargant. It was clever and funny! Awi
  5. Oh yes, the Great Glai is never wrong. There are two versions of me. The female one seems to only come out when people first meet me, and then immediately after they refer to her the male version comes out. As to the point, I was expressing my opinion, and although in Glai reality those possesing the same gender as Glai>those of the opposite gender, in Awi reality it is incomparable. My proof: [codebox]Traits belonging to males are defined on the interval [exceedingly masculine, unisex) and are measured on the Masculine axis. Traits belonging to females are defined on the interval
  6. lightsage is right, I am male, and proud to be so. I view the genders as different, but one is not superior to the other. Awi
  7. I think it depends on one's point of reference on what is Balanced or not and of what is the opposite of balance. Ex. A anarchist would say Chaos is balanced, while a structured individual would say it was out of balance. Balance is relative. Awi
  8. [quote name='Glaistig' post='21725' date='Dec 10 2008, 08:14 PM']You can be greeted by [i]awiiya[/i]; I'm sure she's like [i]totally[/i] better than me and you'd be missing out on [i]nothing[/i].[/quote] A female awiiya? Where? From my knowledge there is only a [i]male[/i] one. Awi
  9. Although I'm not anywhere near as experienced as the others in this thread, perhaps the view of a newer player would be useful? I like the number of Alliances right now, and I like most of the Alliances in that number. However, new Alliances are somewhat useless for groups that really want to accomplish something, and if a group truly doesn't, then they could easily join another. I think this because without the extra baggage that inevitably comes along with an Alliance, a group of people are more reactive and malleable. The leader then is not determined by loyalty, which can be overthrow
  10. Ah, that works too. Actually slash my last idea, that is way better, 10 x so because it is already in place. Awi
  11. Yes it was a bit off the wall. I forgot to include the part about the stats. I think the stats should not be determined by the person designing the creature, and instead by the creator or more likely the person with the book of all creatures (I am Bored). Maybe Mur should look over what he suggests though... A previously sealed page of I am Bored's book could open showing the new creature, including its stats, picture, and I think the winner of the contest should write the description. However the stats should be out of the winner's hand, because frankly the winner will just want the be
  12. Hello kingdakad. Yes, the long hair does make him look like a girl. But he loses it and becomes quite handsome. And well worth the bad hair cut. Awi
  13. I agree with Myrrh. The entire game does not have a blue in it (and if it does it is a very small part) and consists of oranges, red, white, and black. Why then is the homepage so colorful? If the homepage is supposed to be a snapshot of what the game has to offer... it's currently showing a very different game. Not to mention that most of the creatures in the sideshow are not available (correct me if I'm wrong). I don't mind the flashy part so much, actually it's very aesthetically pleasing, especially Mur's signature. But maybe a slight shift in color pallet more towards that of
  14. I might suggest going one beyond designing a creature and have a contest for an RPC/PWR position. I would suggest GlorDamar be asked to draw the creature that the winner (and there should be only one) describes. Then the person can become the master of these creatures (like Alek) and decide who to distribute them too. Maybe this is wishful thinking. And that contest would have to be very hard... Awi
  15. I would approve of giving the ability to mass-message to only certain people. Imagine Mass-messaging in the hands of I am Bored. We would never be able to open our mail again, for fear of it overflowing with spam. RPCs, Alliance Leaders (who are all RPCs anyways), PWRs, and maybe selected mp5s should have the ability the mass-message. Awi
  16. The true contest is who can convince the Don... Awi
  17. I think you might be forgetting one very important fact. The creatures are not entirely ourselves. They do have an essence of their own as well. Here, this is from the first time someone recruits a creature: [spoiler]The Aramory is a one of the few places on the Realm in which creatures can be found and persuaded, usually through economical means, to join your cause by binding their essence with your spirit. Thus, these creatures are not physically real, nor summoned. They become a part of you and follow your spirit wherever it may lead them. They merge with your very soul, but they still
  18. So it won't be used to mess with people? Because that would make the Heads Contest a lot more interesting. Awi
  19. Immolation implies that the creature is still being destroyed for the good of only the human, while in my opinion it is a symbiotic relationship. So the best word might be unfettering. Also remember that some alters are not focused around killing, at least I would argue they are not. Fenth's Beach is in my opinion not associated with death. It is a door, not an alter, or a press, or a toiler. So the conventional killing sacrifice is not quite accurate. Something else must be taking place. Perhaps the breaking down of the creature, the conversion, if you will. Also we give up vita
  20. First thing I was drawn in by was the art and the general appearance, the music I thought was annoying... especially at Marble Dale. I also was attracted to the principles, but was overwhelmed by the amount of writing at first. I have since gone back and reread every single one many times. I'm kind of an addict now. ._. Awi
  21. Here is how I think you should modify it: Have each chess piece have a different Illusion, and each piece has set stats and creatures. Now here comes the strategy part (which is essential for Chess). It would be two fold, you would have to decide which piece to move AND you would have to decide how to set up the ritual with the creatures given to you. But there is limited options, and every piece is given the same creature, and so Pawns of course would have weaker creatures than Queens, but a pawn could beat a Queen, which is the beauty of the Magic Duel fighting system. I think mov
  22. Name: Awiiya Tag: None Avatar: None before... Current one is the Wodin's Guard avatar. The only thing that remained is the avatar. Besides that I'm normal. Awi
  23. awiiya


    A prize that you can give that I'm /fairly/ sure you don't need to check with Mur first about is a negation-free answer. So the person who solves the puzzle gets one question, and you have to answer it fully and completely. I would suggest some boundaries for the question such as.. 1. Must be specific 2. Cannot be about... Pillars of Harmony, or Mur's Number, or other things you do not want to answer but actually cannot for the sake of the game. But other than that I would suggest making the question boundaries pretty broad, allowing for the question to actually be a good prize. T
  24. I'm not sure if this has been reported or not, but whenever no RPCs are on, this shows up at the top of the RPC list. Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/magicdue/public_html/bar/rpcs.php on line 28 Not detrimental in any way, but still a bug. Awi
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