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  1. For me, it's as simple as:   It's more fun to grow real gardens in real life.   Awi
  2. Yup - the error was from the Watering Can. I'll give bugs an email. Awi
  3. So the watering can was coded by me a long time ago. But now when I try to use it I get this: [b][color="#CC0000"]There was a problem in using this item[/color][/b] #Reloaded use page, please press use from the inventory page Any ideas Awi
  4. awiiya

    365 Ideas

    The adventure log Here's why: 1. It was updated, when done well, once or multiple times a day. 2. It highlights certain players, and makes the idea that players can change the realm real for new players who are skeptical 3. If someone takes turns writing or creating it, it could become a very successful way to improve activity. A lot of us old vets have this idea of the Adventure Log as something that introduces or expands on the central philosophy of MD - or it should reveal some part of Mur's master puzzle that we call this game. Honestly, I don't know that it has
  5. Well - yes, but judging the judge is just shorthand notation for judging everything you know about them. The question could have just as easily read, "Do you trust the Council's decisions." Awi
  6. The statement with which people agree or disagree: [b] "I trust the Council's decisions"[/b] So each person interpreted that statement for themselves and decided whether they agreed with it. Awi
  7. As per Chewett's added alt information, this will be changed soon to be more positive. Awi
  8. Post any opinions you like here. I asked people not to post opinions on the other board so that a person about to vote would not be influenced by our thoughts. But that's not a worry here! Awi
  9. [b]General Approval Rating:[/b] [b][size=6][color=#008000]36.67% approval[/color][/size][/b] [b][size=6]31.67% neutral[/size][/b] [b][size=6][color=#ff0000]31.67% disapproval[/color][/size][/b] Split even on the strong opinions - 10 votes for each. The largest portion by far is the neutral at 19 votes. As far as spread goes - every other category received about 10 votes (+-2). This gives the Council a slight positive approval rating (by 3 votes). [size=4][b]Fairness Rating:[/b][/size] [size=6][b][color=#008000]23.33% fair[/color][/b][/size] [size=6][b]38.33% neutral[/b] [col
  10. Orange dots work in MDA as per announcement: [color="#CCCCCC"][font=Georgia,]Ann. 2208 - [2012-02-18 02:27:20 - Stage 11][/font][/color] [color=#000000][font=Georgia,]The Realm 4 (MDA Building) map now has an indicator showing where you are. It will also show other online players if you have bought the feature from the MD Shop, in the Extra Features branch. If any location points seem misplaced, or doesn't appear, please post them on the forum.[/font][/color][color=#000000][font=Georgia,] One more land to go![/font][/color]
  11. Chewett, I'm not sure the sideline comments are helping much either... I think I may put a vote out with some of the ideas culled from this topic to see what people think of them. I would love to hear more ideas about how the Council could improve, or what should replace them if the realm has had enough of them (which I just don't think is the case at the moment). Awi
  12. I was well aware of the 5 point scale, and well aware of standard practices in questionnaires. Furthermore, the idea to take an approval rating and ask a few other questions came from the United States Presidential Approval Rating. However, where that poll employs random sampling, my poll (hopefully) captures all of those who have any interest in the subject. As for the analysis, I'm planning on doing a number of analysis, some lumping the agrees together, some separating them out. But enough about the poll - we are here to talk about what would make the Council better, or what shou
  13. [quote name='Maebius' timestamp='1356966982' post='129361'] From Awiiya's poll, it seems there is a slightly negative opinion on some aspects of council. However, statistics are a good starting point for discussion, but not the end-all of opinion. In any "community" the most vocal tend to be the ones who are dissatisfied with something. Thus, polls can tend to skew slightly unfavorably. This doesnt' mean they are not useful, just potentially non-accurate 100%. [/quote] Actually Maebius, I'm not sure that's a fair assessment. I thin
  14. There are a number of options, I think, if we wish to change the Council. They fall into two broad categories: abolishing the Council, and significantly modifying the Council. [b]Abolishing[/b] 1. A single King of the realm, much like Mur. 2. A splitting of duties into a number of people. One person handles rule breaking, one person development, another roles, another coding, another bills, etc. They could either have an overseer, or they could make large decision about the game much as the Council does. Preferably non-anonymous, but they could be mixed: the person who pays the bi
  15. This is possible too. Hmm. There's no way to know for sure without an alt check. What are your thoughts, Chewett? Awi
  16. I would agree BFH. I'd be more wary if there was a seriously skewed picture - for instance 10 or 20 person lead in the results. Awi
  17. I am going by the principle that there should be only one forum account per user. I'm not sure what Chewett does to enforce that (if anything). If Chewett or one of the other forum mods would like to perform an alt check, I would be very grateful. I don't have that kind of power (I have no idea who voted in this poll, I just started it). Thank you for the concern, but if Chewett refuses to do an alt check, I'll still go ahead and do the analysis. Awi
  18. Last chance to vote. I'm going to do some analysis of the votes and post it somewhere. Awi EDIT: The votes continue to stream in, so I'm going to actually leave this for a week to allow any stragglers. I will compile my analysis next Friday.
  19. Just a poll to see what people think of the Council. It's similar to what you would see for many public figures. No bias from me - just asking out of curiosity. As an aside - if you would like to comment on the poll or why you voted as you did, make a separate board. This one should be opinion free so as not to influence the poll. Awi
  20. Think of shapes. What shapes do you get from odd numbers - A line A triangle A pentagon A seven sided figure (heptagon) Now, if you notice the angles, none of these shapes can be made of all right angles. Triangles can have one right angle, sure, but surely not ALL right angles. It should pop instantly into your mind that a rectangle, of course, has 4 90 degree angles. And that the word rectangle derives from latin - rect, meaning right. Angle, meaning... well... angle. But now say you want to add more 90 degree angles to a rectangle. Try to add one more. 5 right angles.
  21. Come on. [url="http://www.theverge.com/2012/12/18/3780158/instagrams-new-terms-of-service-what-they-really-mean"]http://www.theverge....hey-really-mean[/url] Instagram is smarter than that. What it REALLY does is provide more precise language in their terms of services, and it's more restrictive than before. Instagram has technically had the power to sell your photos since day 1. They just never have, because obviously all of their users would hate that. And if you want a summary of Instagram's own response: [url="http://www.theverge.com/2012/12/18/3781860/instagram-on-i
  22. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1354787585' post='127634'] Spend some time to find out what mur previously said about Jonn and him dealing with bannings. Its a [i]very [/i]interesting and has a lot of comparison to the council. Until you see his reasoning i dont think you will understand what "the council" is. Failing that, talk to him about it, you get a lot of interesting ideas. Not that i necessarily agree with all of them, but if you want the "why" of council, thats the path of research to go to. [/quote] Would you be so kind as to share wh
  23. [quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1354776989' post='127583'] No, their job is not easy and it should not be easy. If it were easy, Mur would still be doing it, no? The Council gets power in exchange for their effort. They get the reins, but they have to hold tight to make sure they don't slip and fall away. If everybody hates the Council so so much, they would all quit the game, leave it all behind, but people keep showing up. We're lucky we have any say at all, really. Do you think a relatively young world of warcraft player could be acknowledged by the great
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