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  1. I'm a little confused. What is the purpose of the reddit as opposed to the forum? Awi
  2. I can help. We go way back Jester, good to see you still around. -Awi
  3. What better person than an ancient fossil with impressions rooted deep on the land to rule it? I cannot tell truly if I applying or not. It doesn't really concern me, to be honest. But if you need a yes or no, consider the needle at yes. I have a long memory. I remember rooting. I remember the starts of this land, I remember the failings, I remember the writing, and the deaths, and the long train of figures that have passed through. I forget much, but there are impressions on me. I remember when papers seemed to matter, and spell documents, and where maybe leaving a mark on this
  4. Agree with suggestion. It's pretty standard behavior on the web (see: facebook), and a lot of times I have a GUI bug where the popup is situated too high on the screen and the x button hidden. Awi
  5. I see it like this: Entropy - Balance - Syntropy. Mur used to give things in a unbalanced yet syntropic way - certain people received things, and the rest of us figured that eventually if we worked we would too. Now it seems more entropic, others see people receiving things, assume there must be favoritism involved, and do nothing. However unbalance in and of itself is not negative. The art is unbalance is pushing things in an evolving direction. Some things have been pushed too far (the combat system, for instance, feels particularly tired), but other things have not been pushe
  6. awiiya


    One of my very very longterm goals has been to make a sustaining quest that people would actually like to participate in. The root (hehe) of it would be that I have bubbles and lack the ability to move. Aka - bring me back things from other places. But I have never made it convincing enough for people to actually do this. For instance I tried to convince Hedge to make maps for me... but that fell flat. I dreamed once of spreading seeds all over the realm, and having fruits brought back to me (metaphorically and literally) - but this has yet come to pass. Awi
  7. No - I meant it will rain a normal period of time as a warning. And some features aren't about balance. Some features are about creation and interest. Awi
  8. Idea: Instead of reducing every few days, disregard all loyalties but the currently active one when calculating bonuses. So you can have a high score in a lot of lands, but only one is active at a time. As was suggested by Passant 2 years ago (Pip linked it): http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/11291-make-land-loyalty-decrease-ap-only-for-citizens/ Awi
  9. Thanks. I think as long as I remain in the realm of trying to create interesting but not abuseable items I should be fine... I.e. redirecting back to the navigation page seems fine, but moving a user around the map is definitely an unfair advantage. Awi
  10. Okay: What about this idea: Random respawn, but give a warning. For example, for rain catchers, the weather will change to heavy rain a 24 hour period before the catchers respawn. Or for herb gatherers, a given plant will glow orange and then the gatherers will respawn. This will appeal to: 1. Current holders of the item. They have a fair chance of getting the item, it's not super random. 2. People who want to get a hold of items. They still have a fair chance because anyone can see the triggers and know that the item is going to respawn. Now the respawn time could be e
  11. Interesting. Is it possible to release a list of those so I don't accidentally ban myself?
  12. Many thanks. My birthday was quite the festivity, apologies I was not around to celebrate it with you all. Awi
  13. You have urls that could auto-ban someone? That seems... extreme. I suppose I was just assuming that everything that should be viewable is?
  14. Simple game mechanic < interesting or bizarre game mechanic... But if you want it simple, I agree that having it random one week, consistent the other is a good way of doing things. Awi
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