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  1. hola, ya casi no tengo tiempo de entrar a MD :(

  2. Feliz cumpleaños MD! y que cumplas muchos mas It might seem odd to you but just for fun I looked all over the web for a [b]tomatoe shaped piñata[/b] to celebrate Mur's birth creation. I found pretty weird and sometimes even obcene shapes of piñatas... no tomatoes thoug. All I could find is this weird monster tomatoe piñata (lets call it that way) which it seams kinda cool. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_sJWL2Ln6ys4/R_LJ6EqXZrI/AAAAAAAAAFE/XAlBeEgN2do/s400/ss1.jpg When you hit a piñata you are blinded, you have no idea where to hit but you know you have to be persistent because piñatas are filled with cool surprises. You might only feel that when you are a kid... I was lucky to get the oportunity to feel that again. happy b-day MD K
  3. You know what could be more helpful then a translation? [b]LHO button displayed in different languages[/b]. I told Grido al long time a go about this, perhaps he remembers. Live help in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, etc that would be cool... and also posible @Totenkopf It is quite clear to me why translations are useful. Nevertheless since I started MD there has been no translating at all, that is why I respondeded to bfh with some guessings about the reason for this.
  4. [quote name='bfh lighthing' date='27 March 2010 - 01:00 PM' timestamp='1269716431' post='57017'] Many people can help in translating, the thing is that many of them are not that kind of active in the game. I think being active is an important thing, because how can I really understand what I'm talking about, if I don't have any idea of it? If anyone needs help with Spanish translations ask me I can help with that. [/quote] Spanish spoken players activity is not the problem bfh. I've been here for a while, and ofered help in many ocasions as Tenoch and Kriskah. It was odd to me at first, but then I asumed is because people has to at least understand a bit of English to interact ingame because online chat, quests, anouncements, etc will remain in English... so what´s the point?. Considering all this, perhaps partial translations wouldn't be so useful after all. Dont get me wrong, I am just guessing posible reasons for this lack of interest, that's all.
  5. "En mi casa he reunido juguetes pequeños y grandes, sin los cuales no podría vivir. El niño que no juega no es niño, pero el hombre que no juega perdió para siempre al niño que vivía en él y que le hará mucha falta." * [b]"I have gathered big and small toys at home, those without I could not live. A boy who doesn't play is not a boy, but a man who doesn't play has forever lost the boy who lived in him, and he will miss him tremendoulsly."[/b] - Pablo Neruda (Chilean poet) * It sounds better in Spanish
  6. Yes, I notice the email sender, that is one of many reasons I didn't answer it. Thank you all for helping me clear this out. K [b]@ Any mod: Please, this thread can now be closed[/b]
  7. [quote name='awiiya' date='24 March 2010 - 06:56 PM' timestamp='1269478592' post='56869'] The other branch of the "who" question is who is going to draw this up? You have proposed the idea, but I read your post three times and did not see any reference to who was going to implement it, nor did I see any call for others to assist you. Are you asking for help, or just throwing an idea out for someone to grab? Awi [/quote] Well I haven't thought about it. ok I am asking for help. [b]Edit:[/b] The map is on, if you want to help please PM. K
  8. MD History map Since I join this community the history of MD realms has been revealed to me by pieces. I’m aware this subject is tricky and it has generated several conflicts in the past. Nevertheless… It is often said that history tells us who we are, so I believe it should be one of the first thing newcomers glimpse when they arrive. The linear map from the Lord of the Rings (http://strangemaps.wordpress.com/?s=lord+of+the+rings) made me think about a way which we could make past (and present) more accessible and easy for newcomers to relate and get involved. A multi-lines map of MD can be really interesting and could open the curiosity not only of new people but for veterans too. Each land, each event could have clicking options so people can go forward on personal inquiring and access to MD Archives or interact with veteran’s characters from each land. I know most ideas die here but at least this is cool way to point some things which makes us wonder. Saludations, Ps. I haven’t been playing lately, too busy in RL. But an upcoming event will soon be announced.
  9. Thank you Grido and Yoshi. After the fourth email I started getting a bit upset. Now I wont worry about it anymore.
  10. I received this message at least 4 times this month. I haven't answered but now must say Im starting to have doubts. Have any of you got this type of message? Seem stupid to me that they cannot solve this problem without asking people their passwords. I dont know, maybe I'm wrong. Please tell me what you think, I have many important supscriptions linked to this mail so it would be quite complicated for me to loose it. Saludations, K ps: Perhaps "saludations" is not a real word. I kinda like it thoug, and I might use it some times.
  11. My advise to you is that if you cannot think of a specific roll for your character, start considering the needs of the realm. Allmost any type of profesion could be a good idea at this moment, even better if it is something nobody does. Consider something which can be original, not so hard to perform and which also can help you interact with the community. Saludos, K
  12. Couldnt agree more. From my view this thread has turned really sad and pathetic. I really hope it is closed soon.
  13. ¡Feliz cumpleaños Esmerelda! Eres muy tierna (Translation: You are so cute )
  14. Im planning something special Izuel

  15. I see [b]Lei[/b] an [b]Cubics[/b] are now to be consider. (Im sorry Dst I was hoping more names would appear at the forum). I will termporarilly suspend the voting hoping the drawing will give us a bit more inspiration More details about the flea market and the coinage experiment will soon be given. Regards, K
  16. [b]A Flea Market for MD[/b] The MCo-Op first flea market event will be squeduled pretty soon. This post is to inform the community the characteristics of this RP event and also to announce a RP market experiment which will be conducted same day. The Flea market will allow MD characters to sell or to exchange roll played items, which could be common items or character related. Items sold can (or maybe should) be old and should also tell a story about its former use. It is something a character might not longer use, nevertheless something pretty useful to somebody else. The main idea is to do something fun and different but also something that can be played as a community. A good example on how a market should be like. The experiment has to do with RP coinage During this event traders who whish to take part of the experiment will receive RP coinage: 100 nonameyets will be given to each one. 100 nonameyets will be equivalent to 1 silver coin. (Which I will keep as banks do with gold to back up paper value) The nonameyets should be take as serious as any of your character belongings, and should be use for RP exchange only. More details will be given during the Flea market event. [b]RP coinage name[/b]. I will describe this coinage so the community can help me name it before the Flea market takes place. These are round copper coins with a square hole in the middle, pretty similar to ancient Chinese coins. When we decide a name for them I will ask a Md artist to make a picture of it so anyone who is interested can have it in their papers. Names so far: [s]Magians[/s] [b]Lei[/b] (2 votes) [s]Drachs[/s] [b]Cubics[/b] (2 vote) [s]Rupees[/s] Please vote or make a suggestion. Regards, K
  17. That is sad, I hope you reconsider. But I do understand your frustration. Regards, K
  18. Its only a five days list, if it wasnt for the individual set of coins, we could be able to see at least three weeks of transactions. That would be far more practical. Regards, K
  19. [quote name='pamplemousse' date='11 March 2010 - 11:16 AM' timestamp='1268327763' post='56226'] I just finished [i]The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay[/i] by Michael Chabon and I highly recommend it. It took me a while to finally begin it, and a while to actually finish it too, but it is so worth it. I didn't think a book about comics, Nazis, golems and Houdini could be so deeply moving! It also won a Pulitzer, for those of you that are in to accolades. [/quote] Interesting... I hope i can find it here in Mexico I just finished World Without End by Ken Follet, awesome, couldnt stop reading same with The Pillars of the Earth.
  20. I didnt offer my drach. But I ofered an Imperial Aramor, a Pimped Grasan, and a Clown... I mean we are talking about raw materials here.
  21. [quote name='Pipstickz' date='01 March 2010 - 08:20 PM' timestamp='1267496407' post='55597'] It's not as hard as you make it seem, to get raw items. [/quote] Hmmm... I don´t have too much time to play these days, but I been trying to get common and raw items for a week, I have offered cool creatures too, but still no luck. Anyways as a merchant I have a completly different aproach into items collecting, I just dont see the fun in merely carrying things arround...
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