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  1. hola, ya casi no tengo tiempo de entrar a MD :(

  2. Hey gracias por el saludo por ahora nada de mensages para mi =D asi que te dejo el coment

  3. You know what could be more helpful then a translation? [b]LHO button displayed in different languages[/b]. I told Grido al long time a go about this, perhaps he remembers. Live help in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, etc that would be cool... and also posible @Totenkopf It is quite clear to me why translations are useful. Nevertheless since I started MD there has been no translating at all, that is why I respondeded to bfh with some guessings about the reason for this.
  4. [quote name='bfh lighthing' date='27 March 2010 - 01:00 PM' timestamp='1269716431' post='57017'] Many people can help in translating, the thing is that many of them are not that kind of active in the game. I think being active is an important thing, because how can I really understand what I'm talking about, if I don't have any idea of it? If anyone needs help with Spanish translations ask me I can help with that. [/quote] Spanish spoken players activity is not the problem bfh. I've been here for a while, and ofered help in many ocasions as Tenoch and Kriskah. It was odd to me at firs
  5. Im planning something special Izuel

  6. What is it you need a drawing of?

  7. So cool! She looks like a water demmon
  8. i need to ask you somthing in game

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