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  1. Three mathematicians are talking. "How many kids do you have?" The first asks the second mathematician. "Three," she answers. "How old are they?" he asks. "Well if you multiply their ages, you get 72. But if you add them, you get your office number." She says. The first mathematician thinks for a few seconds and says, "I do not think there is enough information for me to solve this!" he says. The mother mathematician immediately says, "Oh, of course, I forgot to tell you that the eldest plays the violin!" [spoiler]Ages: 3, 3, 8 (twins). Office number: 14[/spoiler]
  2. The registration terms said I should tell someone I read it, and I'm not sure where else to do so... It said something about being willing to give 1 pound or euro or something (I didn't recognize the symbol) to somebody. Anyway, just letting you know I saw it!! Rigorius
  3. If the creator/moderators of the game are planning to implement punishments for attacking in a dojo, why not go further and just make it so that you can plan rituals and stuff but you CAN'T actually carry through with the attack without consent in game? I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard to implement...
  4. (if this is in the wrong location, please move it and let me know where you moved it.. ) Is anyone else getting an attempt at a bloodhound.exe virus (trojan specifically, from what I understand) whenever I try to use the free credits links? It's one specifically but I haven't narrowed it down yet...
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