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  1. it snowed here in texas just the other day what are you talking about amo lol

  2. i do like this idea alot could see it doing well for helping keep people active (cough) not like i have been active but that was unavoidable sadly however tho i think very few if any alts should get any from this and i think all the people who have done things in the game like rpcs and lhos should perhaps get some since the rpcs could not really get them while making the quests anyway this is my 2c glad to be back hope i have not missed too much to fit back in the game i love so much
  3. Yami i am sorry to see you going i am going through some changes right now too and can fully understand my prayers and blessings go with you and if you should maybe one day return know you have friends here who will happily welcome you back but for now go and enjoy your new direction in life your friend Kragel
  4. the slave auction was an abysmal failure I'm sorry I could not do more. LOL ... Actually it was awesome in almost every way! Thank you for letting me help your cause with it.

  5. real money has not been backed by gold for a LOOOONG time though it should be still as to figuring the value of the gold coin it will fulx like the silver does and until there is an agreed on value for it and the silver and anything else that may come then this topic will never be truly open for a real discussion
  6. [quote name='Liberty4life' post='30295' date='May 5 2009, 06:42 AM']first of all i apologize for not reading it all carefully, so i will say how i see it now and what should be done nice market has initial capital, now how to spend it and make it flow...... to answer that lets divide market okies, so we have normal market with goods (items) just building up as kirskah have imagined it, so i ofc [b]i would let her do that part of job[/b], to supervise over whole market of goods, in addition to items, creatures can be also traded, so i found this also as goods for trade so to speak, and well
  7. [quote name='Burns' post='30214' date='May 4 2009, 10:39 AM']argh, both of you fail to get my point -.- if only certain palyers can 'create', there is no job for others and no way of getting coins short of buying them... as long as ANYBODY controls hwo items are made and processed, there IS a monopoly on items and coins, and as noble as Krishka and Kragel might be, if they start handing out their coins for nothing then they just failed [/quote] Burns, this is exactly why i said no one will be given coins for nothing every coin must be earned .... HOW? ... that is up to each one of us ...
  8. Meeting transcripty, (then edited a bit by Kriskah) Kriskah Arcanu:Ok, this is new to me so please be patient my English is horrible Graziel:dont thank yet my internet connection can broke out or it can be end of world Kriskah Arcanu smiles Kriskah Arcanu:I will tell you a few ideas i have for the funds and i hope you can give me some too Kriskah Arcanu:Mur mentioned the possibility of a Central Market, he will endorse it, and he will release more items Kriskah Arcanu:Now, i do not know yet how will the central market will work, so i am just going to tell what i would like to do for no
  9. [quote name='King Manu' post='29857' date='May 1 2009, 12:37 PM']The market was indeed a good initiative on a allready prepared background. The items and the chaotic trading needed such a thing, and i must admit the slave auction was indeed briliant. Once again, congratulations, i consider this an important step in the evolution of the realm. I wonder what will be next...[/quote] thank you indeed to the compliments there mur and i think also if it is run right the point will be the that the fund raiser kind of things will be able to help it run the best i hope we never have to as
  10. Kragel

    Adventure Log 1.1

    Personally i like how the AL is going some times just like in real life you will get more information and some times less but i like where its heading and look forward to seeing it grow into something even better that's just my 2c Kragel The Metal Mage
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