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  1. it snowed here in texas just the other day what are you talking about amo lol

  2. i do like this idea alot could see it doing well for helping keep people active (cough) not like i have been active but that was unavoidable sadly however tho i think very few if any alts should get any from this and i think all the people who have done things in the game like rpcs and lhos should perhaps get some since the rpcs could not really get them while making the quests anyway this is my 2c glad to be back hope i have not missed too much to fit back in the game i love so much
  3. Yami i am sorry to see you going i am going through some changes right now too and can fully understand my prayers and blessings go with you and if you should maybe one day return know you have friends here who will happily welcome you back but for now go and enjoy your new direction in life your friend Kragel
  4. [quote name='King Manu' post='31559' date='May 19 2009, 04:11 PM'][b]As reaction to this topic i requested FULL and detailed report of all market activity so far and its tradable goods and their profit share.[/b] [b]Kragel will contact Kriskah and get this report to me asap.[/b] I also understood that Kragel doesn't feel right to make these things public so [b]i will act as buffer to judge the market situation and decide if its something wrong and fix it if needed.[/b] Personal anger and provocation from some people made Kragel react in a way that has nothing to do with a useful answer to
  5. burns the only think im unsure about is how much of 50% is left after all the loss and things paid out and the fact that it is on creatures that i will get my coin back out of with some and will need to grow and even add tokens to with others to get them to sale i am preparing the report for mur to see on all the transactions Note: this report will also include the people who did not pay fully and still woe coin from the auction ... now i try not to get mad and i took the personal attacks against myself and my character personally and responded badly to them ... i stand behind m
  6. *From: Burns Apology I'd like to apologize for flaming you in the last few days, and as i've said i totally understand that you are a bit thin-skinned these days... i was not inteding to take this to a personal level, or take the matter to the forums, but i wanted a straight answer to see what is fair and what isn't =) and i'm goin gto forget the insults you threw at my head, they don't matter that much to me, and i am sorry that MD is now going to flame you, that was none of my intentions regards, B first off burns this would have meant more if it had been posted here not sent to
  7. wow i should have thought of that thanks kris The final price of your sale in the market will be divided between myself and Kriskah, with a small portion going to the slaves to buy their freedom, if need be ... for people who cant do simple math divided means split usually in half .... in this case since everyone wants to MY BUSINESS .. i gave her fully half of the coin value meaning ALL of the coin and creatures to make up the rest of half which she can give out or sale or [b]whatever[/b] she wants to with them cause they are hers she can even sale them to make extra profits then i
  8. you dislike being insulted ?!?! what a crock you think you can insult anyone you wish and make them look bad by sticking your nose where it should not be but when they tell you you are a low life and other things they think of your ways you dont like being insulted well goody for you cry somewhere else for your info the creatures i have ALL of the creatures i have are mine from auction traded or other trades and from my personal creatur4es i have obtained ... most of my pay from the auction was in creatures cause there was not enough coins for it so if i choose to keep the crea
  9. edit im not responding to your crap
  10. Kragel


    [quote name='phantasm' post='31431' date='May 18 2009, 12:15 PM']ok so in light of the answers i have a few more questions. 1. When application is made will it be reviewed by Mur for thought on making said applicant a crafter?[/quote] i dont think so it will be more along the lines of your role ow who ever the player is their role will show that they could be a good Crafter Mur will decide that and when there is an announcement that you can now make items then you will be sent an invite along with a couple of short questions about neutrality and serving all the people of the realm with o
  11. if the market wants to state what they got out of it they can do so ... and yes burns if be became public knowledge you cheated someone then i would be pissed and for all you people who want to find faults tell me show me every penny you have ever spent made and every trade you have made and every irs form you have and i will do the same ... show me everything you have stolen dst show me every time you cheated ... I AM NOT THE LIEING CHEATING PERSON SO MANY HERE ARE and i paid every expense out of MY DAMN POCKET YOU WANT TO BITCH CAUSE I MAID A FEW COINS THEN BITCH BUT LOOK AT MY
  12. Kragel


    good questions 1. Udgard is right that no just being in the guild does not mean you can make items ... however i may not invite anyone into the guild unless they have been given the ability to create to keep the guild as pure in intent as possible 2. people who would apply or wish to join should be able to craft things this would be bestowed on people through Mur seeing your role showing a strong crafting soul... 3. Mur has all say over PWR and RPC it is always only up to him who gets those promotions ( well and your roleplay effects it greatly) i do think there is room for some PWR
  13. Some people keep wanting to know things that apparently my full report did not answer well enough so I'm going to answer this way... where did the coin go ? the coin was used to pay for awards, commissions, and the markets share was sent to the market. (how much that was is private and asking is rude and disrespectful to everyone involved) where did all the creatures go ? some of the creatures went to the market some were sold and i still hold some which is part of my funds for doing the auction. (my business is not a public or open business and my profits and or assets are not for public
  14. Answer with your most honest opinion. Please. 1. What can be done to help make Loreroot better? Loreroot its self is great as it is, all of the internal turmoil needs to be dissolved ... I would suggest maybe for now let it go back to only the alliances and guilds dissolve the "High Council" as far as I can see the largest number of problem is when it involves this governing body trying to control all of the peoples in the lands 2. What do you think can be done to bring everyone closer together? Some times the best way to grow closer together is to take a step back this is true in
  15. Willem RedBeard Thank you for making this topic! I have for a very long time thought it dishonourable to farm loses and have mentioned it several times also ... this goal is a worthy one that has my FULL backing anything i can to do help you in spreading this thought into the hearts and minds of more and more new and old people alike you just let me know truly the only way a balance will be brought to the game it to fight with honour and show those grinders and stat farmers that it is a time for a change fighting should be used to train and as a part of your role and lvling your
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