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  1. A very nice analysis, well said. So the "beatification" (shall we say haha) of the dojo is in progress. It is to be made mandatory, in due time? Ok, I'm satisfied
  2. Actually I wrote ".[i]..The player took only brief notice of my [b]comments[/b]...[/i]", and you wrote [i]"...but I dare say that a [u]single[/u] [b]comment[/b] in the chat..."[/i]. Singular/plural. You can easily get confused
  3. Yes, your division corresponds with my understanding of the matter. Here's a bit more of legal theory, I think it's useful in the development process... A system can be categorized by defining its elements. Vital elements of a rule/obligatory system are: - Who defines the rules and their transgressions? - Who enforces those rules? - How are the transgressors punished by the rule's enforcers? (there's much more but this will do for our discussion, the rest if of a more scientific nature ) So how does this apply to our discussion? 1) [b]The game rules[/b] (set by the creator) are m
  4. I accept your apology, where ever it might be, but I'll read between the lines No problems. Back on topic shall we? [quote name='Liberty4life' post='18138' date='Oct 9 2008, 01:22 PM']i didnt tried to say that your observation should be discarded i was trying to say that it was already seen and suggested a way to fix it, the same one you suggested[/quote] Ok, I pointed out a problem about the dojo information system and it has been observed before. Done. I observed several other things however (which have been seconded as "new"), and I would like them commented. [quote name='Libe
  5. I agree completely with you, on all accounts. But I think you'll agree with me that all that is subject only to individual control of the players. It's hard to imagine a RP authority that polices the chat-sites... We should agree on the matter, produce a program and advertise it. Dare I call it a "movement"? Unlikely, however...
  6. [quote name='Udgard' post='18127' date='Oct 9 2008, 12:19 PM']...and I hope this will not continue to a further fight...[/quote] This is guaranteed, solemnly
  7. You make a good point. Perhaps you would like to address the question of balance? Let's imagine a compromise between you and tarquinus, is the balance of the RP styles important? I thing that the asterisks are overwhelmingly dominant, to such an extent that it decreases the quality of the gaming atmosphere (for some, and seemingly more and more, players)
  8. Perhaps in time the finished game might provide a more serious atmosphere to the game concept, which might prove a positive influence on the RP wannabes Perhaps not... Obviously, if one wants to do some serious RP* right NOW, the first step should be identification of similarly minded players. Perhaps a new forum category...? Opinions? *by serious RP I mean making elaborate character stories and modifying them "by the MD book" - for example, there can be no mages because there is yet no magic, etc... (open for discussion)
  9. well I for one welcome you I have a friend who would probably want to injure you for your nickname It's his in most games, you see... You were faster, however... haha
  10. [quote name='maggot' post='18090' date='Oct 9 2008, 01:38 AM']Disagree. It would be pretty much a game rule not to attack in dojo if the developer gave those powers to dojo staff.[/quote] This is exactly what I said, before and during I somehow ended up meddling with the oligarchy system of the forum and the game, or so it seems. Liberty, you have offended me and I must take issue with that right now. Let me explain, try to read me correctly and with good will... I don't care who you are, and I care even less who you think you are. You think I owe you respect just because you have some
  11. Oh I'm sorry, I wasn't aware that I was speaking to the game creator himself Yes, I think there's a flaw, because the information is just not easily available. You say people are warned after they make a mistake. I'm saying that the mistake can be prevented. I suggested a method, and it's up to the creator, the staff or whoever is in a position to make a comment about that to consider it. If you're annoyed, I'm sorry that you are of weak nerves, but I'm not speaking to you really, am I? The game is in alpha still, so you can forget that "the stuff is already there" argument. I'm talking ab
  12. WHAT are you talking about?? I'll have to take it slowly I see, piece by pice... Are you even reading my posts?? [quote name='Liberty4life' post='18055' date='Oct 8 2008, 02:52 PM']i dont get it what you wanted to say with this to stop posting names of repeated offenders since they know about rules and they keep breaking them, you call this discrimination? O.o so for example, a guy is a serial killer, you caught him, and instead of putting him in jail you would set him free to kill more ppl, sry but thats what you said, that you dont like that others who respect rules of dojo hunt this whic
  13. Yes yes I realize that, I'm not rushing anything nor am I complaining about the existence of the dojo (read closely), I'm just saying that there is a certain level of hypocracy regarding the dojo offenders. I am simply suggesting (not rushing) either the dojo-apologists demand that the development team* (*for discussion purposes) secure the dojo consensus by adding an automatic mechanism that will warn new players about its existence, or either the team ignores this initiative and therefore prohibit discrimination of the players who have their freedom in deciding how they should go about pl
  14. [quote name='Liberty4life' post='18042' date='Oct 8 2008, 09:25 AM']dojo isnt programmer's idea, its players idea bound to role play, you can see player that belong to dojo staff and have titles saying so, its up to us (player, not developing team) to make dojo work[/quote] So you're saying that the players decisions on how the game should be enriched is no business of the developers? You are mistaken. And I'm not saying that the developers should make the dojo work, only that it would be better if the developers accept the initiative of the players and make sure that the dojo is there. Whe
  15. Could a message be programmed so that every new player automatically receives an inbox message in which he would be asked if he would honour the dojo areas, and a list of the dojo areas, and an explanation of the dojo. And then it will be left to his own will and conscience, but at least he will be aware of it and no one might say that they attacked because of ignorance, nor will anyone say that they're damaged because they're forced to honour the dojo and some people even don't know what it is. By programming something like that I think you would solve a lot of problems, and you would learn
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