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  1. I'm alright. Just plowing through practice tests.

  2. [quote name='Curiose' timestamp='1299260541' post='80018'] I like the announcement, like Chewy Said. In the back of my mind, I was always thinking that perhaps this would be a solution, and voila! It is implemented. As for the mp6 thing and above... MP6 are normally in alliances, anyway, so maxing their creatures would be easy. However, I do not agree with people going all happy dandy and gathering adepts JUST because they want to max their creatures. I stand by those who actually become mp6 to help people, rather than for selfish reasons. Other than that, Mur said RARE creatures. Pro
  3. Welcome Raviir. Please don't hesitate to ask questions if you need help. Some of us, and some mp6 are here specifically to help you move forward in the realm.
  4. That was simply stunning. I'd pay money to see this live. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Wasted words. Wasted breath. Thank the gods for fresh air.

    1. whitewater


      Incense or fart?? A question some of our greatest minds will ponder for decades.

    2. The Great Pashweetie
    3. keida


      wow your so pretty Amoran!

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  6. You have some nerve, Fenrir. First you use stolen artwork in an attempt to get credits for yourself, and now you suggest that the donated credits for the artisans be used for some other organization?

  7. [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1297099342' post='78575'] The money was donated to the artisans, so I feel that it would be wrong to, in essence, choose for them where they might have wanted the money to go otherwise. Now I suggest no solution to this, as someone already said, ideally the money should be given back to those that donated, we can see a partial list, so I'm pretty sure there's a full list available, but not entirely sure how...possible(?) that is to happen, or the likelihood, for whatever reason. I cannot recall what the artisan treasury was for either, because I'm pretty sur
  8. I think it is a very sincere attempt at the human figure. The human form is difficult to draw if you haven't studied it before, and even then it's still difficult to draw because the human form is complex in a very simple way. I would suggest doing some independent studies on the female figure, as for some that can be the most difficult thing to draw. (One good way to do a study is to draw from pictures. If you go on deviantart, some people actually have models pose in various ways and take pictures simply so artists like you or me can study them.) I like your drawing of the harp and the fa
  9. I have only one thing to say regarding your memorial. Thank you, Phantasm, for at least having the nerve and the gall to appreciate something someone did in the game.
  10. You are a sad, lowly excuse for a human being. May snakes squeeze the air from your lungs, may spiders leak from your eyes, and may you fall in the mists alone in the silence.

  11. Just to specify, in case anyone didn't understand this the first time. There has been no labeling that the black substance is liquid dust or black water, it is simply something that would bring those two substances to mind. Darigan to my knowledge did not start this story quest, and does not control the storyline any more than I or any other quester does.
  12. No point in saying anything, the forums are ever going to be a virus in this community.

  13. Happy Birthday Mysti!! I'll have to get you a bottle of wine or something. (I'm totally serious, I'll send it to you too!)
  14. Happy Birthday Poe!! I'm sending you invisible hugs and many many cookies.
  15. Oh brother, you are a killer and you target yourself. I wish you'd never come back for us to see the beckoning end.

  16. I don't believe that Eon is unreasonable at all in regards to battle, and I don't believe making a complaint about him in the forums is going to gain you support from very many people, including Eon. What you should have done is spoken to him personally via PM and worked something out. There is no rule that states that he cannot attack you, and there is no rule that states that you cannot attack him. I don't think that he is hitting you to antagonize you, but perhaps he is hitting you because he enjoys the fighting aspect of the game. Eon attacks everyone, including me sometimes.
  17. I've had that problem with the security code too, but I think it's mostly me misreading it. It's not really supposed to be too obvious, after all, it's a security code. But you know, lube always does the job.
  18. My cards totally insult Santa. That bastard stole my cookies!

    1. Dante Falcon

      Dante Falcon

      You know. You left them out on an open plate. Sounds like you wanted them stolen to me.

    2. Curiose


      I'll steal your cookies... and I'LL EAT THEM TOO!

    3. Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Dante: I didn't leave any cookies out, none! They be miiinnneeee!

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  19. I got to watch it with my upstairs neighbor. It was a lovely eclipse with a big bright moon coupled with one of the biggest and longest meteor showers we are going to get this year. The perfect thing to watch just before a holiday.
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