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  1. I am very interested in the Teleport to Oak Fort stone that you have, but I currently have only creatures to trade as I had exhausted my coins earlier in the year from quests and such.
  2. Eon, I need to speak with you ASAP.

  3. It's very boxy, but interesting. I like it...

  4. Plant suggestions, if they have not already been suggested: [u]7-layer forest garden[/u] [b]upper canopy:[/b] -Pecan trees -Willow trees -Apple trees -Peach trees -Pine trees -Maple trees -Birch trees [b]lower canopy[/b] -'Japanese maples' -Plum trees -Crepe Myrtles [b]shrub layer[/b] -Hibiscus -Gold Leaf Spirea -Azaleas -Dwarf Crepe Myrtle [b]herbacious layer[/b] -French lavender -Basil -Sage -White sage -Mint either spearmint or peppermint. -Ornamental Peppers -Chamomile -Dwarf Hibiscus -Catnip -Cat mint -Dill -Thyme [b]ground cover root layer vine layer[/b
  5. The concept of the ritual my character performed is a grounding ritual that you perform in meditation with a tree, or a plant. [url="http://www.meditationescape.com/grounding-meditation.html"]Scroll down to 'Sample Grounding Meditation'[/url] Explaination: You approach a tree if you feel that the tree accepts you coming into it's space, and kneel. You place your palms against the tree's trunk and tell it a story (whether it be something about your life, or something that has happened recently that has caused an emotional distress in you, just tell it a story.) - all the while feeling the
  6. It would certainly be grand if this was turned into an in-game event, rather than an obnoxious gloating act. As for Jester's choice of citizenship, I've been curious about that too. A king is not king if he is not even a part of his own land.
  7. Is there any way I might be included in the testing of the seeds? I've gathered at least three of them.
  8. It appears that the bug was fixed. When I logged on earlier, I was able to move. Also, BFH, I never run a cleaner of any sort unless everything is closed.
  9. While I do not mind entirely, I am trapped at the Oak Fort and am unable to move. I keep getting the same error, no matter how many times I restart my browser, clear my cache, or clear my history. I've run two cleaner scans on my computer thus far, and nothing has changed. [b]"Please clear cache and refresh your interface. If this problem persists, try again in a few minutes or report it as a bug."[/b] At this point, I would regard this as a bug. To my knowledge, there are other users in the game who are using fire fox without a problem at the moment, and that happens to be the browser
  10. Thank you to my adepts for aiding me in remaining mp6. You are all appreciated greatly.

  11. Happy Birthday, my king. And to you as well, Dari, dragon of Loreroot! I hope you each have a good one. Oh, and Firs, don't get too drunk.
  12. I would like to make a suggestion concerning the Legend's List. As I cannot for the life of me recall who is on it, I would like to suggest BlackThorn to be added to the list. For many months during the early days of Loreroot, BlackThorn, Nelya, Savelfuser, Knator Commander and several other influential characters put their heads together and started to work on the general structure of the Guardians. BlackThorn, as I recall, had a great impact on that particular structure. [b][Edit: Please keep in mind that some of the information regarding the Guardian's history may have happened a bit dif
  13. We still exist in the community, but we are few and far between now. Do not give up on seeking proper role play. It is there, but it is difficult to find.
  14. From Kiley, who may not have a forum account: "Dear Amoran, Upon entering this realm I was plagued with a reoccuring dream. I wake on the golden beaches of Golemus, the sun shining down on my body. As I lay on my stomach I close my eyes, tranquility filling my mind...It is then that the beast emerges from the water. Slowly I turn my head, his very essense permeating my being as he comes to me. I know he is trying to speak to me..not with words, but in my mind. I can not understand and become distressed as I feel the urgency behind his need. I awaken with him in my mind every morning and h
  15. Hello and welcome. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. There are many helpful people in the game, not everyone bites.
  16. I recently took a look at the avatars that I have stored in my vault, and I currently hold two avatars that need a home. I would prefer if someone wore them who had a 'similar' or 'matching' role to what is displayed in the artwork. The avatars are as follows: 1. [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v681/JadeShade/fairydance.jpg[/IMG] [b]Description:[/b] A simple fairy with segmented wings flying while summoning a sort of energy to her right hand. This is an avatar that I drew and uploaded. 2. [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v681/JadeShade/harlequin.jpg[/IMG] [b][size="4"]Har
  17. Amoran Kalamanira Kol


    Projects unrelated to MD. Book covers, graphics work, etc.
  18. From the album: Projects

    From Seeker's Aramor contest..

    © © MagicDuel.com

  19. This particular union is based off of the aspect that adepts are expendable, like employees at a cheap part-time fast food job. The simple fact is that they are not. Adepts, as I stated in my first post, are earned through respect. What makes this idea a problem to genuine protectors is that the activity scale fluctuates during the week. You could start the week off with 38 adepts and end the week with 31 adepts. Taking only a few from each protector could essentially remove each protector from mp6 status, especially considering the amount of people in MD who are 'young players' who have
  20. His words are flies, swarming towards the true insects. Feasting on buried dreams and spreading decay upon your skin.

  21. Thank you everyone! I'm not quite 21 yet, I've got about 5 hours to go, but thank you!
  22. [quote name='apophys' timestamp='1304493495' post='83870'] Having been made aware of the potential problem of adept siphoning, I have implemented a rule that members of the HAU be adepted to an existing protector mp6 while between clients, to try to minimize the impact on mp6s. Do you have any suggestions on what else could be done? [/quote] I think that particular requirement for what you are trying to do is reasonable, as for a better solution to that I currently can't come up with one. As for a solution to decrease the strife that the mp6 change will cause, I can only suggest a game-w
  23. I will say this very clearly, as a current mp6 who has remained mp6 for a selfless purpose: I do not, absolutely do not agree with the new unfinished changes. The only thing I can agree with is the 100 days requirement, but not that the mp6 stage, which has ever been used as a stage to protect younger players to become a solely experimental stage. I have had numerous people tell me to drop so they can work toward raising their creatures, and each time I have refused to do so. I will drop when I am ready, and I will continue communicating with my adepts as I have been long after I remove mys
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