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  1. [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v681/JadeShade/grassytoes2.jpg[/img] [size=2]Edit: I think my scanner ate his toes. I'll have to fix that. Edit #2: Fixed! The image is now affectionately named 'grassytoes'.[/size]
  2. There is a difference between copying an artwork and using an idea.

  3. First.. I highly doubt that this image has been traced over in any way, shape, or form. It looks very free hand and has very clear differences from the version depicted in the DnD manual. A copied image would look literally identical in pose, shape, dress, shading, etc. I believe what you all mean to say is that the idea for the grasan was taken from this particular creature in the DnD manual. I doubt very much that the creator of the grasan artwork has any reason to trace. Also, I will say that the general idea for the shape of the grasan creature is very common so it doesn't surprise me
  4. It is to my understanding that Phantom Orchid was linked to an exploit and was not told that it was a bug in the system, or that it was a specific exploit. However, she sold this exploit to lashtal of his own request, and it is apparent that Lashtal, nor the one who held the auction, or Phantom Orchid knew that this particular link was an exploit. Now, it is perfectly fair that she was punished for this, but what I fail to understand is why she was not granted the respect of a conversation regarding this event before she was punished. It came to my attention from a series of messages from Or
  5. This is very odd, I appear to not have gained the ability to edit my member title once I reached 500 posts. Strangely, I did not notice until just tonight.
  6. I would like to request a PM with details regarding her demotion as she is in fact a priestess of high standing in the Children of the Eclipse alliance. I would like to know the events surrounding this, and what she might have exploited. Thank you, Amoran Kalamanira Kol Sibyl of the Eclipse
  7. Sparrhawk at the moment is unable to fulfill the duties of a Half Moon Captain due to his obligations in real life. He is welcome to the position, always, and if he is brought into question, he can still be considered the Eclipse's Half Moon Captain... But we are looking for a captain to take on his duties and aid our Knights. The leaders of the Eclipse are doing what we are able to regarding the duties of our sleeping captain. [i][size=2]Edit: Edited...again.[/size][/i]
  8. Damn allergies in the worst way imaginable. That's right. I'm telling my own overactive immune system to screw itself.

    1. Princess Katt

      Princess Katt

      Me, too! I second this one.

    2. Sharazhad


      rather an overactive immune system than a suppressed one :P

    3. BFH


      I know what it feels....

  9. Awe, no one wants to cuddle Burns. Poor burns.
  10. The artist is certainly not BlackThorn. His style of artwork is quite different from this one. The best way to identify BlackThorn's artwork is if you look for rough, small details throughout the art. He tends to draw mostly fantasy styled works. Very rarely have I seen him produce anything like this art.
  11. It was a good battle, but I admit that I've neglected training for too long due to courtesy reasons, and due to my being MP6. That will have to change. Elthen, I lost the battle anyway - nothing to get too upset about. It's only a competition. Though I do admit that it should have been stated in the rules or something that you have to be in an alliance, or... perhaps there should have been a banned entry for me so Eon could continue to participate. Thank you Burns for making it a fair competition for me, next time, if I notice that there is an mp6 - mp5 issue, I will likely drop out to avo
  12. 'dawe. It wants to try the food!
  13. "Quit taking pictures of me, you prick, and feed me some leaves!"
  14. "Oh geeze, this branch just feelz sooooo good on my sore shoulderz"
  15. I'll gladly volunteer to do artwork, as I have set you a message via PM. I drew a bit of artwork for the last issue of the MDNP when Gargant was the one in charge of it, and I quite enjoyed drawing for it.
  16. Right, so.. the lake turned out to be a bit of a downer. I will advise anyone who goes to any of the lakes in the upper portion of Texas during this time, that there are severe outbreaks of blue-green algae and that the symptoms, rashes, and what not IS real. A friend who came with us had to leave early due to being sick from this stuff. The Marinas will not tell you this until the day of your leaving for the cabin, so the warning is likely to be late...intentionally I feel. Their biggest money-making weekend was blown, so of course. Right-then. It wasn't all terrible, just being away from
  17. I wish I could rough it for real. I haven't done that since I was 11 and camping at the gulf. Ah well, camping has a different meaning now I guess. To me it means you buy a cucumber, carrots, granola, and a ton of meat to cook over an open flame.. and you set up a big tent right on the ground, or sleep under the stars. It's really nice when you do it that way actually.
  18. I think I understand how they feel. I'm a cat owner myself and would be devastated if one of my animal buddies died on me. I will keep them in my thoughts, Kyphis. And to those who made the rude comments above: Show some bloody compassion.
  19. I was originally not going to do this, but since Amoran has a few in-game responsibilities such as taking care of adepts and worshipers.. I will be heading up to Lake Texoma this weekend to go camping. Fancy camping, that is, because the marinas there seem not to know what 'roughing it' is. Anyway, to my adepts: I will be taking my laptop with me, but I not be able to get online very much as the area we are camping in does not include internet, however there is an internet cafe near by so I will try to check messages and such when I am able. To the Eclipse: I will be leaving Amoran's pos
  20. Moving in and out of the shadow, it's no easy mission. Holding on to how I picture you. Showing only bits and pieces 'till the tide betrays you and your empty elocution. Searching your eyes for a hint or trace of humility.

    1. Maebius



    2. Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      That's a lovely song. :)

  21. It is well understood that this sort of behavior is against the rules, but I disagree with Dst's method of finding such behavior. The community of MD does not need a watch dog to harass them into behaving. Most of us are adults between 18 and older. I'm sure we know how to behave like adults. I have said this once and I will say it again: Use a strict method to punishing players for breaking rules. Be reasonable about it. Do not create a war path. Haven't we seen too many war paths in the game already? Is there seriously a need for more useless arguments? No, there is absolutely not. G
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