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  1. I can give some too, if you need them chews.
  2. From the album: Amoran

    This is a moon flower which is produced from a slow-growing moon flower vine. It bloomed last night and looks just so lovely where it sits in my garden.
  3. Amoran Kalamanira Kol


    A few pictures of me.. They aren't that great, I think.
  4. Who were the other three judges? Also, I would like to request that ten of my credits go to Marvolo for his effort regarding the drawing he made.
  5. You seem to have a sense of what role play is, but I do see that you did force actions onto Arion. That is referred to as god modding. I can't say much about your character, as I wasn't present during the time that you did this role play...but I do think that there is much room for improvement. Try to give the other player more room to respond to your threats if you're going to go about with the RP fighting. Instead of saying '"wills [insert random sparkly action here]" Say.. "Slings [insert random sparkly action here] toward Arion." This gives the other player room to decide for himself if
  6. Whether anyone might believe it to be ridiculous or not, many arguments start from people simply not understanding one another. It is a human trait to want courtesy and mutual respect. I feel that honestly a lot of things are not handled very well in MD, and that Firs has a reason to speak up- but that his reason, no matter how well intentioned it is, is being fogged by his general upset. There is some truth to what Firs says, and I don't think he's just saying it to whine or whatever. I have the feeling that Firs is genuinely concerned, despite him being argumentative. This is a trend that
  7. Personally I feel that this problem will continue until the tools for the lands are distributed in a different but similar way, or if Kings of the lands are actually given the power and ability they need to control the distribution of resources for their specific lands. In Loreroot the herbs are continuously at 0 - depleted. When one or two grows, they are immediately gathered by someone. Yet, kings cannot make laws regarding the use of resources or tools, nor do they have any way to control the distribution of the herbs, so the more public land's resources are nearly always going to be deplet
  8. Apologies, Seth Xyrell there have been others who have wanted to see changes of this degree and have offered to help. I would suggest contacting Grido, the Council or Muratus Del Mur himself, as he is the game's creator - about the typos in the game. I feel that it's good for a new player to offer this kind of help. Preferably, I would contact Grido first, as it appears he has been placed in charge of handling these kinds of concerns. I would only contact Mur or the Council as a last resort if your messages go unanswered. You can reach Grido via forum PM or by emailing him at grido(at)yma
  9. Penny is unfortunately no longer in the game, thus she was not named, but she will always be remembered and honored by the Eclipse as one of its most important founding members.
  10. If you are interested in joining the Eclipse alliance, please refer to this [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10413-do-you-wish-to-become-a-knight-or-priestess/"]thread[/url] after reading our mission statement.
  11. What is done is done, and let us hope it is for the best.

  12. I fail to understand the purpose of keeping Jester as a mock king, but very well. At least it was announced.
  13. Thus far, there has been absolutely no announcement from the council. There are twenty minutes or so left until Mur is able to act out his frustrations in his 'day of blind justice'. The question I hold, for the community and for those waiting for this same announcement to appear.. "How can we put faith in the decision making body of MD (The council) when they themselves cannot communicate with each other enough to keep their word?" Is silence their answer to the issues that have risen? I make this post to remind the council that we are still waiting for their promised announcement. [quo
  14. Don't just call me a pessimist, try and read between the lines. I can't imagine why you wouldn't welcome any change, my friend.

    1. Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Humans are creatures of habit, and many of them don't like or accept change very well. The song that the lyrics come from is about flushing away all of the bad and inviting in the good.

    2. death ray

      death ray

      I love me some Tool! Been awhile since I jammed out to though:(

    3. Maebius


      MEAT PUPPETZ! Ahh, nostalgia...

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  15. (Firsanthalas has spoken the majority of my thoughts in his post, but I will post anyway.) During my time in the game, I have not truly had a problem with concerns with time, mostly I play MD when I have nothing to do - or when I intend to ignore something I need to do. (like house work) To me playing the game is one of my hobbies, because when I play the game I include roleplay and strategy and combine the two. Unfortunately, I have been able to play the game less and less due to real life circumstances (Work, family, job seeking, planning for college) recently. I cannot just magically be
  16. You know, there's a whole lot to be said about attitudes in MD, but it's been said so many times that it's practically a broken record.

  17. Someday I will walk away and say, “You disappoint me,” maybe you’re better off this way..Leaning over you here, cold and catatonic, I catch a brief reflection of what you could and might have been.

  18. I am sorry for what I may do.

  19. Well I find it completely and utterly ridiculous, but it is amusing to say the least. But then again, I'm a fan of crude jokes, so I can't complain much. Work on the animation a tad and maybe the script a lil' too. It would have looked better if you hadn't used pixelated images.
  20. I will be collecting resource items and giving them to young ones who desire to further themselves in the game. I will also look through my creature list and see if I have any to give. Also, I do not mind imprinting my protector spells and some of my other spells onto memory stones. Feel free to request it of me!
  21. It was for a halloween picture editing contest, the theme was... dun dun dun: The Ring.
  22. There's a feeling I get when I look to the west, and my spirit is crying for leaving. In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees, and the voices of those who stand looking.

    1. Maebius


      You've been hanging out with Passant lately? His papers glitter like gold too.

    2. Passant the Weak

      Passant the Weak

      *bows to Lady Amoran*

      Makes me wonder....

  23. I will state a second time, as I have spoken the same words to Grido personally.. I do not feel that he handled the situation well. He has done a good job thus far as Inquisitor, but this particular incident has motivated me not to run for LHO [i](One of several reasons, but a main factor in my decision)[/i], not simply because a member of the Eclipse is the main subject here - but because I did not feel that he gave Phantom Orchid the proper respect she as a long-standing player deserved. [i]([/i][i]In response to Hedge's post, and because I do not want to make another post in this thread:
  24. I have a curious suggestion if I may add to this.. maybe there should be a converter added to the game so that you can check to see what time events or other things are going to fall under in your time zone?
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