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  1. I believe I know what happened with this.. No one asked or argued the point of not being able to nominate people of your own land. It limits the nominations, and gives the person nominating only a certain range of people to nominate. So perhaps people just ran out of nominations? I believe the way this is set up is a complete farce, and honestly.. I don't like the way it's being run. No one asked for the limitation, and people have argued it clearly, so why is it in place? Do you really need 20 people to say "this is stupid" before you decide that it's a stupid idea?
  2. CTC351131JOLIH33MDC769EKP255T19N

    1. Burns


      thanks for the pretty gift, fresh rewards :D

    2. Tipu


      Burns...!!! Don't u know the rule free CTCs r not for Fossils.

    3. Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Be sure to give it to someone who needs it Burnsie.

  3. I will likely be teaming up with Marvolo on the artwork cause as well as helping players with contact regarding others. Thank you Burns for asking.
  4. After the Grasan replacement contest ended, Amoran and a few others had not been given their wish point rewards. I first posted in the forum, and then waited two weeks. Then I chose to find the nearest TK to get the matter settled. When I contacted Seigheart via PM and forum PM, he said that he did not wish to be bothered with "trivial requests". Amoran did however, receive her wish point after he explained that he did not want anyone messaging him about rewards. All is well, however.. I do not feel that this is the way reward inquiries should be handled. After waiting 2 weeks for my wish
  5. I will say, that instead of nominating, I will suggest people be looked into for nomination. Because I do not agree with one of the rules set up for this year's MD Awards. The one fossil that has been overlooked for years, and I mean YEARS is Firsanthalas. He's older than dirt and performed as well as he was able as a king. He's been in game since I was mp3, and he was mp5 then...and he's mp5 now. For the suggestion of Rookie of the Year: I will say JadenDew. She has grown tall from the tiny sprout she was when Amoran first met her in game. I have high hopes for her, too. Of the protec
  6. As was asked in the mood panel. Why are we not allowed to vote for people of our own land? I have been extremely busy lately and have not kept up on the forums.
  7. So what was the reason we can't nominate people of our own land?

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      Mkay everybody, according to Zleip, this is all about me, and not about MD awards at all. Just so you know.

    3. (Zl-eye-f)-nea


      No Pip, according to me you are making it about you as well by making inflamatory statements instead of about the topic at hand. Just so you know.

    4. Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      I apologize for bringing this into the mood panel. I'll lock the mood post.

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  8. Quest information has been updated. See "1) Description".
  9. Another 9 hour shift... sigh.

    1. ChildOfTheSoul
    2. Princess Katt

      Princess Katt

      Just like a friend of mine once said "You are hurt now? Well, I'll tell you something that will REALLY hurt you!

    3. Amoran Kalamanira Kol
  10. I work today, but I will be answering PMs this evening.

  11. Does anyone else find it mildly amusing that the action point bonus for Loreroot is 420?

  12. An mp6's stability is a shifting process. While on Monday you may have 40 adepts, and may consider your position to be stable, inactivity due to the daily life of your adepts or other reasons may cause the number to fall to 32 two days later. 30 is not a safe margin, if you fall just one below 30, your mp6 status goes away as well. If several people are trying to go mp6 for a day to upgrade creatures, at the same time taking 7 adepts or 5 adepts from each protector to keep them at a level of 30 could be more harmful than helpful. Currently Amoran has a number of 35 adepts that is rapidly f
  13. I would prefer it to be set to MD's setting, but you may be creative and choose a different setting if you wish. Think of Khalazdad's old parables, they related to MD's terms but still had other creative influences. Not to say that anyone is required to write like he did, but that is just an example of a story format.
  14. I will be hosting my yearly artwork quest as part of the Feast of the Cycle. This year I am choosing to do it just a bit differently than I have in past years, as it will be related to a principal that the Children of the Eclipse value highly: [b]Cyclicity.[/b] [b][u]1) Description:[/u][/b] [size=3][i]Cycles move the realm. They turn the community in waves that continue crashing and returning, and crashing again. Everywhere you look, a cycle can be found. Kings come and go. Fellow players sleep and return awake. Leaders fall and rise. Rain falls in the realm, and then stops, and falls agai
  15. Marvolo will be hosting 'Remarks on the Season of Passing' at the Fields of Abandonment at 23:00 server time!
  16. You did the best job that you could have, given the circumstances, thank you Firsanthalas for being our King while you were. My only wish is that you had stayed as King, but alas, you have to do what you have to do.
  17. I have been given the credit codes, but what about the wish point? Or are those being waited on due to loreroot's WP count request..?
  18. I currently have spell stones, tea, silver, and candy to donate. I may also have some heavily aged creatures to give as well. *Of course, some of these items may be used in a quest I will be sponsoring during the Feast of the Cycle.
  19. Of what I managed to snag from the 6 turns of the needle this is the message the triggerbox gave to me with each turn: [b]3rd turn of the needle:[/b] [b]There are more lost cause fights (3) than won (2). Weakening all stats by 8% x 5(causes) x 1.2(modifier). (Maximum 25 active causes can be considered with this item).[/b] -This shows that there are 5 people who have battled against Eon, but 3 of those 5 have lost. This seemed to cause the effect of the needle to lessen. Meaning: That the main way to increase the needle's effectiveness is to actually win against eon in a fight. However, it
  20. That's my question as well. In the announcement it mentions "this period". What period of time are you talking about?
  21. We have removed certain individuals due to heated demands of our fellow lorerootians. Removed: Spartiatis Taura Velho Thomas the Titan Jose Astrada Jaco cfs Aleron** - As a special guest, he is always welcome in the alliance. Please understand that if any of these members surface in the realm, they are one hundred percent welcome to return the alliance in the event that they intend to remain active. I will try to message each of these members, as I am able. If anyone (even outside the CoE) knows how to get in contact with them, please do. *I have only been able to send messages
  22. Here, here! Since this has been said, I have a few ideas on how we can actually retaliate against Eon by using the tools that are currently given, and it involves working in a group (Holy crap! A group? How long has it been since we've seen that?). Since I don't want to talk about these sorts of solutions on the forum, anyone who is interested is welcome to find me in game. The needles do work, the land cleansers work, and there are protectors and people in the game who possess spells and such that can help with this sort of thing. Let's make it interesting, shall we?
  23. One thing that I do miss about having a central training ground of sorts in the realm is that the training ground drew people to get to know each other a tad better. I recall that there were always interesting conversations at the GGG and when the community rose to protect it, it showed - to me - that this sort of training ground actually gives people something to do- some reason to actively participate in what the realm has to offer. I feel that this is a good idea, if it is done properly. The GGG had it's good points and it's bad points, but I would like to see people working with one an
  24. The circle turns, and we are enveloped in dust only to be reborn anew.

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