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  1. Happy birthday Mur!! I'm glad you liked your cake!
  2. *applauds logan* Thank you, once again, for reading my damn mind.
  3. When you start discussing K.C. and his sexual preference. "Hey did anyone ever notice where K.C. hangs out? The asshole of loreroot!"
  4. I've been playing the game for awhile now and I never said hi! *hugs everyone and passes cookie tins to all!*
  5. I'm the manager of the artisans guild, so I'm trying to manage it for Glor. :/
  6. If I don't win this one, I'll definitely participate.
  7. The Artisans Guild has been reduced to only myself and Glordamar. We need members, please- if you can draw, contact Kalamanira Kol in game, or me on this account.
  8. [color="#FF0000"][u][b]Announcement!:[/b][/u][/color] The Artisans Guild has been reduced to only myself. We need members. Please, dear gods contact me if you can draw. Edit by GlorDamar I too am in the guild. Nonetheless, the two of us is not enough to get all the work done that needs to be done.
  9. Got a few more to post up, I'll have at least 15 done soon. I've gotten these resized and such, so they won't pixilate and look grainy, or so I hope not. Anyway, tell me what you think! EDIT: Just noticed on the siren picture.. I need to edit out some paper lines and work with that one a bit...
  10. lol mur has 160? damn.... well that makes sense I suppose.
  11. *bother, bother, bother*

    Good friend, he gets a cookie tin.

  12. Amoran Kalamanira Kol I am an elf, truly one with the forest, I travel amongst the trees. I hear them speak, I feel their wisdom. The elements are my own to control, choose me and the forest will listen and not move it's will against you.
  13. it makes the forum go round and round, but makes my bitching process (sometimes) go round n' round. 'cause some people get the wrong info! Anyway, aye.. I liked papa smurf better haha!
  14. Awe, your kitty loves yooou XD

  15. ;P Sure, pop up and don't leave a comment.

  16. [quote name='RobLucci' post='23326' date='Jan 4 2009, 01:53 AM']It has something to do with constellations... and why the hell did the sun hid the moon?!... ahaha just some random opinion[/quote] Its called a solar eclipse. Think about it. My first thought when I saw the pillars was that they reminded me strangely of Stonehenge.. but Stonehenge is used to take note of something involving the sun, perhaps the pillars are the opposite? Not sure, my thoughts though.. I've not read much about the pillars or about golemus in general, but I do know for sure that there was once a night sky abov
  17. [quote name='Blaze777' post='23333' date='Jan 4 2009, 04:01 AM']Owned my creatures? ha. name a time and place. Anyways, you have to think about my answer... if you were to not defend yourself in hopes of her not attacking, it would be different than actually being willing to die. Acceptance could be the key. Also, when I die in my dreams, I tend to wake up. Either way, it works. Oh, and about the phrasing... I'm just a mean-spirited individual. haha.[/quote] Well, I'm a bitch- but be glad I was warned by a friend to watch myself.
  18. Silver: No I haven't done anything to Blaze, perhaps I owned his creatures a few times in training or something but... anyway.. Burns: One is not stronger than the other.. Its interesting to see the responses from those around me, even if they don't fully understand my characters. The harder features of K.Kol mean she holds herself differently, at least thats what I make of it. Ah, and indeed the responses are quite good.. I'm surprised at how many posted on this.. ^^; [quote name='Blaze777' post='23268' date='Jan 2 2009, 11:30 PM']Its obvious. Just lie down and die. Whats with people
  19. *gives liberty a cookie* you've saved me from flicking pebbles at the guy!
  20. Hm.. well, the artwork definitely isn't bad Angus, but for some reason I do agree with Grido to a certain degree. Something in the shoulder and neck area is making it look a bit off. As I said, it is a good drawing and with darkened shading, it'd look awesome. And aye, good work on the other ones too!
  21. Hmm.. Many people should be added to the list. I'll make a list and post it here.
  22. Hm.. I love the pose, but something with the shoulders bugs me. They look almost too muscled, too even. Good body work though.
  23. [quote name='myrrh' post='22473' date='Dec 15 2008, 03:29 PM']I agree with you but I think I can see why Mur might not want that. The avatars represent the players' roles and characters; would you stamp those with another player's signature? It's true that it's a representation created by an artist who might deserve recognition, but it may taint the feeling of absolute possession of the player who buys the avatar. Another thing is the Artisans are considered the artists of the game, not individual persons selling works of art. Do you see signatures on the map drawings? The same reason for
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