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  1. [quote name='Firsanthalas' post='31051' date='May 14 2009, 03:19 AM']This is the first that I have heard of this When was this decided?[/quote] Firsan you were in the freaking meeting when it was decided, you even voted. I have records to prove it now stop it.
  2. I will say it like this, the system of non harmful attacks is useful in many ways. We tried it with the alliance and Calyx has told me that she wishes this system to be in the "Loreroot Dojo". I am having a meeting with her tonight to discuss a different way of doing So before you explode like you seem to enjoy doing, take a moment and use your brain. Do you truly believe that the members and High council of Loreroot are going to allow any amount of ideas to be stolen and used? Let us find our own way to train, and please do give suggestions. Also, remember.. suggestions are not LAW t
  3. Um.. No we are not stealing his training grounds and I have made that very clear to MRWander as I currently cannot reach MRD. Currently we are testing different methods of training via suggestions by various people. So Akasha, why don't you say.. give suggestions rather than pick apart everything Loreroot and it's various guilds do to cause trouble and create unneeded drama? Or does the term 'cooperation' and 'working together' not exist to you?
  4. If you must know, the Loreian High Council, the old one was run by Nelya in the same fashion as we are running ours. It consisted of members from each alliance in the land and guess what? It worked just fine until she left MD. It is working fine now, so what reason do you or anyone else have to pick it apart and tear it in twine? What, because we did not make our election process open to everyone in MD? Well I don't see Yrthilian's leadership being put in the hands of all of MD, nor do I see Khalazdad's leadership and passing his leadership being put in the hands of all of MD. We a
  5. The members of lorerootian guilds and the guardian of the root alliance before they were dissolved.
  6. All of loreroot was allowed to vote on council seat positions. It was Loreroot and Loreroot's guilds decision on who lead what.
  7. I will be posting a few documents pertaining to Loreroot soon. I have a lot to sift through concerning Loreroot but know that I am working on putting a few things up.
  8. We are trying to set up a training system for Loreroot, if anyone is interested in helping please post here. Information: We have tested one method of training that did not work very well for the alliance structure that we have. So we are going to test various other methods. Ideas, suggestions are welcome. The training area will be at the Defensive Quarters in Loreroot. PM myself, or anyone on the Loreroot High Council if you wish to help. -Thank you. Edit: Akasha, Please do not edit my posts especially when there is nothing wrong with them.
  9. [b]Appointed by elected council:[/b] Council President - Karak High Mystic - .Amoran. General of War - None appointed currently. [b]Elected by those in the Loreroot alliance:[/b] Speaker of Root - Firsanthalas Sheriff of Root - *IBRUZU* Warden of Root - .Tarquinus. Speaker of the Law - None currently, Lorerootian elections are open. [b]Explained positions:[/b] * Captain-General. The military leader. In charge of training and defense. * High Mystic. The spiritual leader. Coordinates worship services and speaks for Root. * President of the High Council. The leader
  10. Loreroot Guardians of the Root Leader: .Amoran. Council Members: Firsanthalas, Karak, Tarquinus, and Ibruzu Artisans Guild Leader: Kalamanira Kol Members: Fenrir Greycloth, ShadowCast
  11. (Old stuff, haven't written poetry in some time.) [center][u][b]The Dark Mirror[/b][/u] A reflection stirred By a seventh moon risen The mirror shattered Scattering worlds amongst the well Knife like edges Scrapes and cuts of the old Threads of night clung Twisted, contorted Try to pull in What light did behold the disturbing sight Blinded and tempted by ink black thoughts The vortex shifted Reached out Trying to pull kin within The fae awoke with warning Alarming, alerting Being drawn into The oldest of waters [/center] [b][center][I was looking at an old well th
  12. Kalamanira Kol Female I tend to claw and growl...and I like soft patches of grass. Also, clothes are not included. If you don't like that- bite me. *grins* On second thought, I might enjoy that.
  13. [size=5][center]Unfeeling Recollection[/center][/size] "Darkness, an endless river of shadow- there is no pain here, no confusion in my sleep.. and yet I am stirred awake by outside reason. I move from the darkness of my dreams, my eyes opening to the full moon shining brightly above me- a sky filled with a tapestry of stars and yet it's beauty is astounding......I am lacking. Something is missing. I seek sight of the area around me, and my eyes find a clone of my bodily form, sitting crosslegged with tears in her eyes.... Sadness radiates from her, an ache of pain that I can feel deep with
  14. [center][size=5]The Dimensional Split[/size][/center] [b] "I was of clay, and the earth had molded me, cracked me, and then destroyed me."[/b] . . . Amoran Kalamanira Kol is of an ancient, forgotten race of elven elementalists. Once royalty, her chance at ever becoming what she was born to be was stolen from her after she was captured by a spiteful creature of the earth. Her absence sent her once peaceful race into war against other civilizations. Her homelands fought, sending blame to innocents- slaughtering them for crimes they did not commit. Her mind was free from the race wars,
  15. Aye, I will see to it that the quest does go on.. I think it'll be something good for MD.
  16. I support this quest 10 fold.. and I expect it, if it happens, which is uncertain at this time... to process and do exactly what it was intended to do. I want it to run EXACTLY as BlackThorn intended it to.. *sighs* Otherwise its half a year of wasted work..
  17. Last avatar for this month I guess. I'll have another two done soon..
  18. Bright, may I suggest something? If you have a program like photoshop or something similar that has an eraser in it, you can get rid of the smudges in the artwork. (the chick with the snake head scares me!) Also, if you can.. read character profiles in the game! It helps you get all kinds of ideas!
  19. got another couple of avatars done.. I'm going to do about 3 or 4 more for this month..
  20. You know you've been on MD too much when... Phoenyckz: I got my alarm clock in my cell to beep me 5 seconds every regeneration...
  21. Erm.. Chewett, do you think seeker-face is that much of an idiot? I'm sure many would whack him with sticks if he was using bugs.
  22. I can tell you one thing, the MR training ground works. It is set up in a particular way to ensure you gain stats and upgrade your creatures. Before I found the training ground, I was stuck using the dojo in Marindsbell, while yes- it is good for perhaps mp3's or mp4's, it was not suited to an mp5. I sat in the dojo for an entire week and only upgraded one creature. I sat in the MR training ground for 2 days and upgraded every one of my creatures to their max level. Now this is why I will punch anyone who speaks badly about MRD's set up in the nose. MRD himself, dedicated a massive amount
  23. *pokes the goat boy with a stick* Hiya!

  24. [color="#483D8B"][size=5][b]Happy[/b] [/color][/size][color="#000080"][size=6][b]Birthday[/b] [/size][/color][color="#00FF00"][size=7][b]Ailith!![/b][/size][/color] *MASSIVE hugs!!*
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