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  1. No, Fenrir. I am unwilling to drop it now because I was not treated with respect as a player, a RPC who has spent 7 months trying to improve MagicDuel, and over all a person. I WILL explain my side and my point of view on Muratus Del Mur's posts, and I will do so here on these forums as they are unwilling to speak privately.
  2. I understand the desire to create new Lore, but the quote of the Ash Arch specifically says "This place holds a memory". Perhaps the words that appear at the bottom of the scene as you move from scene to scene should be changed or altered to fit how Magic Duel is currently? It would take away a lot of the confusion about the MD lore being removed if it was worded differently.
  3. His name on these very forums is 'King M.' The entire MD community knows his real name. Thus it leads me to believe that you are not in fact doing so to mask Mur's name, but instead doing so to harass me. As I stated once before, I would appreciate it Akasha, if you would make a reply asking me to change my wording rather than editing it yourself AND not giving a specific reason for it after editing.
  4. [quote name='King Manu' post='33805' date='Jun 18 2009, 05:53 AM']Untill then, i will provide a avatar pack to cover the huge gap caused by the canceling of the previous pack. As for you Amoran, you are no longer an artisan, or you could stay in the alliance if Glor decides so, but i will no longer want artworks from you, not after you accused me of stealing work fro others without beeing able to argument your accusations...and you were never the only one providing avatars (is that news for you?)[/quote] First of all Mur, with all due respect, I was not the one to make the accusation that the
  5. [quote]I am not sincere now, Fenrir. I was sincere when I sent Mur that IM but I will not apologize now. This post has been edited by Akasha: Jun 17 2009, 12:10 AM[/quote] Akasha I would like you to stop editing my posts and changing words. If you have a problem with the way things are worded, make a reply stating that there is something incorrect with the wording. Or please state a a proper reason. These are my opinions and I would appreciate it if you would not edit or change them.
  6. Since my words were twisted from a Yahoo chat.. I will post ALL of what I said, the [b]REASON[/b] and the point of the chat. Not just that, but to point out who exactly said what: [size=4] [b]Note: The names in this conversation have been edited out. I did not post anything up without the player's or person's permission.[/b][/size] Edit: Because Akasha is editing my posts, I have fixed it so it is in a download - word file. Edit #2: A player changed their mind about being put into the log.
  7. As far as I know, Mur commissions artwork from artists outside the site and then there is myself and Glor. Now, only Glor.
  8. I am not sincere now, Fenrir. I was sincere when I sent Mur that IM but I will not apologize now.
  9. I apologized a month ago Fenrir, they are the ones bringing this issue to light AGAIN. Perhaps Mur should log into his YIM more.
  10. You say I should stand up and defend myself but I am not going to say ANYTHING if I am going to be ridiculed and harassed for it the entire time. You should have told Akasha to BE SILENT so I could speak. I was not going to talk when everything I was going to say or speak out about was going to be laughed at. You could have very well said 'that isn't true and here is why' WITHOUT an attack dog.
  11. Correction, there will be no new avatars as I am not allowed to send any artwork in.
  12. Muratus del Mur, you are a horrible person. You and your wife. I supported the player base, I supported the artwork and I spoke however you heard only what you wanted to hear.
  13. Jfc Akasha, Do you have anything better to do with yourself? Your in a LHO position, if you dont' want it- Tell Mur to get you out of it. Things happen on the site that newer players do not understand, that doesn't mean people are 'harassing you' via PM. Thats BEYOND childish of you especially considering the position you hold in the MD world.
  14. Firsanthalas, upon leaving the alliance I did not leave its leadership in your hands... I simply left. Wasn't it heavily questioned that just because you are left the head of an alliance, does not necessarily mean you are its leader? Weren't you going to put ME up to a vote to get me kicked out anyway? Well I have a demand of my own, that your leadership be put up to a vote. Since you felt it right to do so with me, I demand it be done the same for you. It got to the point to where I felt unwelcome in the alliance, really now... How is that okay? I have worked my [spoiler] ass off [/s
  15. [disclosed]: Akasha will never stop ? [disclosed]: should I just quit playing? That is all I have to say to you, Akasha. Your accusations fall on deaf ears, and you continue to make yourself look all the more ridiculous by continuing your well, pardon me.. "crap".
  16. Akasha, we have been 100% honest with you and 100% honest with others. We have laid everything on the table before you and all you've done is point at it and rip it to pieces with snark little comments. So move on with your life and go do something more fulfilling than, say.. drive players away from MD? Yeah. That seems like a pretty good idea to me.
  17. Akasha, do me and everyone a favor... _STOP_ turning this into a witch hunt and go find something better to do with yourself. I can't seem to post one frickin' thing without you or someone else shoving their nose into it and picking it apart. But I suppose that's how you run things, so whatever.
  18. This is from the first election of office. After this Shadowseeker, who had been voted in as General left the CoE and we were left without a General. The council that was elected got together and had a meeting as soon as they could to discuss a presidential leadership role. Thus Karak was voted in as council president via the votes of all those who reside on council. We encouraged people in each lorerian alliance to vote. Ultimately it was up to them who was elected and why. [u]Speaker of the Law Votes[/u] --------------------------------------- Gremlin 3
  19. hell yes I'm joking, I actually found the History Channel kekekeke
  20. Okay, I have no idea what happened- I'm not going to read the post above... but since when did the 'Historic Documents' section of the public Loreroot forum become a place to not only bash Loreroot but whine about stuff that isn't fair or may or may not be 'right' in your opinion?
  21. Okay.. first I'm going to suggest a better scanner. But for an attempt this is pretty damn good. Most people can't even draw hands when they just start y'know? I'm going to say this since you asked me to give advice a lil' bit... try to redraw this picture again- i'm not saying that it is not a good first try, but really.. try to perfect it by redrawing it I would suggest working on the shoulders and arms just a little bit and... try to draw fabric a bit more, and I see a bit of a tilt in the picture- but that could be the movement of the fabric causing that....who knows? lol Exa
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