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  1. Entry prizes: I have chosen to give each person who entered something simply for entering. The current entry prizes I have to give are: Grasan ferment, lumber - given out Suntropic dust, spicy pickle - given out 2 sawdust, mirror ritual stone - given out Timeless dust, Rainbow candy - given out Branches, Rainbow candy - given out 3 flowers, mirror ritual stone Contestants in this contest are: Ivorak Eagle Eye Chengmingz ZenTao Arkken Rumi Please note: Entry prizes will be randomly given and will be given without any judging. They are gifts for attempting my quest, and you may
  2. I do not mind offering my assistance either, and I do posess a needle currently.
  3. Just so you all know, Texans do not ride horses to work and dress like cowboys all the the time. (however I'd totally jump at the chance to wear leather chaps, but that's just me.) Most horses are behind fences in the city, unless said horse feels adventurous. I voted for Texas, as obviously I live there, but I have ties to New Mexico too. So confusing!
  4. Well this is a fun little predicament. I wonder if this occurs with other water guardian rituals? I'll do a test of my own I think.
  5. I would suggest that you do not give the coins to the Treasure Keepers, nor would I suggest that you claim them as your own. I would send Mur an email, rather than acting rashly on the subject of the coins. Remember, some of those coins were ones that even I paid you with, and I would prefer if they were used for their proper intentions, rather than your own- or the Treasure Keeper's.
  6. Good communication, a strong and stable structure, and clearly defined leaders is a must in an alliance. I agree with what you've said too.
  7. Quest has ended! Judges will review the entries over the next two weeks. Artwork judges: Amoran K Kol Marvolo Story judges: Amoran K Kol Tarquinus Innocence
  8. As some of you know, I've met a couple of people from the game off site and I was curious if anyone would by chance be interested in doing a USA meet up? This is more or less to gather some opinions and maybe some ideas. This has been talked about before in the past but it ended up falling under.
  9. It was short but sweet, and we should have another rain party soon!
  10. Go to the Archive's Indexed Room of Memories and meet Innocence. You'll get along.
  11. Hello Caggie and welcome to the realm! If you have any questions feel free to shoot one to me, or any other mp6 or LHO out there. The players in the game are welcoming and though your questions might not always be answered quickly, people do like to help other people here.
  12. Since we speak on the subject of Morphs, while I quite understand that unreleased creatures are not supposed to be given so carelessly - I am finding this sudden urge for elder players in the realm to hoard the morph creatures completely unreasonable. Sure, there are more of them, their rarity has decreased, but many many players were granted gifts- if you have extras why not put them toward quests instead so that younger players are given a chance to get something unique and interesting too?
  13. Quest will be extended until after new years. The week of the first is when judging will begin. Each person who has entered thus far or will enter during the extended time will be granted an entry prize once the judging begins. I try to give everyone something for just trying the quest, even if it's a small something.
  14. Christmas cards will be a bit late. I'll be sending them out Monday.

  15. Hollywood sure is making a lot of action hero trophy movies lately.......I think I'll go watch 'em all.

  16. You may certainly try it BFH. Entries so far: Ivorak Sky Army (Eagle Eye) Chengmingz ZenTao
  17. Don't end yet! I want to put in an entry, it looks like fun!
  18. Yay! Rum!

    1. Maebius


      Where's the rum gone?!

    2. BFH


      I HATE THE RUM!!

      If you where in my country you would know why XD

    3. Quas


      Care to share? BFH? XD

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  19. I'll be sending cards out too this year. I have some that I wasn't able to send last year, but I'll send them out this year! PM me on the forum if you need an address (so I can keep track of everyone!)
  20. No, I didn't nominate anyone because I didn't nominate. I suggested people to be nominated by others because I don't agree with how the awards are being done this year, but I can fire off a list of people who deserve the award and play the game every single day: -Lashtal -Azull -Jaden Dew -Maebius -Arkken -Ivorak -Phantom Orchid -Marvolo -Innocence -Guillak -Amber Rune -Tarquinus -Brulant -Passant the Weak -Kiley You can suggest that I feel hurt that I have never been nominated, but I don't. I appreciate the nominations I am given, but to me it's a simple medal. What I care mo
  21. [quote name='(Zl-eye-f)-nea' timestamp='1323812538' post='97864'] Whilst you might find it fair for people who have won not to win again, I find that hugely unfair, on everyone. If it were me, I'd be annoyed that someone had assumed I could not beat the person who won last year, and wasn't even given the chance to compete against them. That situation would be a farce. [/quote] It's an awards ceremony, Zleiphneir. You are being awarded based on how you have stood out or for things you have done in game. It was to my assumption that it was not a beauty contest or a cut-throat competition but
  22. Okay, in response to you Burns - what I'm noticing is that a total of maybe.. 4 people are speaking against in group nomination, where as we have many in this thread who are FOR in group nominating. This is where my confusion sits. This year things are not quite as they were the previous year, many of the people who spoke out against in-group nomination last year have not even posted in this thread. We have lost members of the community due to RL, and we have gained new ones that don't necessarily agree. The argument that the MD Awards Ceremony is a popularity contest is correct, but ban
  23. Thank you Ivorak for your entry! I enjoyed the story and the artwork as well. It's a wonderful example of how you can illustrate a story even if you can't draw traditionally. Be creative, and remember, you get something just for entering and showing your artsy side.
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