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  1. You have an adorable child. Congrats! Your time away will be missed and with hope, you will return. Be well!
  2. While I have always believed that it is not okay to use racism as an excuse to do whatever the heck you want, just as I do not believe in using a character role to do as you please in any role play setting... I do not think discrimination of any kind should be tolerated but in truth there is not a lot that can be done about it. If someone offends you, use what you can to punish them and let them know it has offended you. This is a major part of the reason I ask in my hate pages to 'watch what you say to other people' as the smallest thing could set another person off or offend them. As L
  3. I most certainly will keep in touch. If I've got you on YIM, I'll be talkin' to ya.
  4. Thank you for the kind words and welcome..

  5. I have recently become quite involved with my home situation and I am currently working towards getting into college. Real life has pulled me away from the game to an extent that all I do is idle anyway, thus I feel I should announce for those who wish to know that I may be leaving Magic Duel for a while very soon. When I enter into college it will surely suck up a huge amount of my time, and I have an apartment change coming up that will require my attention (I will know the results of how long we have to pack tomorrow). At this point, my leaving entirely depends on what happens in real
  6. I took the liberty to record the events and happenings of the Service. Here they are. Thank you Orchid for this wonderful service. Phantom Orchid: Goddess of the Moon , Queen of the night; Keeper of mysteries, Mistress of the tides. You who are ever-changing and yet always constant. Guide me with your wisdom, help me grow with your knowledge, Phantom Orchid: and hold me in your arms. : Phantom Orchid lights a white Moon-shaped candle on the south end of the table and reflects upon recent events. : [Spell] Lunar Introspect : Phantom Orchid begins to stare into a bowl of water with a lu
  7. [list] [*][b]Tarquinus[/b] [/list] Though he is not applying for kingship, he has the persona and the voice of a king and thus would be my first choice were he to apply. It is sad in a way, but I understand and respect his reasons for not doing so. [list] [*][b]Firsanthalas[/b] [/list] I believe Firsanthalas has a set plan in mind for Loreroot and deeply cares about the land and those who claim the land as 'home'. I do think he would be a fair and honest king, I have read over his plan and agree with how he wishes to shape Loreroot, as well as how he wishes to create a sort of 'court'
  8. Wow, and I see the maturity of other people is definitely showing through.
  9. I would like to take a moment to thank the ex-members of the Artisans Guild for their efforts, though your time in the Guild was short lived - both myself and surely Glor greatly appreciate the effort of trying to keep the guild alive. I give a special thanks to Poppi Chulloz for sending in a batch of avatars this month alongside Glor and I am sad to say this, but I apologize to Glume as she never got the chance to send in any artwork.
  10. Your maturity level as well as your brain function seems to have decreased recently. If you recall, Fenrir Greycloth was caught with stolen artwork and thus was immediately kicked from the guild. As for the "many" artists you claim we never got to on the forum? I approached several, none wished to join. Perhaps then that the fault of that can be left on your shoulders and your poor way of managing the game in general. So what else do you intend to lie to your members about? First the incident with the Shades and now the management of the Artisans Guild. So go on, make a list. What e
  11. Our supply of cookies has grown! Muahahahaha!

  12. Take care Fenrir and be well. Somewhere in there, despite what you let others see, I am sure you are a good guy.
  13. Difficult and untasty? I'm telling you. Sugar.

  14. Not too sure if it'd make a difference for me to post my horrible death up lol. And yes, Liberty killed me.
  15. Hiya! :) And yes, they have cookies. I supply them :P

  16. [quote name='King Lazarus' date='20 September 2009 - 07:00 PM' timestamp='1253491230' post='42235'] [i][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="3"]Clearly, you do not see the side of Peace or Jester or the Sentinels, nor you do understand what they really want to feed into your pity little mind. The key in every war that is won is to see and understand the side of the opponent and their tactics/plans. You threatened them with slavery if they did not respond to your demands. You held their land as a hostage only to satisfy you thirst for power and pride, and you said you just did a lightning respons
  17. *Puts a small screaming furry thing on Sebastian's head.*

  18. Yay! You like hamilton's stuff! *glee*

  19. No,no, no.. you aren't drunk until your gripping the grass to keep from falling off the face of the earth. That is drunk.

  20. [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v681/JadeShade/burnshuntingwolves.jpg[/IMG] Fight! Fight away my tiny fire ball, stick sword wielding friend! Hunt those wolves!
  21. Talking to you to see who's side you were on? You can be on your own damn side dst, I don't really care. I was stuck in the maze and needed help, and you threw a bunch of crap at me so I dealt with it. If you call that 'judging sides' then fine, I will not ask you for a simple favor ever again. As for how I took you for a fool? Enlighten me, because seriously- you've lost me. I consider or.. did consider you to be a well spoken intelligent person, now I am not so sure. I took you as a friend, dst. Pardon my mistake.
  22. Farewell Adio, you were one of the ones I unfortunately did not get to know as well as I had liked. Be well, friend and visit sometime!
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