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  1. I just figured that someone should make this topic. Happy Birthday Glor! Though your probably not around to catch this, I hope things are well!
  2. Redneck, I am to understand that you as a player are very young. I recall you having issues with your scanner but that being the case, you should not have accepted such a task of producing the artwork that was requested nor payment for it. I do not think you are entirely a bad person, but I am aware that everyone tries to get away with something at some point in their lives. If you had been paid in an item and found that you could not do the artwork that was requested because of varying circumstances, you should have spoken to Sparrhawk about it sooner rather than remaining silent about it until I offered Sparrhawk and Mya to do some of the artwork. I most certainly do not mind doing the art for the Lorerootian trophies, but given your past history in the Artisans and had I realized that you were the person Sparrhawk had hired, I would have warned him against it sooner. The very least you should do is try to find Lazarus and speak to him about the item, or compensate in another way because whether it is intended or not the drachorn scales that were traded away are at this point considered stolen. Sadly I do not know what the value of drachorn scales are, but I would imagine that they are considered a rare item.
  3. Happy Birthday DeathRay! and for humor's sake.. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oc9diTL9RZU[/media] The song is called, "Happy Birthday Death Day" Note: This is entirely for humor's sake, not to offend.
  4. He's really rather funny. :)

  5. Best Debater Malaikat Maut Best Back Story Innocence Best PL Entry Zleiphneir (His comment in my PL made me laugh.) Best Quester Dst Best Spell Caster MRD Rookie of the Year asryn (I don't know how much age she has, only that she is new.) Veteran of the Year Chewett
  6. Best Fighter Jtz Champion, Cless, or Burns Best LHO Master B or Rhaegar Best Personal Papers Pamplemousse Best Protector Pamplemousse Best Quest Shadowseeker's quest. (It was awhile ago and was well thought and well planned. Dice rolls apparently were used to determine the next course of action.) Best Role Player Tarquinus Best Techie Rendril Revant Best Villain Granos - For getting a good majority of MD infected with his 'taint'. Most Addicted Sagewoman Most Influential Khalazdad (though he is no longer here..) Outstanding Service to MagicDuel Glordamar or Chewett
  7. What I'm curious about is why the concept of 'giving someone a chance' doesn't apply here. Gargant you have done quite a lot for the community I think, and I do not believe you deserve this kind of treatment simply for making a helpful suggestion.
  8. I have also noticed that it is somewhat difficult to gather wins to balance yourself, sword balance is not an easy thing to achieve. Again, I remember all of this being in place for a reason though.
  9. Nah, I'll still be with the family. It'll just be a bigger place though at some point if we decide to live there for awhile, I may eventually get a studio one bedroom apartment for myself.
  10. Burns, didn't I set you on fire when you hit me during a heads contest? Or uhh, try to. >.>
  11. Speaker of the Forest, I come to you in honor of Loreroot to request citizenship. My heart and life source are of the Lorerootian lands and always shall be, may the arrows of my bow aid you well.
  12. In honor of the Eclipse, I will perform a red service for the festival and will be doing some artwork for the awards that will be given.
  13. *quietly messes up your hair* :D

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