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  1. So what is considered as "Sexually explict" besides the obvious?
  2. I am looking to buy a Rustgold Drachorn for silver/gold. No age or tokens required, it could even be a newly bought Rustgold. Comment here or PM me in game/on the forums if you are selling.
  3. Congrats RJ!! I'm really happy for you!
  4. [quote name='Watcher' date='30 December 2009 - 12:49 PM' timestamp='1262198995' post='51456'] To the contrary, rape is exactly that. It is the forced sexual assault of another person [i]without their consent.[/i] While I agree that this topic is little more than some pathetic attempt to seek vengeance for some imagined wrong, committed by a player who has already shown he is ignorant and has all the personality of slime mold, I find the above statement--made by the creator of this game--to be in extremely poor taste as well as inaccurate and insensitive to those who have been the victims
  5. I like it so far, I hope no one finds some kind of crazy bug!
  6. Asterdai's first draft - XD You made me giggle because you were giggling. Totenkopf - "Those...ball thingies." xD I liked yours, the lyrics were creative and funny. Sagewoman and Windy - ....golden bursts. *cough* >.> I am Bored - Now, at first you sound like you should be hosting a Christmas special and the singing was fun! Dante Falcon - It isn't so bad! Besides, I bet you secretly had fun with the project. MasterB - AAAHHH! Its going to eat me! Yoshi - Smile! Dang it, smile! SMMMIIIILLLEE. Shadowseeker - I liked the accent.
  7. I personally like the idea of a new creature or a new aura set on a creature. It could be creative for roleplay purposes as well.. Think "Drachorn Hunter". Rituals with multiple creatures tend to be quite powerful too, I do know that a regular blood pact ritual with one archer at it's head can do about 18-20,000 damage each hit. It doesn't measure up to a drachorn ritual which I have seen do 50,000 damage per hit even without tokens... but I do believe there are some ways to beat drachorn rituals, though I also agree that they are quite over powered and do not have a specific weakness to
  8. Because I was not able to record the Service while it was going on, here are the words spoken during the service. Thank you, Tarquinus for helping me with this and thank you again to everyone who was able to attend. [b]Spoken by Priestess Amoran:[/b] "The axis has shifted." "The world is returned unto balance." "Look to the skies." "Give thanks for Her return." "Great Goddess, the Children of the Eclipse welcome thee." [b]Spoken by Lucius Tarquinus:[/b] "Friends, moon-worshippers, seekers, welcome. This is a "red" worship service of the Children of the Eclipse in honor of our tr
  9. Happy birthday Nelya, my dearest friend.

  10. *drowns in a heap of shredded paper.*

  11. I'll be leaving after Christmas, I may log in every now and then to say hello but I'll be busy packing all through the month of January.

  12. *flicks a piece of paper at Z*


  13. I will most certainly attend, Pample.
  14. There will be a [color="#8B0000"][size="3"][u]Red Service[/u][/size][/color] held tomorrow at [b]22:00 server time[/b] at [color="#006400"][size="3"][b]Maple Road[/b][/size][/color]. Another will be held at [b]5:00 server time[/b] for those who cannot attend the first. [i][The location of the second service may be moved to another location, different than the first. We shall see how the first plays out.][/i] Come prepared to give blood in honor of the Moon. Set defenses and attack savagely. Destruction of rituals is encouraged!
  15. Happy Birthday chick! I hope your havin' a good one.
  16. Trophies for the Loreroot Festival, watermarked so no one gets their trophy stolen. :)
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