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  1. Oh geeze, that's a HUGE problem. Alright! Question answered! Thank you Chewett!
  2. I thought as much, about the pending.. I'm more concerned about the file type issue. It says one thing, but doesn't accept it once uploaded. I just found that a bit strange. Thanks for trying to help, Dst.
  3. Mya! You found some unexpected kin! But.. you don't LOOK like a bridge troll?
  4. I have done a few illustrations for some items recently, and noticed a bit of an issue. When I saved the images as transparent .gif and attempted to upload them, I got a message saying that the uploader did not recognize the file type. I then decided to try transparent .png and it let me upload the images without the previous message appearing, yet now they have not been approved. I wonder if this is an issue with the uploader, or my own personal error?
  5. Happy birthday Chewie! May your wookie braids forever be decorated with flowers and shiny things!
  6. Awe, Tarquinus, you meanie. All the little people know that Tarquinus' user lives in a shoe. Edit: He's also a bridge troll, but shhhh.
  7. Pample! You exist outside of MD too! I know it!! I'm from Texas.
  8. Happy Birthday Siemon!! I hope things turned out well for you today anyway!
  9. You are either.. 1. Extremely happy 2. In a silly mood while being extremely happy. 3. Hyped up on caffine while being extremely happy. 4. Or you are drunk and extremely happy. 5. A combination of all of the above. Ducks and kittens are adorable, gotta say. /end of useless comment. XD
  10. The autumn wind is whispering again.

  11. I'm a Willow/bull. It's kind of neat, when I was younger there was a Willow tree in my grandmother's back yard. I remember only seeing it green once or twice but since then I've always been quite fascinated with Willow trees. This was something kind of fun to come across.
  12. It's a huge leap to just simply say that 'none of the current mp6 are active in their duties'. I send PMs to my adepts and my worshipers often to check on their progress and provide them with an opportunity for questions, I also do daily rounds in the realm to heal or help any of those who are bound to me. I often see Pamplemousse out and about quite often, healing and taking care of her worshipers and adepts as well. We all have different methods of participating in this mind power, and not all of us have to be incredibly active in one area (such as the Marble Dale Park) for us to achiev
  13. [quote name='Shadowseeker' timestamp='1281043049' post='65190'] You need...a walkthrough for zelda game? Shame. Something I haven't seen yet..I don't think anyone will mention either, because I think it is a german book. Maerchenmond. By Hohlbein. I could list quite a few more, but I admit the Askir series got me hooked right now, by Richard Schwartz. [/quote] Well, I went half way through the game without the walk through, but got to the point to where I was tired of missing out on the skulltulas and various other hidden goodies. So, walk through it is! Reading currently: Sacred P
  14. Today's fashion item.. Kitten jewelry, live cats that hang off of you to resemble painful lapel pins!

  15. Lifeline: I do not agree that february is not at fault. Granted there are certain flaws in the system, I'm sure, but that doesn't solve the current issue that february has presented. If only the system is repaired and he stays at his current level, with his massive amount of VE or stats (not certain about the stats), he can continue to do the same thing to mp3's over and over again. My opinion is that he should be moved to the next level, if he chooses not to do so on his own. As for why I decided to comment, I have reason to believe that one of my adepts had encountered his ritual, whic
  16. I am not impressed. Letholdus: Click the images.. to upsize them.
  17. Whaat Else? Brilliant! I laughed aloud when the cartoon characters started coming into play.
  18. I apologize, I did not see your bid. Updated. Astrea sold to The Phoenix for 4 silver. The creature has less age than the previous one.
  19. Well, crap. Now the toaster is talking to me.

    1. Prince Marvolo
    2. death ray

      death ray

      can i stick my hand in it?

    3. Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      I'd feed it cookies, but it'd burn them.

      As for DR...sure, just make sure you aren't wearing any rings.

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