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  1. Awe, I like border collies. Ish cute. :3
  2. Gah! I should have sent in an answer. Ah well, it was a fun challenge even without the reward or possibility of one.
  3. I'm saddened to see you leave, I've said my farewells and my good byes in PM, and I should hope you will return someday. I want to say, continue to create artwork.. you are incredibly talented at what you do and it would be a very sad thing to see such talent go to waste.
  4. I had not noticed this public log, usually because I tend to ignore arront222, however I agree that it is offensive and such comments should not be tolerated.
  5. One thing that I do admire about the Guardians is that they do not intentionally try to break the rules of the realm. This wish point fiasco, in my opinion, has only been brought about as a big deal out of boredom. In all honest truth I would have this thread closed, so not to start anymore pointless arguments. I don't agree with Sage in that she gave Kamisha a wish point, but what I do agree with is the kindness that Phantasm decided to show to someone who at least tries. Perhaps a wish point was not a proper gift, but it was a gift no less and I commend him for that.
  6. She does as she feels is best. I would trust her over many in the Realm.

  7. ...the Guardians thus far. I admire what you have done with the alliance, and that you have kept to some form of tradition.

    Thank you, over all, for not taking my anger personally.

  8. If there is one thing about the Guardians that I admire, it is that they do not try to break rules and do what they feel is best. When a rule is broken, it is more often than not accidental or a misunderstanding.

    Perhaps the rest of the realm should take them as an example in this instance.

    Anthalas, you have surprised me in the end. You've done a wonderful job with t...

  9. Its rather hard to make blood red, which is a harsh color, almost blend or fade into a light blue, which is a much softer color. Again, I do indeed like this.
  10. That is a bit odd, though I do know that people aid other people in sponsoring quests. That may be what you have here under the areas that mention quests and "guardian quest", etc. I am not certain.
  11. In many ways, I do not blame you.. but I think this is a rash decision. Many will miss you, including myself.
  12. Rather well, and yourself?

  13. [size="5"]Happy Birthday Karak!! [/size] Thank you for helping me time and time again with the duties of the CoE! Your a wonderful captain and well appreciated. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!
  14. At least someone is watching out.

  15. It would have been quite interesting to conclude the role play. Unfortunately it was so rudely interrupted.
  16. Happy Birthday Ailith!!! *throws big ol' hugs at the ailith*
  17. Most likely. I love Dali's stuff.
  18. I don't do drugs, I am drugs. Take me, I am THE drug. Take me, I am hallucinogenic. - Salvador Dali
  19. Because I forgot how to embed video... Queensryche - Eyes of a Stranger: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpBY9Odeiu8 Queensryche - I Don't Believe in Love: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2c3g6tTYoxM A Perfect Circle(Acoustic) - 3 Libras: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMPrxg1bSPE A Perfect Circle - Gravity: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cDdMZ2K9o0 Skid Row - 18 and Life: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzmfpfIq0-4 Skid Row - Quicksand Jesus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZUJ9Yr4SJo (thanks for that last one, Jester) Opeth - Burden: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3tDw7znNyQ Opet
  20. I have to say I do not like the pregnancy role play either, I don't quite see the point of it in a role play setting that is supposed to be fantasy based. You do not role play using the restroom do you? These sorts of things (pregnancy role play, god modding, etc.) tend to put a negative spotlight on all of role play, thus leaving some of the veterans with the mindset that all or most role play is nothing more than worthless words set in blue. This is not the case, and it only creates a swirling cloud of negativity and a very unneeded 'split' in MD. (Such as with the role play/fighting) H
  21. In many ways I support the GGG and I always have, but the game seems to have changed and is not the same as when the GGG started. It was difficult for MRD to create the MR Training Ground for those who needed it and I am extremely disappointed to see that there are those who disrespect such hard work. The question now sits.. is it a community project that hurts the game, or is it a thing that helps it? At Fenrir: If you wished to make a suggestion, you went about it the wrong way. You first violated the rules of the Golden Globe and then tried to make a suggestion. This is why no one is
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